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How does an easy way to read all of your e-mail and your favorite news, all at one time, sound to you? If it sounds pretty darn good, you’ve got to check this one out!

Today’s tip is all about NetVibes. What’s it do? Well, NetVibes allows you to make one single page where you can keep track of everything you do while you’re online. It lets you keep all of your favorite pages in one place. And best of all, it makes your life just that much easier!

On the free NetVibes page, you can pick which pages you want to include.

Here is a sample NetVibes page:

I’m sure by now, you’re wondering how you can create a page for yourself. It’s easy and here’s how!

First, go to the NetVibes Web site at www.netvibes.com and create an account. Do that by clicking on the Sign In link in the very top right hand corner. From there, click on the “Sign up now” button under the New User section. You only need to enter in your e-mail address and choose a password. Click on Sign Up when you’re done. You can then check your e-mail and all of the additional information that you need will be there for you.

Okay, once you’re all done with that, the fun part comes out. You can create your own page by picking the boxes or “modules” you want to include on your page.

For instance, you may want to add some news to your page. Well, NetVibes makes it very easy to pick a news source. Find the news sections and then simply click on one of the following news feeds:

Or, from this list of news sites:

To add the news source you like to your page, click your mouse on it and drag it to the open page on the left. Unclick and voila, the news is now part of your page.

Here is sample page created with the News feeds on NetVibes:

NetVibes and E-mail

You can also add different e-mail accounts to your NetVibes page.

The e-mail list also lets you add Meebo. Meebo lets you IM with more than one IM service, all at the same time.

You can also keep up with your Ebay account, your MySpace page and even your Flickr photo account, if you have any of those.

You can also search for anything from the NetVibes page by using the Web Search Box. Or, you can add other types of search boxes if you like to search for images or videos.

Because NetVibes has so many Web sites you can add, you may find your page to be a little too crowded.

Don’t worry! You can make a new page (or “tab”) by clicking on New Tab button and typing in a name for it. For example, below, some tabs created were My News, Sports, Money and Pictures and Friends.

With NetVibes, you can also track the weather, your to do list, post notes to yourself and even check your personal calendar.

NetVibes is an easy way to keep track of everything you like to do on the Web. And, best of all, it’s 100 percent free. You can’t beat that. Check it out today!

Again, you can take advantage of all that NetVibes has to offer right here!

~ Veronica West