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National Geographic: Redwoods

I’ll freely admit what lured me to this site was the fantastic photographs of the redwoods. I was happy to get to the site and find that there was so much more going on than just amazing photos.

There are five sections to really explore. They are:

Read the Story – here you will find twelve pages of well written information that tells you the story of these trees.

See Photos – this is what brought me to the site, and I think once you start delving into the photos here you’ll see why.

Follow the Transect – I lost myself in this section. I was quite surprised at how compelling I found the timeline of the trees, and how interesting it was to see how large the range of trees was. This is a truly expansive range of trees. On the timeline you can click the green circles to see the photo that matches that spot on the journey of Mike Fey and Lindsey Holm as they walked the range. Make sure you tab over into the Redwood Time Line section – it’s fascinating!

Go Behind the Photo – this section takes you to video where you will learn how the team made a composite image of an entire tree! This was really cool to see.

Solve a Mega-Puzzle – if you don’t care about photos or the history of these amazing trees but you are a jigsaw fan this is the section for you. This is a puzzle that would make any jigsaw fan proud. And they aren’t kidding when they say it is a mega puzzle. I was overwhelmed at first by where to start-I’m a huge jigsaw fan- but as I plugged away at it, the puzzle started to come together and was very rewarding in a sense of accomplishment when I finished it. You may want to register so you can save your progress and not have to work it all in one sitting, it is really huge.

This site is awesome, I’ve shared it with my friends and family, I hope you all will do the same!