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MySpace E-mail

Here’s something new for all you MySpace lovers! MySpace email has finally arrived, so now there is no reason to leave the MySpace website to get your mail! You can even have your very own MySpace email address, like yourname@myspace.com!

Receive and send out email messages to any one with an email address, just like regular email. They don’t have to be a member of MySpace, either!

With your new MySpace email account you get the maxima virus protection, the ability to share pictures, files and video email, too! One part of the video email feature allows you to view full episodes of your favorite shows sent right to your email address! You can even reply to a video email with your own video message. These are just some of the features MySpace has to offer for email accounts.

If you already have your MySpace URL, then it’s time to get your own email address too!

Lets’ get to it! Go to www.myspace.com and log in to your MySpace account at the top of the page. Click the mail tab link, then click the New Setup your own @myspace.com email address link.


If you don’t already have a MySpace URL, make one up. Be sure this is what you want it to be, because you can only set this once! Also, your email address at MySpace will be the same as your MySpace URL, so keep this in mind, too!


Check the first option to allow anyone to send you email or check the second option if you want only those who are in your address book and your MySpace friends. Click the Create My Email! button. You will have to confirm that you won’t be able to change this data later.

You should get a congratulatory message because your MySpace mail account it active. Now, click the Go to New Mail button.


Click the inbox link to check your unread email messages.

Now you can do an out of network check by sending an email message to yourself from another email address to test your new MySpace email account. There it goes! The new message receive time is “Just Now”!


Now, that you have a new MySpace email account give it to all of your friends!

~Tweety Dimes