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The Internet revolution has created a dependency on technology for nearly everyone young and old, basically requiring us to access the World Wide Web several times daily. Computers and Internet connections are both becoming basic commodities for every household around the world these days. However, since the Internet is an open portal for any uncensored information, surfing the Internet is frequently not safe for children to navigate alone.

Is there anything that parents can do?

There are thousands and thousands of sites in the World Wide Web that are related to unfavorable content such as pornography, alcohol abuse, drugs, and other subjects that you would not want your little ones to view. The good news is that you don’t have to sit or stand beside your kids 100% of the time when they are surfing the Internet if you use a filtering program to keep harmful Internet content from being accessed.

Net Guardian (www.netguardian.co.nz) is one example that provides you with sensible, very powerful, and useful features to ensures that your children have the necessary safeguards when online. Utilizing the award winning Direct Address Identification (DAI) technology of 8e6Technologies (formerly X-Stop), a leading filtering company, Net Guardian blocks unwanted sites which are potentially corrupting or harmful and can also filter search engines for foul words. It includes a feature for password protection and can automatically update to keep up with the latest Operating Systems. It even has a four-level filtering system which can be customized to suit your definition of “objectionable content”.

Net Guardian has become the best news for business, schools and families. It does not only make your company’s employees more productive by filtering sites which make them waste time, it also makes your school or home Internet connection safe for use by filtering unwanted sites.

What are the Benefits of Using Net Guardian?

Net Guardian is so simple to use and so powerful. It’s almost zero maintenance as you don’t need to install or maintain any software to make it work at optimum.

What makes it a cut above the rest among filtering system is that it does not slow down your Internet connection as Net Guardian is always reliable and fast.

Its automatic update system allows Net Guardian to update its library of pages hourly to make sure that the latest filler updates are on your system as you are surfing.

How Does It Work?

Net Guardian works between your family, students, or business and the Internet. It has a library system which classifies the thousands of Web sites and millions of Web pages active on the World Wide Web. Examples of filtering classifications include Anarchy, Cults, Drugs, Hate and Discrimination, Illegal activity, Obscene & Tasteless, Pornography, and R-rated content. The current library system has several million web pages on the list.


Can Net Guardian be Circumvented?

Net Guardian’s network structure positions it to stand between the Internet and your pc and utilizes a checking system to compare each and every Web site request against a library of acceptable Web sites. Its library system classifies the Web sites in the World Wide Web into sets of categories. For each and every Web site request made on a browser on any computer, Net Guardian will do a check against the permitted list of sites in the library. This library updates on a daily basis, currently listing millions of Web pages, and updates with an average of over 8000 new Web pages daily.

For instance, the library would have various categories from which Web sites are classified into: drugs, alcohol abuse, crime, adult content, and others. Once your browser tries to access any Web page, it will be scanned using the library in Net Guardian at a rate of microseconds. The site that is being accessed will be compared to the permitted sites and will be blocked if it is found to be in a filtered category.

Next we will review the software and other features of Net Guardian…

~Cory Buford