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Navigation Shortcuts for MS Word: The Scroll Bar

Navigation Shortcuts for MS Word: The Scroll Bar

To go along with yesterday’s tip, here are a few tidbits for document navigation in MS Word with the mouse on the vertical scroll bar.

The first and easiest is to realize that when you click and hold on the scroll bar, a text box will appear that tells you what page you’re scrolling to and the section title that begins the page. This is really helpful in a very long document. It keeps you from playing the guessing game as to where you are with the scroll button. (It cuts down on the “Oops! I went too far” problem as well!)

Below the scroll bar, you’ll find a series of three buttons. See them?

These little gems can be extremely useful.

The top and bottom buttons (double up and down arrows) are for moving one object up or down. Notice, I used the word “object” and not page. No, it’s not a slip of the tongue or in this case, the fingers.

The middle button (the dot) is called the Select Browse Object button. It allows you to select what items or objects the double up and down arrows jump to. For example, if you set the button to Graphic, the up and down arrows will jump from graphic to graphic, regardless of how many pages are between each graphic.

To see your choices, click on the Select Browse Object button. You should see a small palette of choices appear.

Select something from the palette that will aid you with your editing. The name of the icon will appear in the gray box along the bottom as you run the mouse pointer over each icon. (I tend to use either Browse by Page or Browse by Section, but you need to choose whatever will help you the most).

Once you’ve made your choice, the up and down arrows are immediately ready to jump from object to object, with the word “object” now being defined by the item you chose.

Keep in mind that you can change this setting whenever you wish, so put it to good use.

Well, between yesterday and today, there’s a pretty good list of items to learn. Give them a try. They’re such small things that add up to a lot of saved time when used regularly. I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking to save time!

~ April