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WorldStart Tech Tips 2016-06-29

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Quick Tip

How To Find Mcrosoft Edge In Windows 10

I asked for your Windows 10 questions. This reader wants to know how to locate the Edge browser. “Can’t seem to find the new Windows 10 Browser — Edge. How do I “turn it on”?? Otherwise, I like Windows 10.

Here’s how to find Edge:  If you see the Edge icon on your desktop, click it. It looks very similar to the Internet Explorer icon but is a slightly different color of blue.


Or you can type Microsoft Edge into the Start Menu search box and click on the results.


Or click All Apps in the Start Menu and scroll down to M for Microsoft Edge.


~ Cynthia

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We get asked all the time "How can I extend my WiFi signal through my home?" or "How can I make my signal strong enough so my iPad picks it up upstairs?"  You could try an antenna for your PC, but that won't work for your phone or tablet. And who wants to lug an antenna around with a laptop?

But don't worry! After some looking around, we found the coolest solution EVER!

Now I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that this has to be some super-complicated piece equipment! WRONG! It is SUPER-EASY to use.

Just plug it in and hit the special D-Link One-Touch Extender Setup button! That lets your current WiFi connect to the D-Link and EXPAND your WiFi range. IT TOTALLY ELIMINATES DEAD ZONES!

So if your router is in your office, you can plug this guy in the living room and get a WAY BETTER signal through the rest of the house!

I mean you bought that tablet because you wanted to use it all over the house. But if you can't stream a movie or play a game upstairs in bed, what good is it? Your signal should be just as good whether you're using a PC in the office, playing a game on your phone in the living room, or relaxing with a movie in bed. Well now it can be!

You’ll never have to worry about surfing the net! And say goodbye to buffering while you're streaming a movie on your tablet or phone!

This guy keeps your connection ROCK SOLID! Think about it… A wired connection is great, but it limits where you can go!  WiFi is great, but sometimes your router just can't get the signal where it needs to be! With this guy you can get an AMAZING Internet connection anywhere in the house!

When we found this deal on these guys – WE WERE FLOORED! Just look at what another online retailer is charging!

Heck, you’re not even gonna pay HALF that, because we got them for just $24.97!!! That's CRAZY cheap! This is such a good deal you'll want to grab yours RIGHT NOW!



Computers 101

Hide OneDrive In Windows 10

Yesterday, I made the case for using OneDrive in Windows 10.  But if you still aren’t sold, there are a few options. You can just ignore it or you can choose to hide OneDrive or disable it. Today, I’ll show you how to hide OneDrive.

First, go to the notifications area is Windows 10. You’ll find it on the right side of your Taskbar next to the time. Look for the cloud icon. You may need to click the Show Hidden Icons arrow to see OneDrive.


Right-click on the cloud icon and choose Settings.


Click the Settings tab and uncheck all the boxes. Click OK to save the settings.


Next, click the Autosave tab. Change the save locations to “This PC only” and uncheck the boxes next to Photos and Videos and Screenshots.  Click OK to save the settings.


Click the Account tab and choose Unlink OneDrive. Click OK to save these settings.


Now it’s time to go to File Explorer. Find OneDrive on the left.



Right-click on OneDrive and select Properties.


When the Properties window opens, choose the General tab. Then check the tab next to Hidden.


Now you can head back to the Notifications area and right-click on the cloud icon once again. This time, choose Exit from the drop-down menu. That will remove OneDrive from your Notifications area.

Still not enough for you? Tomorrow, I’ll show ou how to completely disable OneDrive. It’s a bit technical, so you may not want to get into it unless you are very comfortable with technology.

~ Cynthia

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On The Move

Apple Watch OS Gets More Features

Many had hoped that the Apple Watch would finally be the product to put wearables on the wrists of millions. While the smart watch is popular, it’s still not an everyday item like a smartphone.

The number one complaint about smart watches is that they just don’t do enough to justify the cost. Apple is hoping to change that perception by bringing a range of new features to Watch OS this fall.

Let’s check out what’s new:

Apple promises that apps will launch much faster and with already updated information. There will be all new dock and users can swipe up from the bottom of the watch to see the Control Center with their most used settings.


Expect a bigger selection of apps and even more choices for customizing the watch face.

