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Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the front page for newspapers all over the world? Well, now you can with Newseum! Just select the country you want to see the newspaper for from the tabs at the top of the map. You can choose from: USA, North America, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, South America and Africa.

If you don’t like clicking around on the map, you can view the front pages of today’s newspapers two more ways. You can view them as a thumbnail gallery by selecting Gallery or you can view them as a list by selecting List. You can also always go back to viewing the map by selecting Map.

I like this Web site, because I can read the front page news from my hometown of Lorain, Ohio! It gives me a brief glance into what’s going on back home. I just go to the USA map and mouse over Ohio until I see the Morning Journal come up. I click on it and it opens the front page in a new window for me.

Now, I also want to mention the navigation links at the very top of the page. Those links give you the option to print out the front page you’re looking at, view it in a .PDF format, as well as, closing the page out.

I think this Web site is bookmark worthy. Check it out today!


~ Amanda


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Newseum [1]

Newseum is the Interactive Museum of News. There is a lot to check out here. You can read the headlines from over 200 newspapers for this morning in “Today’s Frontpages”. This site is a gem that you’re going to want to add to your favorites.

If you scroll along the pictures at the top you’ll notice that they are both clickable and that they roll over. These allow you to see things that are currently featured. Things you should check out: a very nifty section on Women Photographers of National Gepographic, not to mention the Pulitzer Prize Photographs that were simply stunning, or the sections on Iraq, the Holocaust, and the exhibit on the Berlin wall.

You can also check out “Cyber Newseum”, which is also full of nifty topics like:

The War in Iraq – “See how the world reacted to the U.S. missile strikes that launched the war in Iraq in this online exhibit featuring more than 200 national and international newspaper front pages from March 20, 2003.”

President Kennedy – “Learn how journalists covered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in a new book from the Newseum.”

NewsMania – “Play NewsMania, the Newseum’s news trivia game that’s as fresh as today’s headlines, with your host, Rita Laboudit. The game is different each time you play. Show what you know and you may win a press pass!”

Running Toward Danger – “What was it like for the journalists who covered the September 11 terrorist attacks?”

Those are just my favorites, this section is large by itself let alone including the rest of this Museum.

I think you’ll really enjoy how seamlessly this site is brought together with different type of media, they even have different connection speed choices for those of us still on dial-up. Which is just fabulous for a media site.

Read all about it!

http://www.newseum.org/ [1]