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It seems that in the world of computers, there is never a peaceful time. Just last week people were worried about the Conficker bug, now we have another one with some very strange similarities. This new threat is called Neeris, and the only reason I call it “new” is because it is starting to spread wider than it has in the past. In reality, however, this worm has been around for a very long time, at least in computer years.

Neeris first came out in May of 2005 and didn’t catch much traction. It exploited an older flaw that was very similar to the security hole that the current Conficker worm uses. Because of this, it was easy for virus authors to modify it to be just like Conficker. The Neeris worm also uses a similar method of distribution, and is spreading now mostly through flash drives and disks with an autorun file on them. It will prompt the user to “run” when the drive is connected and if they are not aware and click the OK, it will run and install the worm on your system.

While this worm is scary because of it’s similarities to Conficker, it is also just as easy to take care of. If you make sure that your computer is up to date, you’ll have little to worry about. You can also help protect yourself even more by turning off the autorun option on your drives. This will ensure that you won’t be fooled by this tricky worm.

To learn how to turn off the autorun feature, click here.