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Navigation Switch in Outlook 2007

Recently, I stumbled across the fastest method I’ve seen for jumping between different features of MS Outlook 2007… so I thought I’d share.

I’m sure most people agree than fast = key combinations. (As opposed to the time it takes to accomplish a task with all of the mouse work.)

So logic suggests that what I have for you today is a list of key combinations (and logic happens to be correct in this case – unlike so much else in the world… anyway, I digress, so back to business).

I’d like to start with the key combination that actually displays the Navigation Pane. (Left side of the program window – the section where we usually use the mouse to move to another location.)

You can switch between three different views of the Navigation Pane using Alt + F1.

This combination will toggle between your three view options:


Now, as to the rest – these combinations will switch the Navigation Pane and take you directly to the feature of your choice:

Ctrl + 1 : Mail Navigation

Ctrl + 2 : Calendar Navigation

Ctrl + 3 : Contacts Navigation

Ctrl + 4 : Tasks Navigation

Ctrl + 5 : Notes Navigation

Ctrl + 6 : Folder List Navigation

Ctrl + 7 : Shortcuts Navigation

Ctrl + 8 : Journal Navigation

Now, I do realize that this takes a bit of learning to get them committed to memory – but once there they should come in very handy.

And… here’s something I noticed when I was working with them – the numbers assigned to each feature logically follow the order that the items appear in the Navigation Pane.


If you take a quick peek you’ll see that Mail is at the top (1), then the Calendar (2), then your Contacts (3), etc… so learning these is as simple as counting. (Yes, I know, back with the “logic” thing again – I can’t help it, it’s the math teacher in me wanting everything in order and…well, logical…)

Anyway, now you have all you need to know to accomplish a super quick switch in MS Outlook 2007!

~ April