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New Java Exploit – Disable Java NOW!

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but there was another Java exploit discovered and this one is the worst kind of security hole. It’s one that allows a hacker to install malware or viruses without your knowledge simply by visiting a website. The exploit has been confirmed by Bitdefender, a popular anti-virus company, as being actively used by hackers on the internet to compromise computer systems.

The really dangerous part is it appears to affect all installations of Java and there is no known way to stop it outside of disabling or uninstalling Java. Oracle, the makers of Java, are aware of the exploit and are doubtlessly working on a fix, but no ETA or information has been released.

The easiest and most secure way to disable Java is to follow the instructions provided by Oracle by clicking here [1]. You can re-enable Java after Oracle patches Java and you download an updated version. Disabling Java may cause certain websites to perform differently as Java will not be available to them so keep that in mind if you experience any unusual performance.


Update: Java was patched early this AM. Please download the latest version by clicking here [2] and clicking Free Java Download. You can read the press release here [3].