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Computer Tips

Worldstart Computer Tips 01-05-2011

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This week in the News...

December 29, 2010.

3-feet high eggs could be South Korea's wave of the future.

Well, not eggs, exactly. Twenty-nine egg-shaped bots (named Engkey) have started teaching English to South Korean children as part of a pilot program aimed at supporting the blossoming robot industry.

The 3.3ft high bots have a TV panel (which shows a female Caucasian face) that that can speak to the students while wheeling around the classroom. They are able to read books and dance by moving their arms and heads. The kids love the robots, especially the shy kids, who feel more comfortable talking to a robot than a real person.

However, the robots are not as they appear. In actuality, the robots are run by well-educated teachers in the Philippines, who can see and hear the children via a remote control system.

As one South Korean administrator put it: "They won't complain about health insurance, sick leave and severance package, or leave in three months for a better-paying job in Japan... all you need is a repair and upgrade every once in a while.' The South Korean Government shelled out 1.37 million dollars for the pilot program.

Repair, upgrades and no health insurance, indeed.

December 30, 2010.

Come see the movie side of Sears.

Not to be outdone by, well, everyone else, Sears and Kmart have launched a new online video rental service called Alphaline Entertainment owned by Sonic Solutions.

Alphaline Entertainment lets people watch movies and TV shows "the same day they are released on DVD and Blu-ray," Sears said in a news release. You do not have to have a membership to rent movies, either; one at a time is just fine. The videos are viewable on computers, televisions and mobile phones that run a video viewer called Divx.

Sears and Kmart are apparently trying to edge their way into digital media. However, is it really competing with the likes of, say, Netflix, when the movies cost the same as any typical rental service? Then again, Sears and Kmart have had real success with heavily discounted DVDs and CDs; maybe that will be enough to bring in the digital media crowd.

Users can't burn any of the movies to DVD, but they can watch movies on a TV screen connected via an S-video jack to their PC. So you rent a movie for the same amount of money that you always do (some incentive there), and you have to go out and buy a special jack so that when you rent your television episodes, you can watch them on...television?

I think I'll stick with cable.

A final tidbit...

New Scientist has come out with a list of their top videos of 2010. While all of them were wonderful, the number one slot belongs to what seems to defy at least one law of physics.

"The impossible Motion" illusion by Sugiahara Kokichi shows how wooden balls seemingly run up the slopes, contrary to the definition of gravity.

Take a look at first prize for "Best Illusion of the Year" (world-wide).

Sugiahara Kokichi is Specially Appointed Professor and Doctor of Engineering at Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences in Kawasaki, Japan. The 7th Annual contest was located in Naples, Florida, at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts.

"The contest is a celebration of the ingenuity and creativity of the world's premier visual illusion research community. Visual illusions are those perceptual experiences that do not match the physical reality."

Have a great week!

~ Lori Cline

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Talk about a "no headache" approach huh?

Just imagine - No worrying about having the right cables, no fretting over what to plug in where on the back of your computer, no hunting down and spending big bucks on the (hopefully) right software - THIS has it all! A one-stop shop for all your converting needs!!

Oh, and hooking everything up - it's a BREEZE!

Just plug the USB cord into the device and your computer. See, told you it was simple! Then, using the included cords, attach your record or cassette player to the device. Still easy - and you're almost done! Now, just run the software and follow the prompts!

WOW! It really IS easy!

Speaking of software, just wait till you get a load of program they give you with this baby!

Heck, the included software ALONE is worth the price!

Get this - The software will actually TALK YOU THROUGH your hardware connections! Yeah, I know - awesome! There's literally a voice that guides you though the process! It asks what you want to record from (record player or cassette) and then starts asking you questions about the hardware you're connecting to! It even shows you example photos - you'll know EXACTLY where to plug in all your cables!

Even if you can't hook up a can opener, you can use this puppy to convert your records and cassettes! It's like having an audio guru right there next to you!

Then, oh, just wait till you start using the software to actually start transferring your records and cassettes to your computer! WOW! Talk about helpful! A fantastic combination of voice guidance and wizard prompts take you step by step though the process while explaining exactly how it all works!

It sucks the "mystery" right out of the equation!

As for features, wait till you feast your mouse on this! After you record your album or cassette, you can have the software break the recording into individual songs! That's HUGE! And get this - you can even add titles for each track - you know, song names, artist, album - and TONS more! It's all in the step by step wizard!

What about after you're done recording? Ahh, that's where the fun really starts! Just choose to burn an audio CD or save to a digital file you can enjoy on your computer, an iPod or even an MP3 player! Heck, THIS supercharged software will even let you do both at once! Now THAT'S some serious performance!

Want to see the whole system in action? We did a quick video demo! See for yourself how this includes everything you need, how easy it is to hook up, and how amazing the software is:

Bottom line - If you have a closet full of records and cassettes, YOU need this now!

Hey, how much money did you originally spend on all those albums? Hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars? Why on earth would you leave it locked up on old, useless records and cassettes when for less than the price of three new albums you can convert all of it to CD or digital format? Well, yeah - you wouldn't! You'd convert 'em!

