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New Smartphone Tech Helps Blind

Samsung is showing off three new accessories for the Galaxy Core Advance phone that could make life much easier for the visually impaired.  The emergence of texting and messaging apps has already made a huge difference for the deaf community, allowing the hearing-impaired to communicate freely withe the hearing and each other without the need for any special equipment.

These devices promise to help visually impaired and blind smartphone users.

The Ultrasonic Cover allows users to make their way in unfamiliar surroundings. It sends a vibration when something or someone is in the the path of the user. The user holds up the cover and it will alert him or her to objects as far away as six feet. 

The device is compact and doesn’t look much different than an ordinary phone case.

The second accessory is the Optical Scan Stand. The phone fits right into the stand and when the phone’s camera is focused on printed material, the phone will automatically read the text aloud to the user.

It will automatically start working when sensors detect paper in the stand. So, it’s easy for the visually impaired to use without any assistance.

The Voice Label helps users distinguish objects and even make notes and voice tags to help identify object and could even be used to record brief instructions on how to use something.

The phone also features a light-sensing app, instant voice recorder and a voice guided camera. The accessories are sold separately from the phone.

~ Cynthia