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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-04-13

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Quick Tip

In The News 04-13-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology

 Facebook Buys Instagram

A Picture Is Worth… A Billion Dollars?

We all know the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but it also seems that a way to store a picture has a value as well: $1 billion to be exact.  Mark Zuckerburg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, announced  Monday that the social networking giant would be purchasing photo sharing app Instagram for $1 billion in cash and shares.  Instagram is its own social network that allows users to take photos, add any number of vintage-related photo filters, and share them with others.  To date, Instagram boasts 30 million users which are mostly from its iOS based app.  An Android version of the app was just recently released as well.

Many Instagram users are already unhappy with the purchase, opting to download and delete their photos over fear of Facebook forever taking control of them.  Zuckerburg did offer some reassurance to users, saying that Instagram would not lose its ability to connect and post photos to other networks, such as Twitter.  Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom also stated that “the Instagram app will still be the same one you know and love.”

The estimated value of Instagram came in at $500 million, making the purchase price twice the value.  The app is currently available for free in the iTunes App Store and for Android users.


Verizon Wants (More Of) Your Money

Not only does Verizon Wireless want your soul for two years, but now it wants an extra $30 on top of that.  April 22 will mark the beginning of Verizon charging a $30 “upgrade fee” for existing customers who purchase new phones with a two-year contract.  The phones that are provided for an upgrade are typically discounted when purchased with a two-year agreement. People that upgrade early, thus paying the full price for a phone, won’t be affected by the upgrade fee.

According to Verizon Wireless spokeswoman Brenda Raney,”This fee will help us continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect.”  The new upgrade fee may not come as a huge surprise as Verizon is the last major wireless carrier in the U.S. to include the fee.  Sprint and AT&T are at $36 while T-Mobile only charges $18.


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High Impact. Heavy Duty. Tough. As. NAILS!

It's a FULL-ON Tactical/Military CREE LED Flashlight...

And It's Here to KICK SOME...Well, You Get the Idea!


3 LIGHT MODES: Hi Beam, Low Beam AND Fast Strobe for Self-Defense!

Flood-to-Throw ZOOMING Options!

Weather, Corrosion AND Shock Resistant!


We Have NEVER Sold a More Complete, Heavy-Duty, TOUGH Flashlight!

Comes Equipped With AC Wall Adapter AND DC Car Adapter!

Check Out the Video Demonstration Below!



Everyone knows the importance of a good flashlight. While some people are stuck in the past with their standard bulb, weak yellow flashlight, the vast majority of people have now switched to LED. And for good reason, too. Everyone knows how much brighter and more efficient LED is.

But what if you need to take your lighting needs a step further? What if you need a flashlight that'll go above and beyond what's considered 'normal' or even 'excellent' in the world of flashlights? One that not only provides MORE THAN adequate lighting for ANY situation, but is also capable of providing self-defense, drops, corrosion and extreme weather?

Keep reading...because we've got exactly what you're looking for.

Everything You THOUGHT You Knew About Flashlights...

Is about to come CRASHING down!

First thing's first: lets talk about light. Very, very bright light. With 3 Watts forcing out 160 lumens of brightness, this light is BLINDING. And just so you know what you're getting into here, this LED is made by CREE - considered one of the absolute best in LED manufacturing. They are trusted by government agencies including the police force and the military. This is just the mere tip of the iceburg.

Part 1 - (3) Lighting Modes

This light is bright. So bright, in fact, that there are 3 modes for your convenience.

Mode 1 - High Intensity High Beam: When you need to illuminate an entire room, or if you're out camping and need a FLOOD of extremely bright, high intensity white light, you'll want to be in this mode. This is the default mode that comes on right when you push the button to turn the flashlight on. Don't look directly at it!
Mode 2 - Lower Intensity Low Beam: This mode is low-beam, which creates a softer, less blinding light that provides adequate lighting for any room. It's less obtrusive and is the perfect option for just being around the house during a power outage. This mode is activated when you push the "on" button twice.
Mode 3 - The Self-Defense Mode: By pushing the "on" button a third time, it creates a "Fast Strobe." This strobe effect is powered by the brightness of mode 1, and it is EXTREMELY disorienting. If you were being attacked, for example, or thought you might be - point this in the eyes of your aggressor and they'll be temporarily blinded and disoriented, giving you ample time to escape.

Part 2 - Flood-to-Throw Zooming

This is probably the COOLEST feature we've yet seen on a flashlight! Right above the "on" button, there's a collar that you turn to provide zoom (see picture on left - notice it's squared off grip!)! So once you have the light on, turn it one way to make the light flood bigger, and turn it the other way to make it smaller and more concentrated. Is this awesome? YES!

This CAN be used in all three lighting modes. For the absolute brightest, most concentrated beam (which is set by default) turn it clockwise. To make the light softer and to create a wider 'flood' of light, turn it counter clockwise! This is an AMAZING feature if you going to be using this light outside.

If you drop something in the dark, you can zoom out to create a wide flood, and if you're trying to concentrate on a specific object, zoom in for ultra illumination! Check out the picture here, and you'll see how CONVENIENT and EASY this feature is to use!

