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WorldStart Tech Tips 2014-08-20

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Quick Tip

Amanda from San Antonio

I have looked everywhere and have gotten different answers for: How to type text into a scanned document.  There is almost no way to figure this out.


The key is how the document was scanned. If you scanned it as an image like a jpeg, you basically just took a picture of a document and you can’t edit the text. You could use an image editor program to add some text on top of that image, but you don’t have any text to edit.

If you want to be able to edit the text you need a program  with OCR (optical character recognition) that will scan documents into your computer as editable text such as ReadIris.  The free OneNote App for Windows 8.1 has this function. Documents scanned with software that has OCR can be opened in a program like word and edited.

~ Cynthia

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Tired of Gross, Smudge-Covered Screens?

Always Hunting For a Pen?

Wish You Could Have An LED Light Anywhere?


ONE DEVICE: Stylus - Ballpen - LED LIGHT!

Precision Writing, Pristine Screens, & Awesome LED Power!

Everything You Need & It Fits Right In Your Pocket!

You're Gonna Keep These ALL Over Your Home!

Cell Phones, iPods, iPhones, Tablets, ANYTHING...

Plus Paper, Notepads, or Sticky Notes TOO!

Any Screen, Any Paper, ANYTIME!


Pen and Stylus... COMBINED!

Have you ever been sitting there, fighting with your phone, just trying to dial in the right numbers? But the touchscreen buttons are too small, your fingers are too big, or the phone just seems not to want to listen to you?

Or maybe you noticed that after just a couple uses, your touchscreen device is COVERED from top to bottom in nasty smudges that look awful and get your screen blurry!

Oh, and scratches? Those are PERMANENT DAMAGE!

And how many times have you been out-and-about, ready to write a check, note, sign something... only to realize YOU HAVE NO PEN! It's infuriating!

Let's not forget how often you're DYING to find a flashlight, too! Whenever you need one, they all seem to disappear!



It's a capactive touchscreen stylus , plus a smooth and precise pen!

And to top it all off, there's an LED light built right in! SWEET!

How has nobody ever thought of this before?!

If you've never used a stylus on your touchscreen device... you're in for a HUGE TREAT!

All those times you couldn't quite hit the right button, couldn't get your phone to "feel right", or were just fed up with all the oily smudges all over... NO MORE! They are PROBLEMS OF THE PAST!

And if you're gonna carry a stylus around... why not make it a pen too?

All of your writing needs = fully covered!

The stylus end is covered in a rubber-tip which glides smoothly across your touchscreen! And because of it's soft-rubber texture, it won't risk scratching your screen!

No smudges? No scratches? FINALLY!

Lightweight Design - Yep! This thing is light as a feather (but still feels solid as stone in your grip) for the perfect touch! Whether you're writing on paper or on your phone... you're gonna LOVE this!

That grip is comfy as a pillow, too!

There's a lot of stylus designs out there... but none of them come CLOSE to this! Not only does it FEEL like a real pen... IT IS ONE!

And to top it all off... if you buy one during this INCREDIBLE limited-time deal... YOU GET ONE FREE!


I know it sounds insane (and maybe it is!) These crazy stylus-and-pen-all-in-one are only $4.97 and if you BUY ONE, YOU GET A SECOND FREE!

Grab 'em here!

PS - These are a special offer for a short time only! Grab yours QUICK before they're all gone! And Thursday  the price goes up to $8.97!!


Computers 101

Wayne from Clearwater, FL writes:

Regarding the Comcast boondoggle with them using you as a neighborhood hot spot, could Verizon be doing this as well. I have FIOS and on many occasions my service is horribly slow. When tested with sites like speakeasy, etc. my download is below 1mbps! It is supposed to be 15. Verizon denies any “issues” but I wonder. They can change speed and cut and re-instate service from their office with just a phone call to them when such things are needed, so what else are they capable of?

Hi Wayne.

I cannot find any information about Verizon using routers in the way Comcast is. However, if they were, it would have to be stated in the terms of service agreement that you signed with them, so maybe take a look at that.

As far as the speed issue is concerned, there are several factors. I am first going to assume you are talking strictly about wireless connection, and not wired. Wired speeds generally will give you the promised and advertised speeds. But there are often restrictions on the wireless.

You also don’t state what router model you have. Different models support different bands – usually n or g. Older models only support g, which usually maxes out around 25-30 megabits. Still better than what you are getting or supposed to be getting, but just something to keep in mind. You may want to look into getting an additional wireless router to use along with the modem/router supplied by Verizon. I’d suggest looking for a dual-band wireless router, that way you can connect using n or g bands, if you choose this option. Also make sure you have your security set up, as it could be someone is stealing your WiFi connection and using up some of that bandwidth. It is recommended to use WPA2 security, rather than other options, as this is the most secure encryption at the current time.