Among the new apps is a Home app that will allow you to manage your smart home devices. An SOS app that calls for help anywhere in the world. Plus, you’ll be able to pay for purchases using Apple Pay.


Apple is also ramping up the fitness apps. Users will be able to share their activities with friends and ever complete to see who can achieve their fitness goals for the day first. They’ll even be able to send their current heart rate to friends.


The company has also optimized their Activity app for wheelchair users, allowing them to...

Click here to learn about what's new with AppleWatch.


From The Archives

Help! I Can't Open E-mail Attchments In Windows 10

Walt’s having an issue opening e-mail attachments in Windows 10. He writes: “Before downloading Windows 10 I could read email attachments.  Now when I try to open them it tells me I have to get Office and that is a costly addition.  What has changed?”

Walt, my guess is that you need to set a default program to open documents.

Type  “default programs” in your search box and click on the result.


Choose Set your default programs.


Do you know which program you used to open documents in Windows 7? Find that program on the list. If you aren’t sure, I’d suggest finding WordPad on the list of Programs. WordPad, which is included free in Windows 10, is a good choice to select as your default program for opening documents.


Also, if you have another Office Suite, such as the...

Click here to learn more about setting default programs.


Today's Feature

Ransomware Gets Smarter & Scarier

Ransomware attacks are getting scarier by the minute. One of the latest targets was the 911 computer system in the Town of Palm Beach. Hackers locked three drives with ransomware. That left dispatchers taking notes with pencils and papers instead of inputting emergency calls into the computer system.

In this case, the community’s IT staff was able to restore the drives. Other places were not so lucky and have actually paid ransom to these crooks to get their PCs back up and running.


Among the targets of Ransomware so far this year, have been colleges and school systems, hospitals, churches, utility services, government agencies, and even pet rescue charities.

Part of the reasons these attacks are so hard to beat is that the latest forms of ransomware are super-smart.

Some are even capable of changing their code as often as every 15 seconds, which makes it very difficult for traditional security programs to detect them.


What can you do? Almost all of these...

Click here for more on how to protect yourself from Ransomware.

Amanda's Coolsite

Visitors Of Versailles

I love the concept of this site! They’re collecting souvenir photos from people’s trips to the  Palace of Versailles.

The collection now spans from the early 1900’s to the present day.

When you arrive at the site click English to enter. The navigation of the site is setup as a timeline that allows you to easily navigate through the images. You can use your mouse to drag the screen to the left and right to browse the images, or you can click on the dates at the bottom of the page.

See a photo you like? Want to learn more about it? Click on the  + at the top right corner of the image and it will expand out. The image will become larger and be centered. There will be an information bar on the right side of the page that explains the photo.

Want to go back to the timeline? Click the Back to Timeline button in the lower left corner.

This site is a really neat look into the past! Go check it out for yourself today!


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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at


One More Big Deal

Hey everyone, Steve here and I am really, REALLY EXCITED!

In fact, I’ve never been more excited about ANY product in our HISTORY!

 My most ambitious project to date - WorldStart’s Video Guide To Windows 10!

This project was done 100% by me - Steve - and it’s totally JAM-PACKED with all my best tips, tricks, and advice for Windows 10! It was a TON of work. This took over two months to put together, but it was worth it!  I wanted YOU to have the very best how-to video ever created for Windows 10!

See, so many times I have friends, family, and even customers tell me, “You know I wish I had someone who could just come in, sit down, and SHOW me how to use all this stuff! I mean, I hear about all these great new features, but I have no idea how to use any of them. If only SOMEONE would come in and just spend some time helping me get up to speed!”

It’s just like having me sitting next to you, showing you how to take advantage of all the incredible new Windows 10 features step by step. With this video I discuss everything you want to know in easy-to-understand language.

As you watch the video, you’ll see EVERY mouse move and EVERY click as I explain each feature step-by-step.

There’s absolutely NO WAY you won’t learn a TON with this!

This is designed so you can EASILY follow along and understand all sensational new features in Windows 10. Heck, you’ll discover TONS of stuff you never knew was there!

As you watch these videos, you’ll discover that this is far more than just a video-based instruction manual. Not only do I show you how things work, but I also offer my advice as well.

