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National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia [1]

Why would I be bringing you this site? It’s quite simple really: for the fabulous exhibits. As you will see there is a long list of exhibits to choose from. Explore them all, or just as many as you like.

My favorite exhibit is the Follow the Sun: Australian Travel Posters 1930s-1950s, which is definitely worth checking out.

In this exhibit click take a trip to get into where the goodies are. You then get a few options: Destinations, Symbols of Australia, Styles, and Artists. To the side you can click into a section on Lithographs and the ANTA (Australian National Travel Association). The “Destination” section is so neat because you first get to click on a map for the part of Australia you’d like to see the posters from and then it takes you to a suitcase where the travel posters load up on. You can pick a poster then and get all this lovely information about it including when it was made. I think you’ll love exploring the rest on your own so I’m not going to give any more away on this section.

I also positively enjoyed the Who’ll Come A Waltzing Matilda with Me section. Which goes into the origins and many version of the song, how it came to be an unofficial anthem, and even explains what the song means. This is a lovely section you should also check out.

I did spend an hour or so exploring here and I think you’ll find something that strikes your fancy—whether you only check out what I brought to your attention, or if you just check out the things that sound interesting. I dare you to check out the Bunyip section, unless you’re too scared. :-)


http://www.nla.gov.au/exhibitions/online.html [1]