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Namepedia [1]

Welcome to Namepedia, an encyclopedia for names! Have you ever wondered what your first name means? Would you like to find out how your last name originated? Maybe you’d like to find a baby name. Well, you can do all of that and more right here!

In the center of the main page, you’ll find a search engine. It has four tabs above it: First Name, Family Name (last name/surname), Full Name and Real People. There’s also a More option, but I didn’t use it.

Type in a first name if you just want to try it out. You can use your own name or you could use my name. I put in Amanda and clicked on Search.

After you search and choose the entry you want, you’ll find the origin, meaning, relations, pronunciation and even a rating for the name on the page. It was really neat to listen to the different pronunciations of my name.

Along the top of the page, there are more tabs. Some correlate with the search engine and some don’t. They are: First Names, Family Names, Real People, Baby, Interactive and More.

I really liked the baby section. You can even create your own list of baby names. To do so, you’ll need to register for the Web site. All you need to do is click on the Create an Account link at the top of the page, put in an e-mail address, a password and then log in. You should then get a confirmation e-mail. Now, choose how you’d like it to appear: public, friends only, private, whether the child is male or female, where they’ll live, what language they’ll speak and the 10 names you like.

People can then vote on the names you picked. That would be a great way to get your friends’ and family’s opinion on baby names you’ve chosen. Check out the list I created as an example here [2]. They can then rate the names you picked and offer you three more ideas of their own. They can also leave a comment and then click on the Send My Opinion button.

If you’re into celebrities, the Real Name section is for you! Here you can search for famous people by name. For example, Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and Emmy Rossum. If you search, they’ll give you the full name of the celebrity, their nationality and what their profession is. Also, at the bottom, you’ll find articles about them.

This Web site is definitely worth bookmarking for all your naming needs!

http://www.namepedia.org/ [1]

~ Amanda