Remember - THIS kit has everything you need - it has the hardware, the software, and the cables! All you need is a computer, a record or cassette player, and a stack of old albums!

Our price? Just $28.97 and US shipping is FREE! Talk about a no-brainer! Once you're two or three albums into it, you're already money ahead! Talk about paying for itself - this sets a new standard! WOW!

PS - Bad new is that there is a limited quantity and people are snatching these up like records and cassettes are going out of style! Make sure you get yours before the technology to do these transfers ends up on the endangered species list!

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EasyCap Video Capture Box takes your videos and transfers 'em to your computer (then onto DVD or Video CD)! 

How's it work? Pretty simple really. You just plug your VCR / DVD Player / Video Camera into the standard Audio / Video inputs on this device (or, for even better quality - plug into the "S" Video plug). Pretty easy so far huh? Now, just plug the EasyCap into your USB port and run the software! 

To transfer, just hit PLAY on your VCR (or DVD player, or camcorder, or whatever) and RECORD on the included software! That's really it! This can record ANYTHING that you can plug into it! Old VHS movies, your favorite home videos, even copy DVDs to your computer so you can watch them on an iPod or portable video player! Pretty sweet huh?

Really, just plug in a couple cords, follow the software prompts, and you're good to go! Just check out the video at our site - Gary will show you how incredibly easy this actually is!!

If you have a closet full of old VHS tapes, why let them deteriorate to the point of no longer being playable?
Hey, VHS doesn't have that long of a shelf life - 15 years is probably optimistic.

If you have a stack of VHS tapes that you want to keep, you absolutely HAVE to get them transferred to something more reliable - and this makes it easy!

Besides, when was the last time you saw a new VHS player at a store? Doesn't happen very often now - they are an endangered species, and they aren't far from permanent extinction! The day is coming where even if you WANT to buy a VHS player to look at those old tapes it simply isn't going to be an option! Better transfer 'em while you can!

Oh, and do you have a camcorder that uses an odd-sized tape - you know, so
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That's right - you don't even need a DVD burner on your computer - you can make a Video CD that will play in any standard DVD player!

Plus, everything is really easy to work with - so you'll be able to get things transferred over in no time!

Airlink 101 USB 2.0 Video Capture Box w/Audio

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Your cost? Get this - Just $24.97 and US Shipping is FREE! For that kind of money, it's crazy not to grab this and start transferring all those old VHS tapes and camcorder movies to your computer or DVD! Heck, this can even record from a DVD player if you need an extra copy of something! Check it out, but hurry - this is something we've had a LOT of requests for and now that it's finally here, it's bound to fly!

PS - Don't miss out - this little gadget makes transferring your old VHS / Camcorder tapes to DVD incredibly easy - get yours today!

Computers 101

Jan from Pinellas Park, FL asks:

How do I return my taskbar at the bottom of my screen to its Normal size of about 1/2 inch? For no apparent reason, it has gone to About 1 inch wide. I have tried shutting off the lock taskbar and Moving it down with the arrows that appear when I click my mouse However it just makes it totally disappear. When I bring it back, it Returns to 1 inch.

The taskbar at the bottom of your computer screen can be a bit touchy at times. It's very easy to use the mouse for scrolling down a page and end up adjusting the taskbar without knowing exactly how you did it. Most people hold onto their mouse with the middle finger of their right hand hovering or lightly resting above the button on the mouse's right side. As you might already know, this right button is the key to making many changes, whether they are intentional or not.

Clicking the button on the right side of the mouse brings up a menu with various categories that pertain to the page on which the cursor was placed. Right clicking on the toolbar will also bring up a menu designed specifically for the taskbar. If you've already tried unlocking the taskbar and making adjustments to the height without the desired results, then you may need to take the following steps.

Step 1 - Right click on the taskbar at the bottom of your screen and make sure it is unlocked

Step 2 - At the very top of the taskbar menu box is the submenu Toolbars - with an arrow to the right. If you hover the cursor on the word Toolbars, a second menu should appear out to the side of this original box.

Step 3 - Using the mouse, uncheck any of these toolbars that are already checked and then click on the taskbar to get rid of both of these visible menu boxes.

Step 4 - Hover the cursor over the top edge of the taskbar and see if it is able to be adjusted up and down now. Once you get it adjusted properly, you should then lock the taskbar. As long as the taskbar stays locked, there shouldn't be any accidental adjustments made to it.
For some reason, having multiple toolbars checked in the taskbar menu will cause the taskbar to become two lines wide, instead of the normal single line.

If you have several Quick Launch apps that you want to keep visible on the taskbar, then adjusting the taskbar height to accommodate these apps might make things easier. You can place as many icons on the taskbar as you want. Some people have 15 or more apps along the bottom of the screen. When an Internet browsing page is open, you can drag and drop the apps at the top of the page and place them on the taskbar at the bottom of the page. This will then add more apps to the Quick Launch section of your taskbar.

