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Nepal Climbing

Normally, I wouldn’t  bring you such a commercial site. Thus, I’m being up front about the fact that it is commercial. This is a high altitude climbing and expedition company based out of Nepal. 

So why am I sharing it with you? You have every right to ask! There is so much cool information on this site that I felt it was totally worth sharing with you! 

If you click the tabs on the left side of the page labeled Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India you’ll learn all about the are you’ve selected. If you look to the right menu on any of these pages you’ll have access to more information about the location like General Information, Visa Information, and the opportunity to learn about the people, culture, climate, history and so much more.

The next thing I want to bring your attention to is the news ticker, particularly the first item that scrolls across it – 29 Teams Attempting Everest this Season – if you click that you can go read about the teams attempting Everest and learn all sorts of surprising facts (like how freaking expensive it is to do!).  

I also thought it was particularly cool to be able to learn about the trekking and wildlife experiences to be head in these regions. At heart, I’m an armchair turned computer chair traveler so these kinds of sites help stave off the wanderlust in my heart until I can afford to travel the world. 


http://nepalclimbing.com/ [1]