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New Ink

New Ink

Has your current ink cartridge finally printed its last print job? Has it dried up and gone off to join all your other cartridges in the trash? Or maybe you know you’ll probably only be able to get a few more documents printed with the one you have now. Either way, it sounds like it’s time for you to invest in a new set of ink. Maybe you only need a new black and white cartridge or maybe you need color too. Whichever way, printing ink is an essential part of our computing lives and we all need to make sure we get the best and the right kind!

First of all, to see what kind of replacement cartridge you’re going to need, you’ll have to look at the one you already have in your printer. Just lift open your printer’s lid and the cartridges will scan across so you can look directly at them. Your cartridge will have a number written on it. It may have some letters with it or it might just be a number. For example, some are like 1970A and BCI-21, while others are just 19 or 60. The numbers will possibly be different for black and white ink and colored ink. It all just depends on the type of printer you have.

Once you find that number, you can go to any local computer store (Best Buy, Staples, etc.) and buy your ink refills. You can also order them from your printer manufacturer’s Web site (HP, Lexmark, Canon, etc). Just go to their site and look for the ink cartridge materials. There are also other places online that you can buy ink refills from. You can do a search for them with your favorite search engine and look for the place that will suit you best. Often times, those sites offer discounted prices, but be careful when ordering online. Make sure the site is secure and don’t give out any of your personal information if you feel uncomfortable with something. Sometimes it’s better to pay more at a local retail store than to be burned in other ways.

Either way you go, enjoy your new ink and keep on printing!

~ Erin