When the taskbar is unlocked, there are two columns of dotted lines separating the Quick Launch apps and icons showing what programs you have open at any given time, such as a Windows folder or document. Hovering the cursor over the column of dots will enable you to adjust the width of each section by clicking on and moving the double-sided arrow to the left or right. After adjusting the width of each section, locking the taskbar will eliminate the chance of accidental adjustments.

Even if all the Quick Launch apps aren't showing up on the taskbar, they can still be accessed when the taskbar is locked. A set of arrows facing towards the right of the monitor are located next to the Quick Launch apps that are visible. Clicking on these arrows will produce a menu that shows the rest of the apps available from your Quick Launch selection.

Having the Quick Launch toolbar open doesn't seem to inhibit the adjustment capabilities of the taskbar, but when multiple toolbars are opened at the same time there seems to be no way to adjust the height of the taskbar. After you've adjusted the height of the taskbar and locked it in place, you can easily go back in to the taskbar menu and re-check all the toolbars you wish to have displayed on the taskbar. The height of the taskbar shouldn't change, since it is locked. Each toolbar that is checked will appear at the bottom of the page accompanied by two right-facing arrows.

If the height of the taskbar is ever affected and you can't seem to adjust it by the usual way of unlocking it and using the double-sided arrows to move it up and down, then make sure the toolbars are all unchecked.

Hopefully the steps mentioned above will help you tame your taskbar back to the height you prefer.

~Cory Buford

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MS Office

MS Outlook: Texting from Outlook?

Yep - that's right - you can send text messages to phones using Outlook e-mail... or any other email client.

This is one of my favorite, but yet completely simple tips to use. I have a friend who you can only seem to reach by text and a sister that is easier to find that way as well. Unfortunately, I don't always have the opportunity to pull out my cell phone to text information to one of them, and I've found that "texters" don't seem to check their e-mail as often as I do.

Using this simple message addressing system lets me e-mail and to them it's texting.

The best of both worlds!

Now, I can already hear you thinking … but I wouldn't even begin to know how to address the message and my computer isn't connected to the phone line.

No problem because addressing the message is a breeze and you aren't actually phoning them, so that connection won't be necessary.

So, the only issue to address would be how to … well, address it.

You can learn how to address it here.

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Tip of the Day

Richard asks:

I have a folder which I tried to secure by adding password protection. In the Folder Properties, under the General tab, I saw and checked the Hidden box and successfully hid the folder. Now I can't seem to find the newly hidden folder. How do I get access back to the folder? Also, how can I password protect it? I'm using Vista.

Richard, you can access your hidden folder by going to where it was stored (it's still there) and clicking the Alt key. This will bring up a familiar looking menu at the top of the screen. By the way, you can also follow these steps in Windows 7.

If you'd like to find hidden folders, or modify access to your folders, click here to learn how.

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Today's Feature

Secure Your Wireless Network

Many would like to have a secured network, however most have no inclination as to how they would accomplish such a goal. What they may not be aware of, is that there is two major layers of security to a network that protect computers against attacks. Each individual layer adds additional protection to stop people from gaining access to your network. More importantly, it prevents them from having access to your personal computer and sensitive information.

Hard line networks that only use cables are extremely difficult to gain access to, but not impossible. Wireless, though, is fairly simple for those that know what they are doing. That is why it is so important to maintain a secured network. If your network is not secured, they could gain access from right in front of your house to your Internet. This will slow your connection down as you are now sharing it with someone else. After they have gained access to your router, they also will have access to your computer, and all files that you have shared.

This is where multiple layers of network security come into play. You will be required to use a password to gain access to the router in the event they try to change your network settings, as well as a password to access the network itself, and yet another password to access your personal computer. If you fully utilize all available layers of network security, it will be incredibly difficult for anyone illegally to access your network, or personal computer.

The process is actually simple, but is broken down into two different subcategories with step-by-step instructions for each individual layer. Below you will find the process to properly secure your network.

Important Reminder: Each layer of security will make it more difficult for you to bypass. Remember these steps, in the event that you need to disable them temporarily. You may also see “How To Create Windows Firewall Exceptions” if you need to allow specific programs through your windows firewall.

Learn how to make your wireless network more secure by clicking here.

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Amanda's Coolsite

Fed Up With School Lunch

This is an amazing blog, that really sheds light on what kids are eating at school. Mrs. Q, the author of the blog, spent a year eating what the kids at school were being served and documented every grueling meal that was served. Her goal was to shed awareness on the food choices that are being made for children on the free or reduced lunch programs in schools.

If you want to start at the beginning (I did) then click this link to go to the posts from last January. Then choose newer posts to navigate forward. If you choose to start from today and work your way back, it works like a normal blog, just scroll down to the bottom to navigate back to older posts. You'll also find the monthly archive on the right side of the page if you want to navigate that way.

After reading this blog, I am more grateful than ever that my mom made the decision to send me to school with a brown bag lunch even if it was un-cool at the time among my peers.

What are the schools around you serving for lunch? Do the kids in your neighborhood have recess? What habits are kids learning from eating these meals? Will it stick with them for the rest of their lives? These are all things I'm thinking about after checking out this site.


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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at

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Mule Deer

Rock River Falls

Antelope Canyon

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