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WorldStart Tech Tips 2017-06-29

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Quick Tip

Help! I Need A LiveMail Replacement

A reader needs help finding a new email client. “So, are there two Outlook email programs and Microsoft Outlook? Struggling to find a replacement for Windows Live Mail email program since it’s not supported anymore.  Generic Windows Mail emails keep disappearing, and others I’ve tried don’t have the same features. Looked into Outlook, but costs $99.  Used to use Outlook Express till that went away.  Help!

thunderbird is an email service. You can download the messages to any type of email program you choose. Microsoft Outlook is part of Office and also available on its own as a separate download. It is pretty expensive, but it does offer a lot of features you won’t find anywhere else.

If you liked Outlook Express and Live Mail, you’ll probably like Mozilla’s free Thunderbird email client. You can download it by clicking here.

My guess is that it will look and feel very familiar to you.

~ Cynthia

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Love them or hate them, smartphones are here to stay! I mean they're supposed to get the greatest thing since sliced bread... except when you can't figure out how to answer the phone or check your messages!

Or maybe you've got the simple stuff down pat, but you want to know how to access all those great features everyone keeps telling you about.

Did you know your phone is the perfect point and shoot camera? That you can use it for a flashlight? To measure? For email? As a music player? As a GPS? Even to scan documents?  Well, you could... IF YOU COULD FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE IT WORK!

Smartphones usually come with little or no instructions. And if there are instructions, they just assume you are already familiar with smartphones!  How are you supposed to open the App Store if you don't know what it is? Or how to open it?

With this incredible digital guide, we go back to basics! With simple step-by-step instructions and plenty of color images...

Thanks to the special interactive table of contents, you just need to click on what you're interested in and you'll go right to that chapter. No wasting time learning about stuff you aren't interested in or already know how to do.

We'll also cover security and show you what you must do to stay safe from ransomware, malware, spyware, and more!

Our head tech guru, Cynthia came up with this idea after giving her aunt her very first smartphone. Her aunt tried looking up things online or by calling tech support, but a lot of the terms used in instructions or by support people were completely unfamiliar to her. Cynthia decided to write a guide in everyday English with the beginner in mind. She wanted to answer not only her aunt's questions but the many questions she received every single day from readers about their phones. A lot of them start off with "I feel stupid, but..."

Well, you're not stupid. The people explaining how it works are just making it way too complicated!  Cynthia is making it simple!  They don't call her the "tech whisperer" for nothing.

(Pssst.... If you're already tech-savvy -- this is a great gift for those friends and relatives that keep hitting you up for help fixing their phone. Even if you know how to do something, explaining it can be difficult. This guide explains it all, so you don't have to. Plus, it's available 24/7.)

We've had guides to Android and Apple devices before, but this is the first one to focus specifically on phones and how to use them and their special features. You've never seen a phone guide like this before! 

If you grab the pre-order, not only do you get the guide first... you save big, too. It's only $9.97! Why the discount? Because we know you'll tell everyone how awesome this guide is and they'll buy it at full price!

Never feel like your phone is smarter than you again! Take control with Worldstart's Ultimate Smartphone Guide. Click the link below to add it to your cart right now.

Click now! The pre-order period ends soon! Wait and you'll pay $3 more!


Computers 101

Take Screenshots On A Mac

A lot of new  Mac users aren’t familiar with excellent built-in screenshot capabilities.   At one time or another, most of us need to grab a quick screenshot. For instance, I always take screenshots of credit card payments I make online just as a visual proof, in case any problems arise later. If I sound too paranoid then let’s just say, once bitten, perennially shy.

Today, I will teach you three quick and easy keyboard shortcuts that will help you take instant screenshots.

First, let’s  take a screenshot of the entire screen?  Just press Command + Shift + 3 together and you will hear a camera shutter sound (unless you have muted the sound on your Mac). This sounds means that a screenshot has been taken and has been saved on your desktop.

Trick number 2. How do you take a screenshot of only a part of the screen? Let’s say you have to take the screenshot of a page but want to avoid including the area where personal information is displayed. No worries! Press Command + Shift + 4 together and a crosshair will appear on your screen. Simply drag it around the area you want to capture and you will hear that delightful camera shutter sound again. Meaning, that a screenshot of the selected area has been saved on your desktop.


