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New PC – D: Drive Nearly Full?

Hazel from TX writes:

I am curious…I recently got a new computer and am concerned about the capacity of the hard disc drives…example
HP_Recovery (D:) has 1.33 GB free out of 10.9 GB and OS (C:) has 412 GB free out of 454 GB Should I be concerned that the D: is almost full?

You don’t have to worry, Hazel – the D: drive (especially if it’s named something like HP_Recovery or Recovery) is a part of your hard drive partitioned off and given its own drive letter to enable you to restore the computer to factory new condition should something happen.

Manufacturers used to be required to include a copy of Microsoft Windows on CD/DVD, but now if they build in the functionality to restore the computer using a recovery partition they don’t need to. This saves the manufacturer money, and (in theory) makes the computer a little bit cheaper for you.

You may be prompted within the first two weeks by your computer to create a set of recovery DVDs. I would HIGHLY recommend making these, because if your hard drive fails you will also lose the recovery partition.

Remember: If you use the recovery option it will reset your computer back to factory new. On some recovery programs it can save data, pictures, files and e-mail, but on most it will wipe out everything, so always make backups! I would recommend Laplink Disk Image [1] and an external hard drive so you know all your important files are saved.