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News Update: Vista SP 1

News Update: Vista SP 1

You may have already heard about this, but either way, I’m here to fill you in! Microsoft finally dished out some news last week about the release of the Service Pack 1 utility for the new Windows Vista operating system. Microsoft has kept a tight lip on this information for awhile now, but they finally fessed up! So, are you ready for the final news? The Vista SP 1 will arrive to the public sometime during the first quarter of next year (2008). Make sure you keep reading for all the important details!

As it stands right now, within the next few weeks, Microsoft is going to be releasing the SP 1 to approximately 10,000 pre-selected testers who will then test the utility to make sure it will be ready for the public when that time comes. Side note: Those testers will also be testing the SP 3 for Windows XP that is also scheduled to be released in the near future. Once all the testing is done, Microsoft will work their magic with the finishing touches and it will finally be available to us!

Now, what’s going to be included with the SP 1, you ask? Well, it’s mostly going to be a compilation of tweaks and fixes that are geared toward improving the stability and reliability of the Vista operating system. It’s not going to be chocked full with a lot of new features, but it will do what it’s intended to do and it will do it well. So, whether you’ve been a Vista user since it began or you’re going to be upgrading soon, the SP 1 will surely come in handy for all of you. Plus, at least now you know what’s up ahead and you have something to look forward to. Yes!

~ Erin