It should also be noted that you do not need to hold the Command + Shift + 4 keyboard shortcut once the crosshair has appeared on the screen. Simply drag with the mouse or the touchpad and the screenshot will be taken once you let go.

Lastly, how do you take a screenshot of a single app window without including all the other windows that are opened around it? We will use the same, Command + Shift + 4 keyboard shortcut again but once the crosshair appears, this time, we will press the Space Bar instead.

A camera icon will appear on your screen when you do that and the window that is in focus at that moment, will be highlighted in blue. Once you click that window (or any other window for that matter) the camera shutter will sound again and that screenshot will be saved on the desktop.

All of these screenshots are saved in the PNG format and you can easily forward them via email or instant messaging.



But let’s say that you do not want to save a screenshot, instead, you simply want to copy it so you can paste it in a document or in an email compose window.

Simply add the control key to the previously mentioned key command combinations. To copy a screenshot of the whole desktop you will press Command+ Shift + Control + 3. To invoke the crosshair that lets you copy a part of the screen you will use Command + Shift + Control + 4 and so on.

Trust me, once you start using this functionality, you will realize what a wonderful tool it is. And the best part is that it even adds the date and that time when the screenshot was taken in the filename. Brilliant or what?

New to Macs? Click here to leave a question in the comments.

~ Yogesh


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On The Move

The Phone Malware That Steals Your Money

It seems like every day I tell you about some new scam that’s threatening your PC or phone. Unfortunately, that’s because scammers are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to come up with new ways to steal your information and your money.

The newest threat out there is a piece of phone malware that steals user names and passwords from dozens of shopping and banking apps.

The crooks do that by having the malware pose as a Flash Player update. It was first made public by security experts Zscaler Threatlabs.

The Marcher malware is particularly tricky and has claimed to be everything from free preview of a hot new game to celebrity sex tapes to con people into clicking on it.

This time, it’s disguised as an update to Adobe Flash player. Most of us are used to updates for software and apps and are inclined to approve them.  Here’s the screen you’ll see if you’re infected.


Once you agree to the installation, this tricky malware hides and removes its own icon. It will then contact the scammer’s server with a list of all of your installed apps.

Here’s where it gets even trickier...

Click here for more on how this devious malware steals your information.


From The Archives

WiFi Woes: Adapters

In the WiFi Woes article series, we take a look at various problems that affect your home network and how to fix them. Last time, we looked at how the position of the router and your device can have an affect on the WiFi signal. This time, we’re going to look at ways to help your device pick up the WiFi signal.

This will come in handy if you simply can’t move the router or your device; perhaps you don’t have the room, or can’t find a more suitable spot for your router, or perhaps you don’t have direct access to the router itself. There’s plenty you can do with your device to help it find a connection.

The first thing to attempt to do in any WiFi-related issue is to try to connect the device via Ethernet cable. In the vast majority of WiFi setups, this is highly impractical; however, if you’re  are in the position to use an Ethernet cable, you should definitely take it. Routers have Ethernet ports on them (they’re small and square), like this:

Your PC or laptop should have a similar-looking port (tablets and phones don’t — sorry!). If you get an Ethernet cable long enough to connect the two, you can plug them in and enjoy Internet without the WiFi problems. Since Ethernet is a direct connection, it will give you the est download speeds. However, for most people, it’s impractical. They don’t want to be tethered to their router by a short cable.

So how can you fix that signal?

The first thing you should try is updating your WiFi adapter’s drivers. To do this, you have to first...

Click here for more on troubleshooting wifi problems.


Today's Feature

Become A YouTube Superstar

Have you ever thought about Vlogging? Vlogging is another way to say video blogging and is actually a combination of both words, even though it’s only the first letter from “video” that made it to “vlogging”. Just like a blog, a video blog is a frequently updated platform where the owner or vlogger talks about whatever they like, except this time, it’s in video format.

Let’s take a look at how to get started with your very own.

