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New Default Tab Stops

New Default Tab Stops

We all know that Word has default tab stops set at every one-half inch. Usually this works just fine, but what if you have a need to change them?

What if you now need a tab stop at one inch intervals instead?

Do you simply hit the tab button twice?

Oh, let’s hope not.

Do you go through and set all the tab stops to one inch intervals individually?

Once again, let’s hope that’s not the only answer!

Why don’t you give this a try for a change. Go to the Format menu, Tabs choice.

In the upper right hand corner, locate the “Default tab stops” field.

Change the value to reflect the new spacing you wish the tabs to have and click OK.

That’s it! All the default tab stops in your document are now separated by your specified measurement.

Looking to make the change permanent for all future new documents?

Then you’ll need to make the change to the Normal template. For instructions on changing the Normal template, click here to go to our tip archives.

Temporary change or permanent. Either way, the default tab stop intervals are up to you!

~ April