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WorldStart Tech Tips 2015-01-23

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Quick Tip

In The News 01-23-15

Windows 10 Will Be Free To Window 7 & 8 Users

When Windows 10 is released to the public later this year, it will be a free upgrade to those already using Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. 

At a presentation highlighting the new features of Windows 10, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson said the company wanted a unified version of Windows.  Customers will have to upgrade within the first year after Windows 10 is released to qualify for the free upgrade and the upgrade will be supported for the lifetime of the device.

Microsoft Ends Free Tech Support For Windows 7

As Windows 10 enters the market, mainstream support for Windows 7 is finished right on schedule. Microsoft promises mainstream support for five years after the general release or two years after the successor product is released, whichever is longer.  That doesn’t mean security support is over for the popular OS, sticking with Microsoft’s 10-year security support policy, that will continue until January of 2020.


What that does mean is that no new features will be added to Windows 7 and that there is no free tech support offered for Windows 7 software. 


Facebook Wants To Come To Work With You

Usually your boss would prefer that you not get on Facebook at work, but the social media giant is hoping to change that with its Facebook at Work app.  It allows companies to create their own smaller social networks where employees can (hopefully) post information pertinent to work to share.  The apps will work similar to the way Facebook groups operate. 


Only a few selected test companies will be able to download the app at first.

~ Cynthia

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The biggest misconception in the audio world: earbuds are just earbuds.

"They all sound the same, right?"

That couldn't be further from the truth! The earbud world is FULL of low-quality, crummy audio pieces of junk. But there's also some solid mid-range models. And then, of course, you have your high-quality audio that you won't even believe comes from those tiny earbud speakers!

Firstly, you're getting some seriously bad audio.

You already knew that though, didn't you? When you listen to your smartphone or MP3 player with your current earbuds, it sounds so much different than being at a computer or TV with proper speakers.

It's because the cheap drivers in those earbuds simply CAN'T produce quality audio. They don't make them for you to enjoy - they make them because they're just sliiiightly better than the built-in speakers on your device.

Bass sounds empty. The treble isn't clear. Everything just sounds off.

Earbuds don't HAVE to sound bad - you've just been using the wrong earbuds! Designed for ANY audio, from jazzy tunes to over-the-top action movies, you'll be able to listen to ANYTHING on any device without wondering why it sounds like you're sitting in a metal trash can!

Let me tell ya - once you pop these babies in your ears you'll never, ever, go back to the cheap earbuds!

It's like the difference between B&W TV and HD TV!

I kid you not - the first time I tried these I was FLOORED!

I thought they'd sound a little better than my other earbuds but I was totally unprepared for the richness and clarity of sound I was hearing!

Oh, just wait till you feel how comfortable these are!

EASILY the most comfortable earbuds you'll ever experience!

The silicone tips BLOW AWAY the typical plastic pieces most earbuds have you stick in your ears. I mean, come on, who wants to shove plastic right in their ears?!

These are comfy and a little squishy so when you put them in your ears they can squeeze in and gently fit. Plastic ones will rub your ears raw and that's why they start to hurt after a bit - but not these!

And this actually gets BETTER...

No neighbor dogs barking or cars honking or kids screaming.

Just you and your audio.

You're gonna ABSOLUTELY LOVE these earbuds... assuming you're one of the lucky ones that can get your hands on them.

I've got a good number of these ready to go, but when you see the price, you'll understand why you need to act REALLY quick on them:

THEY'RE ONLY $0.97!!!

Head to the store ASAP, you WILL miss out if you wait.

The sale ends Saturday - assuming there are any left for it to even last that long!


Computers 101

Downloads 101

We get quite a few calls asking for help with downloading files, but it’s really pretty simple. A download can be anything from an eBook to a program. Each browser does it a little differently, so I’m going to give an example from each of the major browsers.

Most of the time when you download something from a website, you have to click on a link or a button. This will vary depending on what you are downloading. A word of warning: be careful what you are clicking on. First and foremost, look to download files from the site they were created on, rather than a site like download .com or softpedia .com. If you choose somewhere else or are not careful, you may unknowingly install programs onto your computer. Also, look carefully at what you are clicking on, sometimes other buttons will pop up to try to suck you into downloading.  For example, in this screen shot you can see 3 spots that look like you can download the software Avast.  However, only the Download Now link is for Avast, the other two are for another program.


Once you’ve found the download link, and clicked on it, each browser will do something a little different.

In Internet Explorer, you’ll see a bar pop up at the bottom of the screen. Typically, you’ll want to click on Save. This will save the file to your Downloads folder. However, if you want to change the location where it saves, click the arrow beside Save, and you can choose to save it to a different location.




While the file is downloading, you’ll be able to see the progress of the download, and an estimated time of completion. Then, the bar will change to show the download is finished. Click open the file, and you’ll be able to view or install whatever you downloaded.


In Firefox, a box will pop up in the middle of the screen. Again, click on Save, and the file will save to your downloads folder.




As it is downloading, you’ll see a little bar up in the top right corner that will give you an estimated time left, and will change to an arrow when it’s done. Click the arrow, and it will show you the downloaded file, along with any other recently downloaded files. You can then view or install the file from there.


In Google Chrome, you’ll see a bar down at the bottom that shows the status of the download.


Once you start the download, you’ll see that you will also get a count down to finish. Once the download is finished, simply click on that file and it will open or install from there. Keep in mind, this may take a few seconds to open, depending on the file size.  You can also choose Show all downloads, on the right side of the screen, and click Open Downloads folder to view all your downloaded files.