Here’s the thing - Windows 10 is the new standard in Windows operating systems and it really is the best Windows operating system to date. All new PCs are coming with it pre-installed - and rightly so - it’s GREAT!

Plus, you can still upgrade for FREE right now - but that window will close soon!

Why not do the upgrade NOW, grab this video, and learn everything you need to know to get the most out of the best operating system ever made? There’s just so much you’re missing out on by not having it installed on your computer!

Sure, a new version of Windows can be intimidating, but with the help of this video not only will you master everything you need to know about Windows 10, you’ll end up LOVING it too!

Good question! I can say with absolute confidence that this video covers EVERYTHING you want to know about Windows 10. During the video, I pay extra attention to all the dazzling new features that mean the most to YOU - and there are a TRUCKLOAD of those!

How can I be so sure? Well, that’s the advantage of having a tech website! I based my video on the questions I see coming from our customers and I give extra attention to topics that seem to cause confusion, frustration, or grief.

The video content was literally designed by YOU - and was done for YOU!

The truth is in a matter of hours you’ll be rocking Windows 10 like a pro!

Heck, when you’re done, teenagers will be coming to YOU for tech advice!!

The lessons are divided between 7 chapters and each video has a table of contents so you can easily jump to any topic quickly and easily!

Below is just a tiny taste of what’s covered in the over 4 1/2 hours of video tutorials! Keep in mind that it’s easy to just jump to the areas you’re interested in.

- Desktop basics
- Amazing tricks with the improved Snap feature
- Why you’ll love Task View
- Why Virtual Desktops are one of the best features - ever!
- The trick to adding and managing your Virtual Desktops the easy way
- Changing your desktop background and Lock Screen
- Creating your own theme
- The secret for putting system icons on the desktop
- The super sneaky way to log in without a password
- Clock and calendar tricks that will blow your mind
- Unlocking the new Action Center
- Adding cool toolbars to your task bar
- Unleashing the power of Task manager
- Find out what programs are hogging your resources
- The secret to changing your task bar icons to something better
- Tons of options and customizations for your task bar

- Why you’ll LOVE Cortana
- How to do text searches with Cortana
- How to use a microphone with Cortana
- What kind of questions you can ask Cortana
- How to ask about the weather, get directions, and more
- How to have Cortana set up reminders and appointments
- Understanding all the settings locked away in Cortana
- How to get Cortana to answer when you say, “Hey Cortana”
- Tips for personalizing Cortana just for you
- Unlock a huge stash of topics you can ask Cortana
- Discover the best kept secrets of the new Start menu
- Take advantage of your Most Used apps section
- Understating the All Apps area
- Unleash the power of the Start Menu Tiles
- The secret to moving and managing your tiles
- Renaming and modifying tile groups
- Creating your own tile groups
- The power of right-clicking the Start menu
- Find out where to manage your account
- How to change your password
- The secret to setting up a PIN or Picture Password
- How to add accounts for family and friends
- How to sync your settings across all your devices

- Learn all about the new MS Edge Web Browser
- How the amazing new “Reading” option works
- The easy way to add Favorites
- Why you MUST understand the new HUB feature
- How a reading list works - and why you should use it now
- Where to find your downloads
- How the amazing new WebNote feature works
- How to browse without Edge tracking your history
- How to pin a page to your Start menu
- The secret to adding a home button to your toolbar
- How to set up multiple homepage
- How to save password and form info
- The easy way to set up mail accounts
- Creating, sending, and receiving e-mail
- Managing or adding accounts
- Linking your accounts to one unified inbox
- Tricks for managing and sorting messages
- How to personalize the Mail app
- Setting up a signature file

- Discover the new File Explorer
- Unlock the secrets to the new Quick Access area
- Choose what shows up in your Quick Access area
- The secret to single click icons in Windows 10
- Privacy settings you’ll want to see
- Uncovering the “This PC” view
- Supercharged folder and file navigation
- The easy way to use the new Ribbon Menu in File Explorer
- How to share your file
- Where to burn your files to CD
- Where you can Zip files
- Unleash all of your file viewing options
- Discover exactly what the heck One Drive is
- Why you’ll LOVE the cloud
- How to save files to One Drive
- How to drag and drop files to One Drive
- The secret to accessing your One Drive files from ANY web browser
- How to access the FREE MS Office that’s included with One Drive

