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Net Guardian 2

This is a follow-up to my first article on Net Guardian, which can be found here.

How can you be sure that Net Guardian will not become obsolete?

Since there are many thousands of new Web sites added to the World Wide Web everyday, Net Guardian is able to update accordingly. Net Guardian uses high-speed computers called “Mudcrawlers”, R3000 Servers, that are powerfully arrayed to ‘crawl’ sites under specific criteria. With such capability, Net Guardian is able to easily and quickly find domain and server details for specific sites/domains. Once such sites meet the criteria, a team of real people decide whether each site should be blocked or not.


Other Features of Net Guardian

Net Guardian has a profile system which is able to change the level of filtering that you will receive. When you have a profile, you will experience a temporary change of filtering level in your Internet compared to that of Net Guardian’s default filtering system.

You will have a profile name and password to authenticate your Net Guardian filtering system to temporarily unblock the unwanted sites. As long as the profile window is left open, the level of filtering can be temporarily changed so that you will be able to view blocked sites.

Upon closing the profile window, Net Guardian’s filtering system will be back to block all unwanted categories.

Note: Having a profile does not allow any access to pornographic sites at any given time.

The account name holder will be the only one who can request a profile through email at review@netguardian.co.nz.

Could Net Guardian Cause Problems for Parents?

In addition to making your children’s Web site experience a ‘clean’ one, Net Guardian has other benefits when compared to its competitors. It’s simple to use, leaving you with nothing to do, as there is no software that you need to painstakingly install or maintain. Net Guardian also is ideal for maintaining your Internet speed as it is fast enough that it does not slow down your internet access. It uses a 24/7 automatic filter update which ensures that Net Guardian really stands between your children and the World Wide Web.


Why Are Some of My Wanted Sites Blocked?

A Review Team decides whether or not a site should be blocked. This way, it ensures that the sites that are of relevant use and are not supposed to be blocked come through. For example, any legitimate site like a medical site will not be blocked. There would be very few cases when wanted sites are blocked, hampering you surfing experience.

There are several reasons why pages that should not be blocked could be blocked by Net Guardian. Among such include Virtual Hosting, which could possibly block a site that is hosted on a server which has too many hosted sites that are legitimately blocked. Another reason is when the site is classified in a category that is based on your Net Guardian service level.

Why Are Some Sites Not Blocked?

Sites that should be blocked might be very new sites running on the World Wide Web, or might be an older blocked site but changed its IP address or domain name.

What to Do If Wanted Sites Are Blocked or If Unwanted Sites Are Not Blocked?

There is a way that you can unblock such sites which are not supposed to be blocked by Net Guardian or block the sites which are no longer blocked. You can submit a request for review by the Net Guardian Block Review Team so that such sites will be reviewed. They will correspond with you as soon as possible.


It would appear that the only down side to a completely web based service like Net Guardian, when compared to other advisory services like Net Nanny or more robust services such as Cyber Patrol or Cyber Sitter, is that it would seem to only be popularly offered via www.maxnet.co.nz and that none of the subscription levels are unlimited. Therefore, as the most qualified person to decide what is best for your children, I fervently suggest that you do your own research on these, and other such programs, by visiting The Coalition for Independent Ratings Services (www.independentratings.org/ratings) and other such sites to thoroughly review your options. Yes, it may take a little time but your children are worth every minute of it!

~Cory Buford