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National Puzzler’s League

National Puzzler’s League [1]

If you love puzzles, and solving them, you are going to love this site. This site has got everything that people who love puzzles can appreciate from Solving Tools to Guides, to a Newsletter all about puzzles.

Guide — The Guide is where you find information on everything pertaining to this league from membership to puzzle types to reference books you can use to solve puzzles. Literally the heart and soul, meat and bones of this site, you should definitely start your journey here.

Solution Tools — Here you can find a Word Finder, and Word Lists. The Word Finder allows you to search for words, whereas the Word Lists let you choose words from pre-created lists based on subjects and puzzles, for instance, Scrabble. Word Lists are downloadable to your computer so you can access them at your convenience.

Join Us — This where you find the membership information, it is not free, but there are a lot of resources on this site that you can use without joining. (It’s rather expensive, so I’d just use the free stuff unless you are a hard-core puzzler.)

Related Organizations — This is the Web Links section and here you can find links to more helpful resources for those of the puzzle solving mind. Like Wait, Wait, Don’t tell me (a site about limerick writing with last word missing) and The US National Scrabble Association, and many more.

http://www.puzzlers.org/ [1]