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New Word AutoText Without Retyping

New Word AutoText Without Retyping

So, you’re working on your Word document and you realize that you frequently use a certain word or phrase and you think that maybe it’s time to create an AutoText entry. That entry combined with Word’s ability to show AutoComplete suggestions of the AutoText could really save you some time.

What do you do?

Well, one way would be to go to the Insert menu, AutoText submenu, AutoText choice and begin typing the word or phrase that you want to add. (While you’re in the AutoText window, double check that the “Show AutoComplete suggestions” option is checked to take advantage of that feature!)

This method works, but it seems to be a bit of a pain to navigate into the window just to retype the text anyway.

What if you could use the text you already have in the document to create the AutoText entry without all the menus and submenus?

Sounds like a plan to me and you’re not going to believe how quickly it can be done!

First, highlight the text for the AutoText entry.

With the text still highlighted, hit the Alt + F3 keys.

The Create AutoText window will open with the highlighted text (or part of it if it’s a long string) already in place as a suggested name for your entry. You can choose to keep the entire suggested text string as the AutoText name or you can change it to something smaller at this step.

Click OK when you’re satisfied with the name.

That’s it! The AutoText entry is complete without retyping any text or a menu in sight!

~ April