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Net Dog Internet Filter

Net Dog Internet Filter

We all know that we can’t be too cautious on the Web these days. One wrong turn and Junior could get a crash course on the birds and the bees and that’s not the only thing. The Web, in all its grandeur, really has some locations that I can’t believe serve any real purpose, especially for children. Having two children myself, I always have my eyes open for the latest and greatest software in the arena of online security. Well, I stumbled across Net Dog, an Internet filter and content blocker based program, that will stop all unwanted content coming into your system via the Web.

Everyone who has been on the Web for more than a couple of days knows that at any point, you are never more than a click away from mind scarring images for adults, let alone the little ones. With the Net Dog Internet Filter, you can easily block this content with almost no interaction needed from yourself, the user. You can even block all Web addresses and allow only the ones you deem safe. Talk about a lock down!

Don’t want to stand looking over your child’s shoulder while they’re doing their homework? Well, with Net Dog, you can relax, secure in the knowledge that they’re not going to visit any sites you don’t want them to. Net Dog accomplishes this by employing a real time intelligent filter engine that blocks pornographic content in and out of your Internet, regardless if the content is sent through the Web, e-mail, p2p, FTP or in a chat room. It’s all subject to scrutiny.

With Net Dog, you can also block URLs defined, such as lockergnome.com or KimKommando.com , just for an example. You can even use wild cards (such as “, ? or *) to account for variables. Also, as I said earlier, you can set Net Dog up so that it blocks everything except what you, the administrator, allows. Net Dog allows you to import/export your URLs for quick and easier set up on a second PC as well. Or, you can back it up in an emergency. Of course, with any security software, there is one all powerful account and that is the administrator account. It should be password protected, because this is the only user who can deactivate, change or even remove the program from your system.

You have a firewall to protect you from Internet borne attacks, you have antivirus software package to protect you from viruses, an anti spyware program to protect you from any malware, so why not have a filter program to protect you from disturbing, unwanted content? There is no one out there policing the Internet, so you have to do it yourself. Let Net Dog help you!

You can download your free copy of the Net Dog Internet Filter here.

Until next week, stay safe out there.

~ Chad Stelnicki