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Mysterious Paper Sculptures

This was so amazing that I had to share it with you. Someone has been leaving anonymous paper sculptures at the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh, and then went on to leave sculptures at other literary places around Scotland. I stumbled across this while I was browsing the web and thought you had to see these neat sculptures.

I think it is phenomenal what people can do with just paper! And these sculptures are a testament to that! Navigation is setup blog style so just scroll down the page. There you’ll learn how the story unfolds, as well as see images of these amazing sculptures.

I’m not sure I could even pick a favorite. They are all marvelous. There is a poetree, a gramophone, a dragon egg, feather, magnifying glass, and more.

The sculptures are simply amazing works of art. You’ll have to see them with your own eyes to attest to their magnificence! So, what are you waiting for go check them out, and learn the full story behind the appearance of these mystery sculptures!

http://community.thisiscentralstation.com/_Mysterious-paper-sculptures/blog/4991767/126249.html [1]