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National Museum of Roller Skating

At the National Museum of Roller Skating you can learn all about the history and joy of roller skating. You’ll find that they have a nice introduction and Mission Statement. It really lets you know what they are about. Then you can scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the navigation options.

Museum Facts – This section gives you the bare bone facts of what the museum is about, the kinds of things it exhibits and collects, as well as a list of useful facts and links.

Education – This is where you can learn how to donate skating artifacts and memorabilia as well check out the section “Homework Help” for students who need historical information about skating. For instance did you know that the first roller skate was invented in 1735? For this and more information check out this section and you’ll also find some really cool roller skating facts!

Exhibits – The heart and soul of the site is found in this section where you can find exhibits on Figure Skating, Roller Hockey, Speed Skaters, The Roller Derby, Jam Skating, and Inline Skating.

I have to admit I was taken back some by Jam Skating, I had absolutely no idea what it was the other exhibits I was more familiar with so I started exploring in Jam Skating. I learned that Jam Skating “can be characterized as a combination of many styles of dance, all performed on roller skates. It involves elements of breakdancing, figure skating, modern dance and gymnastics.” For this and more interesting information check this section out.

The Museum’s History – Well this section is exactly what it’s title suggests it is. Here you will learn how the Museum of Roller Skating came into fruition. This section is very interesting and it goes into some of the history of roller skating as well as the birth of the museum.

Makes me want to get out my skates and head to the roller rink!

http://www.rollerskatingmuseum.com/ [1]