Step 1: Decide what you want to talk about

Nearly 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day! This means there is a good chance there’s someone out there who is already talking about exactly what you intend to, but then again, maybe not. The only way to find out is to check YouTube yourself. If you’re using your phone, look for this app icon.


If YouTube isn’t already installed on your phone, you can find it for free in the app store for your phone. It only takes a minute or so to install.

If you’re using your computer, open your browser, type in the navigation bar and then press the enter key on your keyboard. Once you are on the YouTube website, find the search bar which should be right beneath your browser’s navigation bar. Type whatever subject you intend to cover and press the enter key. Here, we search for “vlogging tutorials”

You might search for “cooking” or “movie reviews” or “comedy.”  Whatever the topic, look at the other videos in the category. Think about what you can say or teach that’s a little different that everything else out there.

Maybe instead of just cooking, you’ll address baking, or specifically baking cookies.

Step 2: Get your equipment

Many professional vloggers use...

Click here for more on uploading video to YouTube.



Amanda's Coolsite

The Frame Blog

Welcome to the Frame Blog – an online magazine devoted to antique frames!

When you arrive at the site, I recommend clicking on About and learning more about the premise of this site and what it aims to do.

On the main page, you can get started by just scrolling down the page to view the latest additions to the magazine. I discovered this This site while looking at some art in a Google Image search and when I clicked on one of the pieces it lead me here. I’m so happy it did! This site offers a labor of love as it explores the history of antique picture frames. Honestly, I could just scroll down the page just looking at all the gorgeous frames included in the essays and reviews.

Interspersed you’ll also find interviews that feature people of interest in the community surrounding antique frames.

Go look at these gorgeous antique frames and learn all about them today!


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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at


One More Big Deal

WARNING: Quantities are very limited! You gotta get 'em while you can!



It creeps up on us so fast!

After all, the weather is finally warm enough!

But there's one big problem... those mosquitoes. They're around every corner!

You step outside, and before you can even close the door behind you...


There's one. Then two. Then a dozen of them!

So how do you deal with them? Hopefully not sprays and chemicals!

In fact, I have to say, bug spray is one of the WORST solutions!

In addition to all the obvious things that we all hate about it, it's potentially dangerous!

Prolonged use can even lead to severe skin conditions, rashes, or burns! The National Institute of Health has an ENTIRE article dedicated to the potential hazards of bug spray!

"Persons who use very high concentrations of DEET [the chemical used in most bug spray] on their skin over a long period of time may have more severe skin reactions that include blistering, burning, and permanent scars of the skin."

What are you other options?!

Bug zappers? The mosquitoes are all over you, they don't care about some silly light! And mosquito nets are terrible - you went outside to enjoy some SPACE, not to be confined in a net!

Look, you can enjoy your outside WITHOUT mosquitoes, nasty chemicals, or useless zappers!


It's not even 3" tall and keeps your area completely bug free!

It has emits a frequency that it that keeps mosquitoes from coming anywhere NEAR you!

The sound that it mimics is the dragonfly: the mosquito's natural predator!

So any of the little blood-suckers that weren't scared before?

Oh yeah, they're hightailing it out of there now!


See, these freqencies are loud and clear to mosquitoes... but to you? Practically nothing! Chances are you won't hear a thing!

So you can avoid the sticky bug spray WITHOUT making any tradeoffs! In fact, it's completely safe for people, kids, even pets! Only mosquitoes are gonna be annoyed by this!

That's a win-win if you ask me!

This is perfect for decks, patios, backyards, camping, even social events! Cover a HUGE area!

Keep The Bugs At Bay For CHEAP - And be the only person prepared this season!

Only $9.97 and you don't have to worry about those nasty, itchy bites all over your limbs! That's a great deal to finally take back your yard and LITERALLY save your skin!

You'll want to act fast because just as soon as "THEY" are here these will be all gone!

Warning: I wasn't kidding - these ALWAYS sell out! And if you wait we might run out! We only have a few in stock!


Monthly Wallpaper

Don't forget to check out Backcountry Gallery's free monthly desktop wallpaper!

Each month, you'll find featured desktop backgrounds at the link below - plus hundreds of additional options. You can make it even better by adding a calendar if you like. Check it out at the link below, all 100% free:



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