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WorldStart Tech Tips 2016-02-12

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Quick Tip

In The News 02-12-15

Microsoft Buys SwiftKey

Microsoft has snapped up SwiftKey, the company behind the popular Android and iOS keyboard software that allow you to “draw” on the keyboard for quicker typing. SwiftKey uses artificial intelligence to predict what you’re going to type next and that’s what drew the attention of Microsoft.


In a blog post, MS VP Harry Shum said, “In this cloud-first, mobile-first world, SwiftKey’s technology aligns with our vision for more personal computing experiences that anticipate our needs versus responding to our commands.”

No official work from Microsoft on what the company paid, but those in the know say around $250 million.

Evernote Shuts Marketplace

The folks behind the popular productivity app Evernote are closing down the part of their business that focused on selling physical products.  Hoping to corner the note-taking market outside of cyberspace, the company sold items like Moleskine notebooks, Jot Script styluses and even 20,000 ScanSnap Evernote Edition scanners as well as items like backpacks and socks.


Now the company says it’s shutting down its market and putting its focus back on software. The company has struggled recently cutting jobs and closing some of its offices around the world.

Ebay Won’t Fix Flaw

Ebay is declining to fix a flaw that security firm Check Point calls a “severe” issue. Check Point says that a sever vulnerability in eBay’s online sales platform would allow attackers to remotely execute malicious Java script code that could steal data from the users PC.  Crooks could set up legitimate auction pages and then use them to execute remote code when buyers click on them.


Check Point informed eBay about the flaw back in December of 2015, but eBay told Check Point that they have no plans yet to patch this flaw.

~ Cynthia

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Hey everyone, Steve here and I am really, REALLY EXCITED!

In fact, I’ve never been more excited about ANY product in our HISTORY!

I just finished my most ambitious project to date - WorldStart’s Video Guide To Windows 10!

This project was done 100% by me - Steve - and it’s totally JAM-PACKED with all my best tips, tricks, and advice for Windows 10! It was a TON of work doing this over the last two months, but I wanted YOU to have the very best how-to video ever created for Windows 10!

See, so many times I have friends, family, and even customers tell me, “You know I wish I had someone who could just come in, sit down, and SHOW me how to use all this stuff! I mean, I hear about all these great new features, but I have no idea how to use any of them. If only SOMEONE would come in and just spend some time helping me get up to speed!”

It’s just like having me sitting next to you, showing you how to take advantage of all the incredible new Windows 10 features step by step. With this video I discuss everything you want to know in easy to understand language.

As you watch the video, you’ll see EVERY mouse move and EVERY click as I explain each feature step by step.

There’s absolutely NO WAY you won’t learn a TON with this!

This is designed so you can EASILY follow along and understand all sensational new features in Windows 10. Heck, you’ll discover TONS of stuff you never knew was there!

As you watch these videos, you’ll discover that this is far more than just a video based instruction manual. Not only do I show you how things work, but I also offer my advice as well.

For instance, there’s a setting in your PC that allows it to use YOUR bandwidth to update OTHER computers out on the internet!

Seriously! Is is turned off? Should it be?

I answer this and dozens - heck hundreds - of questions just as important in the video lessons.

Here’s the thing - Windows 10 is the new standard in Windows operating systems and it really is the best Windows operating system to date. All new PCs are coming with it pre-installed - and rightly so - it’s GREAT!

Plus, you can still upgrade for FREE right now - but that window will close soon!

Why not do the upgrade NOW, grab this video, and learn everything you need to know to get the most out of the best operating system ever made? There’s just so much you’re missing out on by not having it installed on your computer!

Sure, a new version of Windows can be intimidating, but with the help of this video not only will you master everything you need to know about Windows 10, you’ll end up LOVING it too!

Good question! I can say with absolute confidence that this video covers EVERYTHING you want to know about Windows 10. During the video, I pay extra attention to all the dazzling new features that mean the most to YOU - and there are a TRUCKLOAD of those!

How can I be so sure? Well, that’s the advantage of having a tech website! I based my video on the questions I see coming from our customers and I give extra attention to topics that seem to cause confusion, frustration, or grief.

The video content was literally designed by YOU - and was done for YOU!

The truth is in a matter of hours you’ll be rocking Windows 10 like a pro!

Heck, when you’re done, teenagers will be coming to YOU for tech advice!!

The lessons are divided between 7 chapters and each video has a table of contents so you can easily jump to any topic quickly and easily!

Below is just a tiny taste of what’s covered in the over 4 1/2 hours of video tutorials! Keep in mind that it’s easy to just jump to the areas you’re interested in.

