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MyMusicCloud – Store and Sync All Your Music

Most cloud storage services restrict how much you can store. MyMusicCloud [1] began this way, but has since given music lovers the freedom to store unlimited music for free. It also plays nicely with a wide range of devices, so you can keep your music collection updated no matter what device you use or where you are.

MyMusicCloud allows you to import an unlimited number of audio tracks. The service doesn’t allow you to store any other file types, such as videos or documents, so you’ll need a different service for those files. Surprisingly, the service isn’t just a free storage unit for your music. It also helps you find the right song at the right time by learning your preferences.

Currently, the service lets you sync your stored music to and from your computer and Internet-ready TV along with the following mobile devices: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia and Kindle with more to come. You’ll need to download the MyMusicCloud app to your device in order to sync back and forth. Use your device’s official app store to download and use the app.

You should be aware of a few restrictions though. MyMusicCloud has two plans. The Basic or free plan allows you to import and store unlimited tracks. However, you can only sync and play 250 tracks to any device. You can choose which songs you want to sync or play from within your account. If you want unlimited syncing and playing, you have to buy the Unlimited plan for $40 a year, which is still cheaper than most cloud services. If you only want to use the service as a backup, you won’t need to upgrade unless you need to export all of your music.

To get started, click the Sign Up button and fill out the form. Check the Terms and Conditions box and pressSign Up to create your account. You’ll be asked to login to your email and click the confirmation link to complete the process. You won’t be able to log in or use MyMusicCloud until you confirm your email address. As soon as you click the verification link in your email, you’ll be taken to MyMusicCloud to begin importing music.












 You have three options for importing. First, you can download the desktop agent using the Automatic option which links directly to MyMusicCloud when you have an Internet connection. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the desktop agent, you choose which programs and folders to import music from such as iTunes, Windows Media Player or any folders on your computer. Whenever you add music to any of these folders, your music is imported into MyMusicCloud the next time you’re online.



If you want even more control over what you import, choose the Manually option. You don’t have to download or install anything. Simply pressImport and choose which songs you want to add to MyMusicCloud. To choose more than one at a time, hold theCtrl button while selecting files and folders.


 Finally, you can link MyMusicCloud to your Google Drive or Dropbox account if you have one. Every time you add music to either account, it will import into MyMusicCloud. You can use a combination of these options or just one, depending on your needs.


To connect and manage your devices, selectAccount from your MyMusicCloud dashboard.


Select Devices to add a new device or manage existing ones.


To manage your music and choose which tracks you want to sync or play (if you use the free account) use theMy Music page. You can also buy new tracks to add to your collection via the Store page from your dashboard. The prices are comparable to other services such as iTunes or Amazon MP3.

 ~ Crystal