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Need To Measure Something on Screen?

Have you ever needed to measure something on screen? Making a graphic for a document and need it to be just the right size? Want a photo to fit perfectly in a profile, but not sure how big the image is suppose to be? Designing a website and want to match the icon sizes of another site you like?

Well this is the software for you! A Ruler For Windows allows you to:

How easy is it to use? Pretty easy. Download A Ruler for Windows by clicking here [1], and install the program. Once installed, you can launch the program from the Start menu and an on screen ruler appears. Click and hold on the bottom half of the ruler to drag it in place and click on the hash marks to get an exact reading from the beginning of the ruler to where you click on the hash marks.

There are even options to set the ruler’s orientation (vertical or¬†horizontal), the length, and even magnification (up to 4x) for when you need very exact measurements.

More information and skins for A Ruler for Windows are available by clicking here [1].