- Desktop basics
- Amazing tricks with the improved Snap feature
- Why you’ll love Task View
- Why Virtual Desktops are one of the best features - ever!
- The trick to adding and managing your Virtual Desktops the easy way
- Changing your desktop background and Lock Screen
- Creating your own theme
- The secret for putting system icons on the desktop
- The super sneaky way to log in without a password
- Clock and calendar tricks that will blow your mind
- Unlocking the new Action Center
- Adding cool toolbars to your task bar
- Unleashing the power of Task manager
- Find out what programs are hogging your resources
- The secret to changing your task bar icons to something better
- Tons of options and customizations for your task bar

- Why you’ll LOVE Cortana
- How to do text searches with Cortana
- How to use a microphone with Cortana
- What kind of questions you can ask Cortana
- How to ask about the weather, get directions, and more
- How to have Cortana set up reminders and appointments
- Understanding all the settings locked away in Cortana
- How to get Cortana to answer when you say, “Hey Cortana”
- Tips for personalizing Cortana just for you
- Unlock a huge stash of topics you can ask Cortana
- Discover the best kept secrets of the new Start menu
- Take advantage of your Most Used apps section
- Understating the All Apps area
- Unleash the power of the Start Menu Tiles
- The secret to moving and managing your tiles
- Renaming and modifying tile groups
- Creating your own tile groups
- The power of right-clicking the Start menu
- Find out where to manage your account
- How to change your password
- The secret to setting up a PIN or Picture Password
- How to add accounts for family and friends
- How to sync your settings across all your devices

- Learn all about the new MS Edge Web Browser
- How the amazing new “Reading” option works
- The easy way to add Favorites
- Why you MUST understand the new HUB feature
- How a reading list works - and why you should use it now
- Where to find your downloads
- How the amazing new WebNote feature works
- How to browse without Edge tracking your history
- How to pin a page to your Start menu
- The secret to adding a home button to your toolbar
- How to set up multiple homepage
- How to save password and form info
- The easy way to set up mail accounts
- Creating, sending, and receiving e-mail
- Managing or adding accounts
- Linking your accounts to one unified inbox
- Tricks for managing and sorting messages
- How to personalize the Mail app
- Setting up a signature file

- Discover the new File Explorer
- Unlock the secrets to the new Quick Access area
- Choose what shows up in your Quick Access area
- The secret to single click icons in Windows 10
- Privacy settings you’ll want to see
- Uncovering the “This PC” view
- Supercharged folder and file navigation
- The easy way to use the new Ribbon Menu in File Explorer
- How to share your file
- Where to burn your files to CD
- Where you can Zip files
- Unleash all of your file viewing options
- Discover exactly what the heck One Drive is
- Why you’ll LOVE the cloud
- How to save files to One Drive
- How to drag and drop files to One Drive
- The secret to accessing your One Drive files from ANY web browser
- How to access the FREE MS Office that’s included with One Drive

- Discover how the new Windows Update works
- How to check for updates
- Options for how you update (automatic or scheduled)
- Find out what’s in the latest update
- Where to remove updates that go wrong
- HUGE warning about where your updates come from
- Windows Defender basics
- Why you should NOT use Windows Defender
- Where to find better Anti-virus software
- How to reset your computer
- The ingenious backup software that’s built into Windows
- How to recover past revisions of your work
- How to backup and restore files
- The secret way to get hard drive space back
- The easy way to optimize your hard drive
- The smart way to uninstall apps
- How to discover what’s hogging up your hard drive space
- How to set your default save locations
- The trick to setting your default apps

- Calendar basics
- Color coding your accounts
- Adding events the easy (and advanced) way
- How to reschedule an event
- Setting up a recurring event
- Customizing your work week, work day, and more
- Using the new Store app
- The best ways to find software, music, and movies
- How to find the best deals
- Step by step purchase procedure
- How to find you past orders
- Overview of the incredible new Photo App
- The secret to letting you Photos app know where your photos are
- Selecting and sharing options
- Creating an album
- How to view photos
- The trick to starting a slide show
- How to get rid of red-eye
- How to retouch
- How to enhance your images
- Using filters
- Adjusting color
- Save photos the RIGHT way
- Music app overview
- How to select songs, albums, or artists
- Where the music controls are and how they work
- Music sorting options
- Telling the Music App where your songs are
- Sorting options
- Music settings

- How to find out about you PC’s hardware
- Cool mouse tricks
- How the new WiFi Sense feature works
- Ease of access options
- How to setup your Privacy settings
- The new app that let’s you contact Microsoft with problems
- How to save just about ANYTHING as a PDF
- The secret power user mode that will blow your mind
- How the new Weather app works
- Secrets to the Money and News apps
- Unleash the raw power of the new Maps app

Whew - and again, this that’s only the tip of the iceberg! It would take page after page to give you a complete overview of everything that I cover in this video!

Again, this is just like having me sitting next to you with your computer walking you though all the incredible features of Windows 10!

It’s time to STOP worrying about upgrading or using Windows 10 - let my video show you everything you need to know to make Windows 10 your new favorite operating system!

