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New Vista SP1 Update

I know that a few weeks ago, you wrote a tip updating us on the whole Windows Vista SP1 thing, but I was just curious to see if you knew anything else about it. I would like to upgrade to Vista, but I really don’t want to do it until this service pack comes out, so I’m just trying to find out all the information on it that I can. If you know of anything else, please let us know. Thanks!

That’s no problem! I completely understand where you’re coming from. I actually know of a lot of people who are holding out on getting Windows Vista, because they’re waiting on the SP1 utility to be released. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s better to be safe than sorry and if you feel like your Vista computer is going to be extra safe with the SP1 by its side, then more power to you. In fact, I agree with you wholeheartedly!

Now, I want to be completely honest with you. Not a lot of new information has come out since the last tip we ran about the Vista SP1, but I will tell you what I know. (Also, just in case you want to read that last tip, you can do so right here). Alright, here we go!

As a computer professional and a Microsoft partner, my consulting clients have been asking me a lot lately about the new Windows Vista Service Pack, just like all of you. They keep hearing about it, but they don’t know much about it yet. Well, for right now, Microsoft has decided to release the Alpha version (which is the testing version before the Beta part comes out) of their Service Pack for Windows Vista.

However, there has been a slight name change while the Service Pack was being produced. Instead of the usual name of Windows Vista Service Pack, the update is going to be called the “Vista Performance and Reliability Pack.” At the end of July (2007), the original release of the “Vista Performance and Reliability Pack” was leaked out onto the Internet. Because of that, most people thought Microsoft would decide to officially release the Service Pack, even if it was just an unofficial release. But in the meantime, Microsoft has not made very many comments about the leak or the “unofficial” Windows Vista update release. That’s all I know about that so far.

So, you might be wondering what the new “Vista Performance and Reliability Pack” will actually do for your Vista computer. Am I right? Well, the patch includes some changes in the file transfer speed, it’s going to help with memory corruption problems, it will improve on the sleep and hibernation settings you can use on your computer and last, but certainly not least, it will help to fix some of the driver compatibility issues that have been lingering around.

Now, for those of you already using Windows Vista, I recommend that you find, download and install this Service Pack as soon as it becomes available. Currently, there are approximately 50 million Windows Vista users and there are hundreds of bugs in the new operating system that need to be patched. The service pack will definitely help you to keep your computer a lot safer than it is now.

Now, you can find the Alpha version of the “Vista Performance and Reliability Pack” by searching for it on Google. However, if you do that, make sure you keep an eye on the download size, because as of right now, the Performance Pack update is around 10 GB in size, while the Compatibility Pack is 2 GB. If you don’t think you have enough room on your computer for those, you may just want to wait until the final version is released.

Also, keep in mind that receiving support for this service pack might be somewhat difficult, because Microsoft has yet to make a major announcement on the whole “Windows Vista Performance and Reliability Pack” ordeal. It’s expected to come soon though. Until then, that’s all I have for you at this time. As always, stay tuned for more information on this. It’s coming your way as soon as we hear it!

~ Jack William