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Net Disaster

At Net Disaster you can spend quality time destroying your favorite sites. Type in the URL and what disaster you would like to occur at the site, how you want it repaired and controlled, then hit go.

For an example why don’t you use everyone’s favorite computer tip site: www.worldstart.com.

Then choose the type of disaster. Your options are:

Nature: Meteors, Flood, or Flower Power.

Technology: Nuke, Mars Attack, Gun, Bloody Gun, or Paintball.

Life Forms: Dinosaurs, Wasps, Snails, Worms, or Mold.

Home, Office: Fried Eggs, Spilled Coffee, or Slow Burn.

The Repair option gives you the choice of auto-repair, or massive. The massive makes the effects cumulative so that you can see the destruction after you are through. The auto-repair repairs it as it goes from what I’ve seen.

Control – you can either let Net Disaster do all the work with the auto option or you can choose the destruction and click with the mouse choice.

This does not actually destroy the site you put in—it loads that front page on net disaster and all the effects happen there, so have as much fun as you want. You can even save the URL from your browser to send the altered link to a friend or post it on your web site.

I really enjoyed the spilled coffee option!

http://www.netdisaster.com/ [1]