Here’s the thing - Windows 10 is - BY FAR - the most customizable, most capable, and most complete version of Windows ever - and there are a TON of features that everyone misses. It’s a shame, because if you REALLY knew what you were missing, you’d grab this deal instantly.

Ready to make your Windows 10 life better?

You can have it for JUST $12.97 

You read that right, just $12.97 ! The video will come on disk (DVD for your computer), but if you need a flash drive instead, we have that option too.

Head to the link below and order your copy today - don’t miss out! This is destined to be the hottest item we’ve ever sold! 

Want the flash drive version? Check out the link below:


Computers 101

Is Facebook ID Request For Real?

A notice from Facebook saying that your account is disabled is scary. But how do you know if it is real? A reader isn’t sure: “I thought I got hacked on FB, but FB said they (if it’s really them) that they disabled my account. ( Didn’t  say why) Now they want me to email them one specific picture ID and a copy of my birth certificate and Social Security number. I never had to provide this info when I signed up years ago for FB.

Is this for real? How do I even know if it’s FB? I have’t sent (emailed) this info because I don’t think it should be necessary just so I can post on FB and my own account. What gives? Please help me Cynthia. I’m probably not the only one this has happened to and certainly don’t want this personal information given the FB or anyone else. Can you find out if FB does this Cynthia?”

Sometimes Facebook will lock an account they believe has been hacked or is fake. And they’ve even been known to to ask for visual proof of who you are. You can use your driver’s license or Social Security card or birth certificate to verify who you are. But you certainly don’t need to supply all of that information.

Below you’ll see the types of ID that Facebook requires. Note that they ask you to cover up any information like Social Security numbers or credit cards numbers if you send them a picture of your ID.


Here is the actual link where you need to go to confirm your identify with Facebook:

These requests usually happen because something about your account looks suspicious or because someone has reported it as a fake account.


One way to avoid this problem is to make sure your Facebook account is linked with a mobile number where they can text you to confirm your identity if there’s any question about your account.  In that case, you’ll just receive a text. I had an issue a few weeks back where someone tried to log into my Facebook account from Florida. Facebook sent me a text and I was able to reply with a code to confirm that it wasn’t me and to request a password reset.

For those who don’t already have that set up, click the little white arrow to right of the lock icon on your FB page and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


Then click Mobile on the left.


In the Window to the right, you’ll be able to add a phone number.


Hope this helps get you back on Facebook.

~ Cynthia

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On The Move

Soon More People Will Have Mobile Phones Than Electricity

According to a new study by tech giant Cisco, within the next 4 years expect 5.4 billion people around the world to own a mobile phone. What makes that so surprising is that only about 5.3 billion folks are expected to have electricity by then.


And many of those folks will have more than one device, because Cisco estimates that there will be 11.6 billion mobile-ready devices out there.

Currently, nearly 65% of American adults own a smartphone. For many, it’s their sole means of accessing the Internet. According to findings by Pew research, 10% of those people say their phone is their only way of accessing the Internet.

Those with incomes under $30,000 a year are most likely to use their smartphone as their primary means of accessing the Internet, and African Americans and Latinos are 3 times more likely to use smartphones as their only Internet access than Caucasians.


What do people do with their phones?  Around 60% use their phone for...

Click here to learn more about how mobile phones are taking over.


From The Archives

Sorry, But Wireless Requires Ummm...Wires

We’ve recently had a few questions about wireless devices. We had one question about wireless headphones, and one about setting up a wireless router. I have some news for you. Pretty much every wireless device requires at least one wire, and typically more than one.

Let’s talk about that wireless router. In this case, “wireless” is really referring to the signal produced. The router itself will have at least 2 wires. One wire for AC power plugged into an electrical socket, and one wire plugged into the Ethernet (or even the phone line) in your house, going from the modem/router to the wall. Why? Well, the Internet signal the router uses has to come from somewhere.  Once you’re connected to that signal, THEN the wireless signal can be broadcast out to your devices. Both your wired and wireless devices use the same connection, but it has to be plugged in with wires somewhere.


Most wireless headphones or speakers generally need some sort of wire. If the device is battery powered, you won’t need a power source, but it will likely require a transmitter to be plugged into the device you’re trying to get sound from, like a stereo or computer.  However, the headphones or speakers themselves will be wireless and will work within a certain range of the transmitter.  (Also note that this wireless is different than Wi-Fi you receive through a modem.) If they don’t require a transmitter, it may use an infrared system which would require you to be in direct sight of the audio source at all times. If you have a surround sound system, even with wireless, each of those speakers has to be powered, so you likely have a least one wire coming from each speaker.


Let’s move on to your wireless mouse or keyboard. While these may not require a wire themselves, almost all of these devices will require a...

Click here to learn more about why wireless sometimes needs wires.


