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When you arrive at the site it will ask you if you want to subscribe to their weekly, spam-free newsletter. If you want to do so, just type in your e-mail address. If like me, you want to see the site first before making up your mind, just click No Thanks.

The first place I suggest you go is the About [1] page Рwhich describes, well just exactly what the site is about. It is dedicated to bringing you original, in-depth, and local stories starting  from around New York City and now other cities as well.

Each week the stories will have a theme. When I visited the theme was Tales from Summer, and the theme from the week before was Wanderers. You’ll find the current and the last week’s theme featured on the main page, you’ll also find displayed on the main page an assortment of the most popular stories, as well as a collection of Shorts.

These stories range from heartwarming, funny, and poignant. I feel like there is a little something for everyone. So go check it out and see what it has for you!

http://narrative.ly/ [2]