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Navigation Shortcuts for MS Word: The Keyboard

Navigation Shortcuts for MS Word: The Keyboard

Picture this: You’re working on the ultimate document. I mean, it’s a masterpiece! Too bad the masterpiece is also a nightmare though. It’s easily the longest document you’ve ever edited and the navigation through all those pages is just a huge headache. (Not to mention the back and forth, back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse). I bet you’re looking for some help, huh?!

Well, never fear. I’m here to save the day! While these shortcuts won’t make your document shorter, they will help to ease the pain as you try to navigate through your work and hopefully, without the need for aspirin.

Today, let’s begin with some basic keyboard shortcuts:

If you’re mouse dependent, give these a try. I’m sure you’ll find them to be a great aid in your quest to be even more efficient!

~ April