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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-03-28

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Quick Tip


Paul from Maplewood MN writes:

Sometimes when I visit a web site after it loads I get the message in the bottom left “Done, but with errors” and some things on the site will not work or images will not appear. Whats happening and can anything be done about it?

Have you experienced this problem lately?

Well I’ve got good and bad news for you… 

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

This is an error in the webpage design code and can only be fixed by its owner.

Unfortunately, until they fix it you won’t be able to access the items that you’ve noticed are not visible or not working properly.

The good news?

If you’ve bumped into this error then don’t panic – the problem doesn’t lie with you or your computer!

Like so many things with a computer – the problem is there but you can’t do a darn thing about it.

~ April

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Fact: Your Current Connection is About 10X Slower Than it Has to Be!

If You're Ready for a Change - Pay Attention!

The NEXT GENERATION of Wireless Routers is Here...


Featuring Gigabit Power: 10X Faster Than Standard Routers!

Dual USB Power - Connect and Share EVERYTHING Under One Network!


Beautiful Sleek Design - Slim - Black - Perfect!

Connect ALL of Your Computers to One BLISTERING FAST Router!


All Routers Are NOT Created Equal!

So there you are, thinking that your 802.11 N router is the best you can get.  It's not really all that fast, but as far as you know it won't get any better.  

So you go on with your computing life, meandering through your work, surfing the net, etc.  but you can't help but wonder if there's something better out there.  Something with FULL THROTTLE speed.  Something that gives you a whole lot of convenient options. 

As you can guess - we've got it!  It's a router like NONE that you've ever seen before!  You've gotta check out what this thing can do for you!

Let's Talk Speed.  Insane, Gigabit Powered Speed!

Most important first, right?  So yes, this router is 802.11 N compatible.  The newest and fastest type currently available on the market.  But there's something that REALLY sets this one apart from the others.

See, most of the new routers you get today come with 100mbit speed.  Not bad, but not great, either.  You still find yourself waiting longer than you'd like, downloads take too long, etc. You'd think with all this new technology that they'd be able to perform faster...

Well guess what? This router is powered by GIGABIT SPEED - WHICH IS 10X FASTER THAN 100MBIT!

Did you catch that?  This router is 10X faster than the other 802.11 N routers!  That's going to make a huge difference, don't you think?

Dual USB Ports - Connect & Share Everything!

This is about to blow your mind!  On the back of this router, you'll find 2 USB ports.  Go ahead and connect a flash drive, a hard drive, a printer - whatever - and this will share it with all computers running on that network!

For example, let's say you're at home using this router.  There's 4 other computers in your home being used by other family members.  You have some important info on a flash drive that you'd like to share with everyone on the network.  What do you do?


That's right - anything you plug into the dual USB ports will show up on all computers on the network under a "shared hard drive" granting them FULL access!  It's a brand new, amazing upgrade to ALL existing routers! 

4 Wired Ethernet Ports!

You'll LOVE this.  See, maybe you have a couple of older computers at home.   Well guess what?  With this router, you can directly connect them using ethernet cords, and they'll be able to share that speed!

This is especially useful if you have a few older computers around the house that you only use on occasion, for particular projects that don't require wireless connection.  Well, now you can have the best of both worlds!  

This router is all about sharing, and it's all about high speed.  Perfect!

The Specs Will BLOW YOUR MIND!

So now that you know what you're getting, let's go ahead and sum it all up.  

 802.11 N access - 300 Mbps Transfer Rates - As good as it gets!
 Gigabit Speed - 10X FASTER Than Standard 100mbit Speed!
 Dual USB Power: Plug in Devices and Share With Your Entire Network!
 4 Wired Ethernet Ports - Take Old Computers to an Entirely New Level!
 Slim, Black and Sleek.  The PERFECT Design that Stays Out of Your Way!


Cutting Edge Router Technology - Amazing Price!

