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Navigating the Selected Range

Navigating the Selected Range

Have a large range selected in MS Excel?

Need to move the selected cell, within the highlight, to another location to check data or functions?

I know you’re not considering the idea of simply clicking somewhere else, taking a look at your data and then reselecting the range all over again, are you?

Let’s hope there’s a better way!

Here’s a list of quick key options you can use for moving within an already selected (highlighted) cell range:

And while we’re on the topic of working within an already selected range, in case you didn’t know, if you edit the contents of a cell and then use Enter, you will find that you were allowed to make the change without losing the highlight of the range.

Also, if you make that change and then use Ctrl + Enter, you will fill the entire range with that same data.

Whew. Check it out today!

~ April