~ Audra

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On The Move

Alan from the UK writes:

 I can’t send emails or replies or forward from my Tablet how can I put this back to normal? It happen suddenly by reporting there is an error and telling me to try again, I try again but keep getting the same report. The help line I’ve tried is not helpful to me.
I’m not sure what type of tablet you have. The instructions below are for Android, but similar steps could also troubleshoot on an iPad.
First of all, do you have a good, stable Internet connection when you’re trying to send and receive e-mails? Check your signal strength or when that error happens, try going to a website and see if it loads.
You don’t say if you are using an e-mail client app or an app specifically designed for your mail provider. If you are downloading e-mail using an e-mail client, it could be that your e-mail settings have somehow been accidentally changed. You’ll want to go in and check them.
Tap settings and look for Accounts. Choose Email.
You’ll need to find the settings for your account. This will vary depending on your device. For my device, I tap Settings under Common Settings.
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From The Archives

Sue from Mifflintown, Pennsylvania writes:

The computer keeps stopping because it said shock wave quit working and then it gives me a choice to continue waiting or stop. Why does it keep happening is it the Internet server or something wrong with my computer.

Thank You

Sue, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your computer or with your Internet. The problem is a program called Shockwave Flash. It enables you to view some websites and do things like watch videos and play games. But it looks like there’s an issue with your program.  Shockwave Flash is known to have issues with crashing and some browsers actually disable it by default. In fact, Android stopped supporting Flash in the most recent version of their operating system.  

Let’s take a look at what you can do to solve the problem.   You don’t say which browser you are using, so I’ll do a little troubleshooting for Internet Explorer.  One issue could be the ActiveX Filter in Internet Explorer.

Select Settings > Safety> ActiveX Filter.

If ActiveX Filtering is checked, try unchecking it and see if that...

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Today's Feature

Friday Funnies

Cartoon used with permission.

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Amanda's Coolsite


Do you want to build a website? What about a website that is also friendly to mobile devices? Would you like to do it for free with no coding knowledge required? You bet you do! And you totally can do it at Strikingly.

The first thing that greets you when you arrive at the site is the sign up field, but to learn more about the site,  you’ll want to scroll down the main page.  I love that they provide you with plenty of examples. 

Once you’re ready to take Strikingly for spin, either scroll back up to the sign up form or click the Sign Up button in the top right corner. You have two options for registration, you can either sign up with your e-mail address or F-connect with Facebook. As usual, I chose Facebook to login with. 

After you’ve logged in, you will start by choosing a template. It set by default to display all of the templates, but you can narrow it down by category. Your options are Business/Project, Personal, and Portfolio. 

Once you’ve picked a template, you’ll be offered a tour to teach you how to use it. I highly recommend using the short tour to get familiar with the process. After the tour you can start editing. 

I really like how clearly labeled the premium content is (and that the free templates are so awesome that you don’t necessarily need it to make a site that looks good and represents your idea). 

This a great way to make a website with little to no knowledge about web design! Go check it out for yourself today!


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One More Big Deal



90 dB is LOUD!

In fact, smoke detectors are generally about 100 dB! So you KNOW when this thing goes off, you'll be hearing it!

We all could use a little more home security, but who wants to pay out hundreds a year (plus installation fees!) for some overcomplicated mess?

These little door/window alarms are all you need!

See, they come with an alarm and a sensor.

You put the sensor on the frame, and the alarm on the door or window, with the opening in between!



I don't think it could get any simpler than that!

(Of course, you can turn it off with the simple switch whenever you want! So you don't have to hear it EVERY time that door or window opens, just when you know it shouldn't be!)

Don't think of this as just protection against intruders - these work GREAT for keeping tabs on any cabinets or interior doors too!

If you want to make sure a young child isn't getting into the cleaning products, or making sure you know when your business's delivery door is being opened, this is the best solution!

You won't find ANY security company that can compete with just $1.97 for an alarm that you can setup in seconds! It's just too good!

This sale is INSANE - but it only lasts until Saturday when these go up to $8.97 !


Monthly Wallpaper

January Wallpaper Is Ready

Happy New Year!

The featured desktop wallpaper for January is all set and ready to go. Check out the featured images below and stop by the site - hundreds to choose from.

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

I also want to thank the hundreds of people who helped support the wallpaper and videos with a voluntary contribution in 2014! Your support helps to keep the wallpaper and videos comin' every month! THANK YOU!

Watchful Winter Deer

The forecast was calling for an early season snow and with the temps hovering around freezing, I knew the snow was going to stick to everything in sight. Seemed like a good reason to get out to my local park! Now, I’m the first to admit the deer are fairly tame in this area and with the large number roaming the park, I knew it wasn’t going to be too terribly difficult to locate a subject or two. Sure enough…(More)

Hovering Egret

It was getting towards the end of my morning shoot and my stomach was on a mission to find some breakfast. There wasn’t too much going on and I knew the light was less than a half an hour from turning too harsh to work with anyway. I was about to pick up my camera and search for a way to satiate my grumbling stomach when...(More)

Hocking Hills Cascading Stream

This was taken one misty morning in Hocking Hills State Park. We were hiking through the Old Man’s Cave area and couldn’t help but notice the creek that flowed through the gorge looked especially spectacular this particular AM. So, I scampered over some rocks and down to the best part of the cascades. Had to be careful with this one. I was shooting just upstream from a waterfall and...(More)

For these and other great selections of desktop wallpaper, head to:

As always, the wallpaper is 100% free, so enjoy!


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