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Need A Date?

Need A Date?

If you use one of the major word processing programs, you have the ability to place a date into any document you’re working on. Here’s how to do it with a some of the more popular ones:

In MS Word, WordPerfect, or Windows WordPad:

Just click the Insert menu and select Date & Time…

A screen will pop up that gives you a host of different date formats. Double-click the flavor you want to use and it will magically appear in your document.


If you are using MS Word, you can just start typing the date. After you get through the first four letters, hit Enter and the current month will be inserted. Hit the Space bar and the current date should be displayed in a tooltip window. Hit Enter again and you’ll get the rest of the date inserted.

Here’s a shot after I had inserted the month and hit the sapce bar (but before I hit Enter to get the rest of the date):


Then I hit Enter:


Note that I tested this on Word XP and 2000 but I think it also works on Word 97.

Corel WordPerfect users can hit CTRL+SHIFT+D to quickly insert a date in standard format.

In Windows Notepad:

Just put your cursor where you want the date and hit F5 .