Today's Feature

Friday Funnies

Sarcastic Siri

After i-messaging back and forth with my wife, I jokingly commanded Siri to pass along this message: “You need to get back to work now; you have a husband to support.”

Here’s what Siri sent: “You need 
to get back to work now; you have 
a has-been to support.”


You Look Good To Me

I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror one evening admiring my reflection.

I posed this question to my wife of 30 years: “Will you still love me when I’m old, fat, and balding?”

She answered, “I do.”


Printer Kitten


Daily Thoughts

"Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless."                                                                                                                   ~ Thomas Edison


"Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born."                                                                                                                                                                   ~ Alan Kay


"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men.  No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man."                                                                                    ~ Elbert Hubbard

Amanda's Coolsite

How To Shop For Fabric

This is an amazing resource for anyone new to sewing, or for people who want to buy fabric for someone else to sew.

I’m obviously new to sewing, and my roommate fills the other option of wanting to buy fabric for someone who sews. I found this site while looking for fabric buying guides we both could use.

I love that the tutorial explains reading fabric requirements on standard style patterns, a fabric conversion chart, and even how to read the information on a fabric bolt.

If you like this tutorial, you can also check out the rest of the Beginner’s Guides the site offers.

Go check it out for yourself today!


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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at


One More Big Deal


I have just found the coolest earbuds EVER!


These amazing wireless headphones are finally going to make you say “GOODBYE!” to anything with wires.

Now, let’s talk possibilities!

Most people automatically think with something like this it’s gotta be used with a phone - and well that certainly works GREAT. But there’s so much more to it than that.

Let’s check out what you can do with them!

Did you know that pretty much every Android tablet, iPad, iPod, and most MP3 players have Bluetooth?

How about that laptop of yours? Yup, it probably has Bluetooth as well!

Pretty much any modern device that plays music or video will have Bluetooth - and will work with these headphones!

Just think about how cool this can be.

You could be on a plane, a passenger in a car, on a bus - you name it - just kicking back and watching a movie... With NO TANGLED WIRES between you and the device!

Of course, works great for music too - just play your favorite music (or stream) through your tablet and listen with these earbuds.

Also great if you’re playing games - let’s face it - you like the sound but no one around you wants to hear it. With wireless earbuds it’s easy!

You are gonna totally LOVE this - cue up your favorite tunes and just stick your player in your pocket, backpack, or purse!

No wires coming up short, getting tangled up, and catching on everything!

By the way - This is AMAZING for workouts!

Got a computer?

Think about this.

If your computer has Bluetooth (most laptops and many desktops less than 5~6 years old do), you could listen to your music or watch videos with NO WIRES between you and the computer - pretty sweet.

Smartphone users are REALLY going to love this too! Of course, it pumps any sound from your phone to your earbuds, so you can enjoy music, play games, watch videos, whatever - you’re covered. But there’s so much more...

When a call comes, everything pauses and you’ll hear the caller right in the headphones. When you speak, the mic will pick up your voice and send it back to the caller with crystal clear clarity!


Of course, all these amazing capabilities are useless if they don’t sound great, right?

No worries - that’s the first thing I tested when I received our sample. I expected they would be OK, but I have to admit, I was genuinely surprised when those tunes started floating to my ears - these sound like they should cost a LOT more than they do. Just amazing sound - even my picky daughter was blown away (and it took a bit of doing to get them back from her).

Oh, almost forgot - YES these are REALLY comfortable! They slip right into your ears and around your neck. In fact, you’ll forget you have them on after a few minutes.

Plus, they are totally rechargeable so you’ll never have to buy batteries!
(These just keep getting better, don’t they?)

WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR IN A SET OF EARBUDS? And you can have them for just $19.97!!!

That is one killer deal! Click the link below to order yours today!


Monthly Wallpaper

February Wallpaper Is Ready

The featured desktop wallpaper for February is all set and ready to go. Check out the featured images below and stop by the site - hundreds to choose from.

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!


Sable Falls In Winter

Every now and then it happens. You get a good snowfall before the water freezes. It doesn’t happen every year – heck sometimes it’s two or three years between windows, but WOW – when it hits, it’s sweeeeeeeetttt! This photo was taken…(More)

Eye To Eye With A Frog

For those who would like to "Think Spring" I decided to include this guy. This was captured by getting in the muck with the frog and lowering the tripod low enough to go eye to eye with my little buddy here. It’s very time consuming, since one wrong move and the frog is gone. I had to s-l-o-w-l-e-y maneuver the tripod and camera into place, all the while, sort of...(More)

Coyote In A Snowstorm

We were about done one late fall day in Yellowstone National Park and decided to head back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep. Ahh, but there’s still a hint of light left, it’s snowing, and there’s that little dirt road…. We gotta take a look! Sure enough...(More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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