- Discover how the new Windows Update works
- How to check for updates
- Options for how you update (automatic or scheduled)
- Find out what’s in the latest update
- Where to remove updates that go wrong
- HUGE warning about where your updates come from
- Windows Defender basics
- Why you should NOT use Windows Defender
- Where to find better Anti-virus software
- How to reset your computer
- The ingenious backup software that’s built into Windows
- How to recover past revisions of your work
- How to backup and restore files
- The secret way to get hard drive space back
- The easy way to optimize your hard drive
- The smart way to uninstall apps
- How to discover what’s hogging up your hard drive space
- How to set your default save locations
- The trick to setting your default apps

- Calendar basics
- Color coding your accounts
- Adding events the easy (and advanced) way
- How to reschedule an event
- Setting up a recurring event
- Customizing your work week, work day, and more
- Using the new Store app
- The best ways to find software, music, and movies
- How to find the best deals
- Step by step purchase procedure
- How to find you past orders
- Overview of the incredible new Photo App
- The secret to letting you Photos app know where your photos are
- Selecting and sharing options
- Creating an album
- How to view photos
- The trick to starting a slide show
- How to get rid of red-eye
- How to retouch
- How to enhance your images
- Using filters
- Adjusting color
- Save photos the RIGHT way
- Music app overview
- How to select songs, albums, or artists
- Where the music controls are and how they work
- Music sorting options
- Telling the Music App where your songs are
- Sorting options
- Music settings

- How to find out about you PC’s hardware
- Cool mouse tricks
- How the new WiFi Sense feature works
- Ease of access options
- How to setup your Privacy settings
- The new app that let’s you contact Microsoft with problems
- How to save just about ANYTHING as a PDF
- The secret power user mode that will blow your mind
- How the new Weather app works
- Secrets to the Money and News apps
- Unleash the raw power of the new Maps app

Whew - and again, this that’s only the tip of the iceberg! It would take page after page to give you a complete overview of everything that I cover in this video!

Again, this is just like having me sitting next to you with your computer walking you though all the incredible features of Windows 10!

It’s time to STOP worrying about upgrading or using Windows 10 - let my video show you everything you need to know to make Windows 10 your new favorite operating system!

Here’s the thing - Windows 10 is - BY FAR - the most customizable, most capable, and most complete version of Windows ever - and there are a TON of features that everyone misses. It’s a shame, because if you REALLY knew what you were missing, you’d grab this deal instantly.

Ready to make your Windows 10 life better?

You can have it for JUST $10.97 

You read that right, just $10.97 ! The video will come on disk (DVD for your computer), but if you need a flash drive instead, we have that option too.

Head to the link below and order your copy today - don’t miss out! This is destined to be the hottest item we’ve ever sold! 

Want the flash drive version? Check out the link below:


Monthly Wallpaper

June Wallpaper Is (finally) Ready!

The featured desktop wallpaper for June is ready for you to download! I apologize for the delay this month. We're migrating servers and had an unforeseen issue with the wallpaper system. I think we have it fixed now :)

Also, note that my Nikon D500 review was really popular and as a result the site is sometimes running a little slow due to the extra traffic. By the time this hits your inbox, I think things will be back down to a normal roar, but just a heads-up that things may be slow.

Check out the featured images below and stop by the site - hundreds to choose from.

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

Skimmer Comin' At Ya!

Skimmers are so cool! They glide along, just above the water’s surface, scooping up small minnows in their beaks as they go – it’s really something to watch if you’ve never seen it before. Photographing them is a bit of a challenge because…(More)

Abram's Falls

I love the Smoky Mountains, particularly the Cade’s Cove area. However, in my mind Cade’s Cove generally = wildlife. But not this time. I had passed by the trailhead for Abram’s Falls one too many times, so my wife and I decided it was time to hike back and see what we could do photographically. So, we were at the gate right when..(More)

Curious Cub

I found this little guy, his two siblings, and his mother working over a blackberry patch in Cade’s Cove one foggy June morning. Now, the Smoky Mountains are..(More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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