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Neverending Playlist

Sometimes I’m just in the mood to listen to one artist, rather than a mixed playlist. When I don’t have access to the music program we use at home, I like to head over to Neverending Playlist, where I can play free, streaming music via YouTube for the artist I want to hear without having to go to YouTube and wade through videos. 

So how does it work? Really simply, actually. Just type in the artist you want to hear (if there is more than one a list will drop down to let you select the one you want) and then you’ll be whisked away to the artist page where the music will start streaming.

You have the option to Play, Pause, and Skip songs too. And if you really like a song and want to hear it again, just drag the play line above where the video is displayed back to the beginning of the song. 

You can also queue up the next artist you want to hear by selecting one from the similar artists that appear in the bottom right corner, or typing in the name of the next artist or band you want to hear in the Who’s Next? blank.

Then when you’ve listened through the playlist for the first artist, it will go to your next choice. I love this option to build a playlist that lasts as long as you need it too! It really can be never ending!

http://neverendingplaylist.com/ [1]