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Network Notepad

Network Notepad

Prepare to be blown away! This week’s download is a gift from the “geek” community that makes me proud to be a tech. The program is called Network Notepad and I have been looking for something like this my whole life, along with a few other things that I still haven’t found.

Network Notepad is a network drawing tool that allows you to completely illustrate a diagram of any network you wish. All networked resources, such as PCs, routers, switches, any kind of server, firewalls, nodes, connection types, buildings, houses and well, I think you get the point! You can insert anything into the diagram with the Network Notepad program. Cool, huh?!

With the ever growing popularity of broadband and routers, more and more people are setting up small businesses and home networks without an outside tech. With Network Notepad, you can lay out your network structure before you begin, which will help with your design. Or, you can create a resource map of an existing network to help you keep everything neat and orderly.

Network Notepad also has some great features that help you add meaning to all of your network icons, such labels, notes, IP Addresses, links and more that help you further visualize your network resources.

Using Network Notebook couldn’t be easier to use and it’s surprisingly fun too. Most of the procedures are as basic as a drag and drop. In minutes, you can have a detailed illustration of your network that you can save, print, edit and most importantly, refer back to if you need some information about your network.

There is plenty of help for the program on the author’s Web site as well. It clearly explains every detail of the program and how to use it. Network Notepad works with all versions of Windows and it has very low system requirements, so it should run on almost any PC you want to throw it on.

I love this program! It’s simple, to the point and is incredibly useful. If you have a small network that you’re in charge of, this may be a good application to take a look at as well.

You can download Network Notebook here. Hope you enjoy it!

~ Chad Stelnicki