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I came across something the other day called MyPage. I thought it looked interesting, but I couldn’t find a whole lot out about it. Do you have any information on it?

I sure do and I’m really glad you asked! I’m going to go right into it today, so get ready and let’s go!

When you make a printout of a Web page, most of the time, doesn’t a whole bunch of useless information print out along with it? For example, you print a page and along with the information you need, you also get ads, banners, logos, Web toolbars, etc. It can be very frustrating and on top of that, all that wasted ink adds up, doesn’t it?! Certain Web sites (like WorldStart.com, for instance) have printer friendly versions, but a lot of others don’t. What can you do then?

Well, today I have a solution to this printing problem! I am proud to introduce you to the MyPage bookmarklet. This allows you to make any Web site printer friendly. Cool, huh?!

To start using it, just follow these directions:

1.) First, add the bookmarklet. To read about what bookmarklets are and how you can add them for yourself, just click here.

2.) After you add it, go to a Web page that you’d like to print.

Now, click the bookmarklet, which will look like this:

3.) Next, select one or multiple elements (such as text, images, animations, ads, etc.) on the page and they will be highlighted.

4.) You can then use the shortcut keys to remove and isolate the elements. Then you will be able to print the page, without wasting any ink. This bookmarklet puts you in control of everything you print!

5.) Here are all the shortcut keys you’ll need to remember:

Shortcut Key Description
R Removes the selected elements.
I Isolates the selected elements.
U Undo removal.
W Widens the highlighted area.
B Go backwards to the previous element.
N Go forward to the next element.
E Edit the HTML of the last selected element (advanced).
C Copy the last selected element (duplicate is placed directly after the original).
D Deselects all selected elements.
Esc Exit/Quit.

Have fun!

~ Neil Patel