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Nasher Sculpture Center

Welcome to Nasher Sculpture Center where you can check out incredible sculpture exhibits!

When the site first loads, there will be a green box in the center of the screen that you offers two options to click on: click here for more information and close. Select the click here for more information option and you will be whisked off to the Exhibitions section where you can check out the latest exhibitions.

If you select close, you can get to this section later by click Exhibitions at the top of the page. And then select the exhibitions that you want to look at (Statuesque is the one the other way of navigating goes to).

Once you’ve selected an exhibition use the green arrows to scroll through the images of the sculptures and the text (you can also mouse over them and use the scroll wheel on your mouse if you have one). If you click on an image you’ll be able to see it larger on the right side of the page.

My favorite section though was Building a Garden which details with words and images how they built the Nasher Sculpture Center as an outdoor roofless museum. You’ll see images of several different mockups of the design plan and learn what their goals were for building it.

The section Collections lets you navigate the pieces in the collection by artist, locations, highlights, media, and keyword. This is an interesting way to check out the different pieces in the collection as well as what is currently on display.

I hope you’ll love your virtual exploration of the Nasher Sculpture Center! I know I did!