Do you have any idea how much something like this would cost you at a box store?  Go ahead and see for yourself.  But you'd better hurry, because at our price, they're not gonna last long!  Today, get yourself this perfect new router for just $34.97 with FREE US SHIPPING!  That's the best deal you'll ever find for one of these!

PS: Don't wait!  Not only do we expect to sell out today, we're forced to up the price to $49.97 if any remain Thursday!


Computers 101


Darlene from North Carolina writes:

Can you tell me how to get ‘Auto Play’ to start working again on my HP 64-bit desktop with Vista Windows? I always have to search for my devices under ‘Computer’.

Hi, Darlene.

Not only can I tell you how to restore your Autoplay, but it would be my absolute pleasure.

The first thing that I’ll tell you is that the screenshots that you’ll see below are from Windows 7, which is what my PC is running, but the steps are the same for Vista.  So if your screen looks a little different, don’t panic.  It’s fine.

There are two ways to do this.  The first way that I’ll show you is a little more cumbersome, because you have to do it the first time that you insert a disc or open a file, but after that, it’ll be set.  When you insert a disc with a movie, pictures, music, whatever on it, you’ll get a window that looks something like this:

When that pops up, you check the little box (outlined in red here) that says “Always do this for pictures” then choose from the list what you’d always like done with pictures.  From then on, whenever you insert a disc with pictures on it, your computer will do that without asking.  If you’re opening a file from the internet, you’ll get a box that looks like this:

You can either choose to have your computer open this with a certain program (in this case GOM player) or you can choose to have it save the file to your hard drive.  If you don’t like the program that is in your “open with” box, then you can click the down arrow in that box to choose another program.  Once you’ve clicked the box that you want and chosen your program, click on the check box that says “Do this automatically with files like this from now on”, click OK and you’re all set.

The other way to do it, where you can set Autoplay on all of your file types at once is to go into your control panel.  Click the Start button and then Control Panel.

What you do next depends on your control panel settings, which are all a matter of personal preference.  What you’re looking for, though, is “Programs” and “Default Programs”.  For instance, in Win 7 with the category view, which is what I have, you click on the “Programs” heading and then, under the “Default Programs” subheader, you’ll find an option that says “Make a file type always open in a specific program”.  Clumsy grammar aside, this is what you want.

You’re going to want to give your list a moment to populate.  Don’t panic if it comes up blank for a few seconds, it’s just looking for possible file types to guide you.  Once it populates, it will look something like this:

Double-click on whichever file type you want to select a program for, in this case I’ve got .3gp selected, and you’ll get this:

Here you can use a program from the list that it provides, or you can browse your computer for another program.  If you choose to browse your computer, be sure to look in both the “Programs” and the “Program Files (X86)” subdirectories. The reason for this is that programs are listed in BOTH subdirectories.  You’ll notice that the “always use this for this file type” box is grayed out, because you’re choosing the default program, so it already knows that you want this.  Once you’ve selected your program, click “OK”.

If you’re trying to set up Autoplay for a specific device, such as a CD or DVD, then you want to go back to that “Default Programs” spot and choose “Change default settings for media or devices”.

The main reason to do this would be to set basically all of your Autoplay options at once.  When you select that option, you get a screen that looks like this:

I’ve got “Software and Games” expanded here so that you can see a selection of the options that it gives to you.  You’ll also notice that there is a check-mark in the upper left hand corner for turning the Autoplay option on or off.  Come to think of it, Darlene, that may be your problem… your check box got unchecked at some point.  If that’s all that happened, then please feel free to disregard the rest of this article and simply check the box.

Otherwise, I hope that this helped.

~Randal Schaffer

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On The Move


Android Phone Lock

Following a lengthy search (a process beginning in ignorance and ending in confusion); I purchased a smartphone, the Android 4.0 Galaxy Nexus. An expensive choice, but luck (and a family member’s generosity) was with me. This phone was added as an extra line on a family plan which, in addition to available specials, significantly reduced the cost. Once the phone was in my sweaty little hands, the first step was to address security issues by locking the phone and installing antivirus. This article takes a look at phone lock. Click here to read the article on antivirus.