Also, how close to your router are you? If you are farther away, the connection may be slower. The closer you are to the router, your connection is generally faster and better.  Maybe look into relocating the router to a more centralized location, and avoid objects that cause interference, such as cordless phones, microwaves, and other appliances.

But my first suggestion would be to try to connect using a different channel. There are three recommended channels in WiFi: 1, 6 and 11. You would need to get into the router and configure it to use a different channel. You may need to look at your router’s information for steps on how to do this, or do an Internet search for “router model change channel”, where you insert your router instead of ‘router model’. This has been known to help speeds in many cases. There are programs and apps available to analyze your WiFi, many of them free, so I’d suggest maybe using one of those.

Hopefully one of these suggestions will work out for you and improve the wireless connection. As far as I can tell, Verizon has not made it an option for sharing of your modem, so I don’t think that that is the culprit.

- Audra

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On The Move

Goodbye Cable - Hello Xbox One?

Microsoft has long said that its goal for the Xbox console is far beyond serving as a gaming system. The company wants the device to become the entertainment hub of your home linking television viewing, streaming, music and games.

The company is adding some features to the device to make TV watching easier. Users in Europe will soon be able to purchase an over-the-air digital TV tuner to add to their device. Cable is not as common overseas as it is in the U.S., so it makes sense to launch there first. But that accessory is something that a lot of U.S. users who have cut the cable and satellite cord might like to get their hands on.

Now if you want to watch over-the-air TV signals, you have to switch from your Xbox to a TV tuner. No word on when or if that device will be available in the United States.

Users with the SmartGlass app installed on their device will now be able to stream their TV anywhere in their home. That includes functions like playing or rewinding and changing channels. If one member of the family is playing a game on the Xbox One another can watch TV on their tablet without interrupting the gameplay...

Head on over to WorldStart to learn more!


From The Archives

Marty from Ann Arbor Writes:

I just read ‘Hotmail’ has been assimilated into Outlook. I have some old emails w/photos, from once upon a time when I used ‘Hotmail’. I would like to forward them to my current email acct. but when I do I get this pop up notice asking for my user name and password in order to forward them. User name and password are lost to the nether world of the internet. Any suggestions? 

There’s an option you can try for retrieving that long-lost password. But this is a good time to remind you that it’s important to remember those passwords and to properly forward mail from and close down accounts you no longer intend to use.

You can try to retrieve your Hotmail information from If you go to the sign-in page, you’ll see “Can’t access your account” just below the Sign In button.

Click on it and you’ll be given the option to enter your e-mail address and reset your password. Enter your Hotmail address and type...

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Today's Feature

Microsoft Cutting Support For Older Versions Of IE

Microsoft is cutting its support for older versions of Internet Explorer.  Beginning in January of 2016, the company will only provide support for the most recent version of Internet Explorer available for your system.

The announcement came in a message to developers. That means no more support for Internet Explorer 8 – the highest version that will work with XP. This doesn’t mean the browsers will stop working suddenly, but there will be no more security patches and no bug updates. These versions cannot be protected from malicious attacks.

Starting in January 2016 the following versions of IE will be supported on the following systems:

Windows Vista SP2: Internet Explorer 9

Windows Server 2008 SP2: Internet Explorer 9

Windows 7 SP1 : Internet Explorer 11

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP 1 : Internet Explorer 11

Windows 8.1: Internet Explorer 11

Windows Server 2012 : Internet Explorer 10

Windows Server 2012 R2: Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft says security concerns are the main reason behind the policy. They point out that while Internet Explorer 8 has been shown to be 69% effective at protection against malicious software, Internet Explorer 11 is 99% effective. 

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Amanda's Coolsite


Do you use Gmail? Would you like to make the interface cleaner and easier to use? Well now you can with Gmelius. I use Gmail for both my work and personal accounts, so I was really intrigued by the idea of a cleaner, smarter Gmail experience.

When you arrive at the site, there’ll be a button to install the browser extension (based on the browser you’re using either Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, it’s not available for Internet Explorer) and a Discover the Features button. I suggest starting with the Discover button, because it really lays out what Gmelius can do for you!

The free version allows you to get rid of ads, customize your header and inbox, add tracking, read receipts and more! If you click the Install  button for your browser, it will download the extension, install it, and then open it in a new window. There you’ll be presented with a check list of things you can add or remove from Gmail. Once you’ve checked all the boxes you want to have changed, you click the Save Changes button. 

Beneath the Save Changes button you’ll find more information about Gmelius and the links to the FAQ and the Support Form. 

Check it out and streamline your Gmail interface today!


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One More Big Deal



No Hard Drive Lives Forever...

