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MyRouter – Turn Your Wired Computer In To A WiFi Router

Did you just get a brand new tablet, smart phone or WiFi connected device (camera, bluray player, etc), but you only have a wired Internet connection? How will you connect it? Are you somewhere that doesn’t allow you to install a permanent router? Don’t want to spend a fortune when you only need it to download apps or update software?

Well if your computer has a wireless adapter built in (or you purchase one) you can turn your computer into a wireless router with this amazing piece of software called MyRouter.

MyRouter Free Edition allows you to:

MyRouter setup is as easy as downloading the software and running the setup program. Once you’ve installed and opened MyRouter from the start menu you will see a very simple configuration screen.

From here you can choose your WiFi network name, password and what network card to share the connection of. You simply type in a WiFi network name that you can remember (and is unique), a password you can remember (which others won’t be able to guess) and select Local Area Connection if you want your wireless devices to share your wired Internet connection. Click Connect and it’s all done!

To connect a device wirelessly, go in to the WiFi setup. You will then see a new network named MyRouter_YourRouterName and you can connect to it by typing in the password you setup earlier.

Neat huh?

What isn’t to love about MyRouter? Well, the free version only supports 2 clients at a time and requires your network name to be MyRouter_ before the name you assign it. You also have to have the software on and your computer connected to the internet to turn it into a wireless router, which uses a lot more power then a dedicated wireless router.

Still, I think it’s a fantastic utility for someone who wants to be able to turn a wired PC into a wireless router on demand – especially if you’re somewhere that has wired but no wireless Internet access.

To get more information on MyRouter and download the free version click here [1].