See Something from Afar? ZOOM IN!

This is just one of those features that you don't realize how AWESOME it is until you use it. Like you read above, this is a great feature when you need distance. With the light zoomed all the way out, you'll have a flood of light that allows you to find what you're looking for. Once you see it, you can then point and zoom the light beam, giving you INSANE levels of BRIGHT LIGHT anywhere you need it!

Part 3 - The TOUGHEST Build You've EVER Seen!

Go ahead and throw caution to the wind. This flashlight is tough and meant to get knocked around and dirty! It puts the "heavy" in heavy-duty! Housed in thick, black aluminum, this flashlight is weather resistant, corrosion resistant AND shock resistant!

Did you drop it? NO PROBLEM! It'll still be working, don't worry.

Is it raining or snowing outside? This BEAST will be right there with you, braving the elements.

And don't worry about any rust of corrsosion either, because this thing can take it!

One More Bit on Self-Defense...

Ok - in no way are we condoning violence. Ever. But should you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to protect yourself, this light HAS YOUR BACK! Mode 3, as you know, will disorient an aggressor. But this light is also strong, heavy, and the ring around the lens is bezeled.

As you can see, if you should ever need to protect yourself...this edge provides adequate safety. Please see the picture to the right.

Connected Carrying Lanyard!

As if this light needed anything else to make it more AWESOME, it's comes attached to a carrying lanyard. It's comprised of super strong braided nylon that's big enough to slide over your hand - this provides extra security because once connected to your wrist, it's not going anywhere!

Oh, and if you aren't the type to use a lanyard, this one easily comes off! That's the power of a brilliant go ahead and take it off, and put it back on anytime you feel like you might need it.

Don't Forget - The AC Wall Adaptor AND DC Car Charger Adapter ARE INCLUDED!

The INCLUDED battery is Lithium-ion Rechargeable! What's that mean? It means that you'll NEVER have to replace it!

And, as you can see from the picture, the AC Wall Power Adapter (for home charging) comes included, as does the DC Car Power Adapter (for mobile charging).

The Lithium-ion battery is a HUGE 3.7 Volts, so not only will you NEVER have to replace it, you won't need to charge it too often, either!

Talk about a flashlight that HAS IT ALL!



By now, you should be convinced by how AMAZING this tactical flashlight is. But if you need a little bit more clarity, check out the video that Steve put together to demonstrate the MAGNITUDE OF AWESOMENESS you'll find in this flashlight. Warning: once you watch the video, get ready to buy! This thing is SWEET!

Finally - The (Low) Price!

How much do you think you'd pay if you bought this flashlight somewhere else? Like at a box store, or directly from the manufacturer online? You'd EASILY drop $60-75 on something with this kind of quality and with these features.

Not if you get it from us! For today and today only, this rugged, tactical, durable, AMAZING light can be yours for just $29.97 with FREE US SHIPPING! That's a ridiculously low price that you won't find anywhere else!

PS: We have an EXTREMELY limited quantity of these - and they won't last long. In the very rare even that there's any left Saturday, the price jumps back to $39.97, so don't wait! Get yours now while they're still available!


Computers 101


Joyce from MO writes:

I have lost the heading in my browser that has the file, edit, view, etc. How can I get it back? I know there is a shortcut, but can’t remember what it is. Thank you for any help.

The familiar “File” menu bar is quickly becoming a thing of the past with the latest version of each of the most popular web browsers, and is being replaced by different menu layouts and cleaner interfaces with less clutter. If you still want to use the standard menu bar, there are options available for switching back to this older style layout – although the exact method for bringing up the menu varies between browsers.

In the Mozilla Firefox web browser, the traditional menu bar has been replaced by the “Firefox” button, which brings up all the various options for changing browser settings or printing text on websites. If you want to go back to the original menu layout, click the orange “Firefox” button located in the top-left corner of the window.


Scroll down to the lower-right corner of the drop-down menu and click the “Options” button to bring up an extra set of options.

The Firefox

Switch over to the menu layout that features the standard “File,” “Edit,” and “View” buttons by clicking the option named “Menu Bar.”

Turning On The Menu Bar

If you ever want to remove the menu bar and return to the simpler “Firefox” button layout, click the “View” button in the menu bar, select “Toolbars,” and then remove the check mark from the “Menu Bar” option.

Turning Off The Menu Bar

Unfortunately the Google Chrome web browser does not currently have a setting to use the traditional menu bar layout, although it does feature an option to show the “Bookmarks” toolbar in the menu bar’s place. This toolbar lets you easily navigate to your favorite websites as you could through the menu bar in other browsers. To add the toolbar at the top of the browser, first click the “Wrench” icon located at the top-right corner of the screen just below the red “X” button. Open the sub-menu labeled “Bookmarks.”

The Chrome Wrench Icon

Click the “Show Bookmarks Bar” option to make the bookmarks menu appear at the top of the screen. Return to the “Bookmarks” menu and click “Show Bookmarks Bar” again if you want to turn off the feature.