Hard drives are sensitive, complex mechanical devices. Most modern hard drives can hit over 7200 RPMs!

But it's not without a cost: No matter HOW hard you try, 100% of hard drives will eventually crash.



What do you do when your hard drive crashes?

Well, there are only two outcomes...

1. If you don't back up your data:

It's gone. Throw your hard drive in the trash and start fresh... because you are NOT recovering that data. A dead hard drive is just that. It's game over.

2. If you DO back up your data:

You take your handy little Super Talent 16GB back up flash drive and put all your saved files on your next computer. With JUST ONE CLICK!

You don't lose a single file, and you don't spend the weekend wishing you had printed those vacation photos that you'll never get back.

Which one would you prefer?

There's only ONE reason not to back up data: it USED to be hard. It took a lot of time, it took expensive hardware or software, and it took some tech-savvy. You had to know file extensions, directories, the whole works.


The Super Talent 16GB Instant Backup Flash Drive!

NO software. NO set up. NO time consuming steps. All you do is plug it in and click "backup"!

Could it BE any easier?

The first time you pop it in, it just asks you what directories you want to backup. After that, every new backup is just a click away.

What's great is that it keeps ALL of your directories and folders right in the order you have them on your PC. So you'll know EXACTLY where to find them on the flash drive or after you back them up to another PC!


Think about everything you have on your computer: TONS of photos. ALL of your favorite music. Family videos and contact information.

How about work documents, important files, sensitive documents. Even your passwords, e-mails, favorite web pages... EVERYTHING!

After a crash, you can't get those photos back. The videos are now distant memories. And your passwords? Good luck remembering the ones you haven't had to type in for years.



And with backing up this easy, you won't even have to think about it!

This DEFINES User Friendly!

We tested it out, just check out the video:

Ultra Sleek, Ultra Secure, ULTRA FAST!

It looks, feels, and acts just like your standard flash drive (of course, standard flash drives can't hold a candle to this one) so you know it's gonna be easy and lightweight to move or store.

Plus, when you aren't using it, you can flip the drive around to protect the connector! YES!

That's right - Just drag and drop files to it and use it like any other flashdrive! Talk about the best of both worlds!!

Take it anywhere! Back up any PC or laptop! Use it for EVERYTHING!

And if you're looking for fast, this thing is gonna BLOW YOU AWAY!

This is a Super Talent high-speed USB 2.0 drive.

We're talkin' up to 480Mbps of PURE SPEED!

Last but not least: IT'S SECURE!

When you back up anything on this drive, you can choose to encrypt it and guard it with a password of your choice! Nobody but you or those you trust get access to YOUR files.

So all your tax, financial, and confidential documents? You can back them up too without worrying! FINALLY!

It's not just passwords, either. It's full-power encryption!

All those passwords on your PC don't mean a thing if you don't have SECURE backups.

But with the included backup software, it's not a problem.

A Backup Drive For UNDER $10! WOW!

If you go anywhere to try and get a backup drive, you'll be looking $40 for the BARE MINIMUM! And those are bulky, heavy external hard drives that you really can't move or store.

Personal note - I needed another backup drive for all my photography, and these were just PERFECT for the job! They're sooooooo handy!

You will NOT find a faster, more convenient backup drive out there for just $9.97!

These are simply one of the coolest devices I've ever seen. PLEASE don't miss out on this deal. We only have so many and once they're gone... that's it.

LIMITED QUANTITY - Seriously! If these run out, they're gone! We don't always get to offer items like this! And after Thursday this sale will end, with the price going back up to $22.97! HURRY TO THE STORE!


Monthly Wallpaper

August Wallpaper

The featured desktop wallpaper for August is ready to go. Check out the featured images below and stop by the site - hundreds to choose from!

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

Cub In A Tree

I found this little guy as I was driving through Cade’s Cove in the Smoky Mountains early one morning. I saw him at a distance and decided to walk up a little and investigate. I grabbed the gear (my longest lens setup), and slowly made my way towards his position. Mom was…(More)

Angel Wings

This was just one of several keepers from a furious 45 minute session just before sunset. The light was absolutely perfect, and after observing where all the birds seemed to be congregating, I positioned myself so I could get some backlit wings as they came in. Now, I’d love to say that...(More)

Split Rock Moonrise

This photograph almost didn’t happen! The day this was created was the day after the full moon, with moonrise coinciding with sunset pretty closely. I knew from checking my compass that the moon would be in a good location, but you can imagine my disappointment when I saw that huge bank of clouds along the horizon. We were literally packing it in and calling it a night when...(More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!

PS - I also want to thank all the people who helped support the wallpaper with a voluntary contribution over the last few months. Your support helps to keep the wallpaper comin' every month! THANK YOU!



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