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Navigate Excel Worksheets Using Tabs

Have a lot of sheets in your Excel workbooks?

Tired of scrolling left and right to find the right tab?

Or maybe you do the whole Ctrl + Page Up / Ctrl + Page Down thing, but that can be tedious too and let’s face it, it’s pretty easy to blow right by the sheet you need.

So, you’ve got to ask yourself “Is there a better option here?”

Good question and happily I can report that the answer is a definite “Yes!” (Ok, so the decision as to whether it’s a “better” method is an opinion – but it’s at least another option to consider.)

Without further delay let’s take a look at that alternate way to navigate from worksheet to worksheet.

We first need to go to the bottom left corner of the program window to the worksheet horizontal scroll arrows.



As you can see, a list of worksheet names will open where you can then simply choose the one to which you need to relocate.

The list will show up to 15 worksheets – after that you’ll need to use the “More Sheets…” option.

This will open the Activate dialog box.


This one contains all the worksheets. Select one and click OK.

Jumping from this worksheet to that worksheet and back again in a large Excel file has never been so easy.