As many functions–including phone lock–are found in Settings, a shortcut was added for easier access. To do this, open Apps and–with a long press on the Settings icon–drag it to the home screen.


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From The Archives


Delete Your iTunes Duplicates

I’ve got a lot of music in my iTunes library – I’m talking thousands and thousands of songs from just about every kind of artist out there.

But keeping it all organized is giving me a real headache – especially when it comes to file duplicates. It can happen any number of ways. Maybe I ripped a CD twice, accidentally. Maybe I just added it to my library more than once. Whatever the case, today we’re going to learn how to remove all the duplicates from your iTunes library.

First, open up iTunes. Here’s a screenshot to show an example of my duplicates.

The rest of this tip can be found here!

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Today's Feature


Bill from Florida writes:

Is it possible for a web site that I’m viewing to obtain my email address from my PC in order to send me spam or for another malicious purpose?

While there are a few ways that hackers could obtain your e-mail address while you’re viewing a specific page, the circumstances involved make this a very rare occurrence. Typically, it is impossible for anyone to get your e-mail address if you’re simply browsing a Web page. If, however, you enter your e-mail address anywhere on the site, such as during login or to be added to a mailing list, there is a possibility that a hacker could obtain this information.

Another way hackers steal e-mail addresses and account information, which is more harmful, is by phishing. They send e-mails that look like they’re from legitimate companies, including Facebook, Ebay and banks. These e-mails contain a link to a login page that looks like the real login page, but is actually a fake designed to steal your login information. Although you cannot prevent every attempt that is made to steal your e-mail address or access your e-mail account, there are several things you can do to eliminate the occurrences.

Get the whole story over at Worldstart!

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Amanda's Coolsite



The first video game I ever played was Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. I have loved video games ever since, although that game has a particular place in my heart. In a moment of nostalgic whimsy, I was searching for information on the Super Mario Bros. series and I discovered this game!

It is classic Super Mario Bros + puzzle solving ala Portal! As a fan of both games, how could I not download it? Did I mention it’s free? Did I mention that you can play it with up to four people? Did I mention it’s available for Windows, Linux, OSX, and Source?  Well now I have!

If you love either Super Mario Bros. or Portal, I feel like this is a must download and try out game! I downloaded it and played it all night. It was the game I loved with a new Portal twist that kept me coming back for more.

Not sure if it is for you? Well then click on the video and watch the game play in action!

To download the game click the button with your computer’s operating system on it. For me that was Windows. Save the .zip file somewhere you can find it. I usually stick them on my desktop. Unzip the file and click MariO_1.6 to run the game.  

The game will load and you’ll be able to select from playing or using the level editor to create your own levels. I’d suggest that you play through it some before you start making your own levels so that you get a feel for how everything works.

Enjoy the game and happy puzzle solving!


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Monthly Wallpaper

March Wallpaper Is Ready!

Check it out! Three brand new images for March wallpaper! Also, be sure to rate the photos at the ratings page.

Valley Of Fire Sunrise

YES! I finally got it!

I "discovered" this photo several years ago in Valley Of Fire State Park, NV. I always thought that if I could get just the right sky it could be one heck of a shot. The first time I saw it was...(More)

Superior Fury

Sometimes landscape photography can get hazardous - and this was one of those times. This was taken while I was perched about 3 feet from the edge of a fairly steep cliff on the edge of Lake Superior. The wind snarled and the waves filled the air with a roar that had to be experienced to be believed. That's why I arrived early and...(More)

Star Trails Over Golden Canyon

This was created one cloudless night over Golden Canyon near Zabriskie Point, Death Valley. Most of the time, I really love getting some cool clouds at sunset, but when I'm stuck with a sky that's dull, boring and clear, that can only mean one thing - star trails! So, I set up the camera and….. (More)

It can all be found here, 100% free:

~ Steve


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