Turning On The Bookmark Menu

Version 9 of the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser has removed all the standard “toolbar” options for changing which menus and toolbars are visible. While it might seem at first like there’s no way to use the old menu bar, Microsoft has left in a very simple shortcut to load the old menu layout in Internet Explorer. Simply press the “Alt” button on your keyboard while Internet Explorer is loaded to bring up the menu bar. You can then tap “Alt” again to hide the menu bar when it is no longer needed.

The Internet Explorer Menu Bar

~ Ty Arthur

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On The Move


Android Automatic App Updates Part 2

The article, Android Automatic App Updates, brought the following response from Murray.

I do not have an option for settings in Google Play. There is only a search option. My phone is currently running Android version 2.3.6 under Bell Canada. How would I make this change under this operating system?


Murray, while this may be related to Bell Canada service, I suspect that the issue is the location of the menu button on your phone. My phone (version 4.0) has an onscreen menu button, which was pictured in the original article, but the one for the version 2.3.6 phone displayed here is located at the left, below the screen.


Get the rest of this handy Android tip here!

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From The Archives


Keyboard Shortcuts to Underlining in MS Word

Quick… in MS Word, what’s the difference between Ctrl + U and Ctrl + Shift + W?

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock…

Give up?

The answer is one little word: spaces.

Let me explain.

I’m sure you all know that Ctrl + U will underline text, spaces and all like this:


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Today's Feature


Friday Funnies!

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Amanda's Coolsite


What You Own


Welcome to What You Own, a site that offers free software that will help you inventory what you own. There are a lot of practical reasons to create an inventory of what you own. What if your house burned down? What if you were robbed? What if you’re moving and need a better way to know what you have, so that you can pare down or store correctly? What if you need to do an inventory so you can insure your household goods?

I suggest that before you download the software and go to town making an inventory, that you read the FAQ section. This will answer a lot of the questions you may have or that may spring up before you get started. It also provides you food for thought. For example, do you want to take pictures of your items?


What I love about this software is its functionality. Sure you could keep a folder in your file cabinet with receipts, pictures, and a list of what you own – but isn’t that kind of a pain to keep updated? With this software, you can add recent purchases as well as, delete items that you have given away or trashed.

Because you make the inventories room by room, this would also be great software to have to set your house back up after a move! You would know exactly what went there.

You never know when you’re going to need an inventory of your home, so get started today!


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One More Big Deal


Tons of Wires, Tons of Clutter, Zero Accuracy, Uncomfortable...


You Need to Toss the Old one and Check This Out:

Wireless Rechargeable OPTICAL Mouse with 5 Buttons! 

 800 dpi Resolution for Maximum Accuracy & Performance


USB Powered Charger AND Rechargeable Batteries INCLUDED!

Leave Other Mice In The Dust


Putting Inferior Mice to Absolute Shame!

Everyone knows that optical mice are the way to go - hopefully no one is still surfin' along with a ball mouse! This is the newest, smoothest technology out there, and it's going to put EVERY other mouse you've ever used to shame!

No jumpy, shifty, jerky scrolling.  No lagging or skipping - just pure, smooth tracking and unbelievable comfort!

Cutting Edge Optical Technology...

Trust me, once you go optical, you'll NEVER go back to anything else.  This is superior tracking at it's finest!

How Fast? Oh...Just 800 DPI...about double the speed and smoothness of standard optical mice!  You've NEVER experienced something like this until you've owned one!

There's a fine line between "excellent" and "unbelievable," and this mouse crosses that line into a territory all it's own.  And while the main difference is in it's accuracy and smoothness, there's also a ton of features that make this mouse superior in EVERY way to what you currently have.  

USB Charging Dock & Cable INCLUDED!

This mouse is wireless.  It runs on two rechargable batteries (Included!) and it comes with a USB powered charging dock.  When you're ready to recharge, simply attach your mouse to the INCLUDED charging dock and that's all you have to do!

The charger is a USB interface, so you hook it up to your computer and connect it with the included cable.  This makes charging a breeze, and ensures that you NEVER run out of power!

LED Indicator Lights - this is awesome!  When you have your mouse on charge, you'll always know that it's charging up because of the LED indicator light!  It's lit up when it's connected, and when it's charging!  No more guessing and hoping, the light lets you know that it's powering up!  And speaking of power...

Power Saving Mode!

It's all about the details that make this the BEST mouse ever...and this is one detail that you're gonna love!

When not in use, this mouse goes to "sleep..." conserving your battery power for long-lasting convenience! 

Wireless & Ergonomic - Comfort & Convenience!

Wow, imagine're about to be using a mouse that doesn't chain you to one spot on the desk with it's stupid cord!  

Not only that, but the included batteries are rechargeable and this guy has some range!  Since it's optical, you'll immediately experience smooth tracking at a powerful distance! 

And speaking of comfort - your hand won't believe this!  

Something about this Mouse just feels right.  You can tell immediately upon using it that a lot of time was spent on the design.

Whether you're left or right handed, one thing's for certain: you can comfortably use this mouse for HOURS on end!

5 Button Design!

This is great for cruising the web, creating documents, using for work - you name it!  You have your typical left and right click buttons, and the scroll wheel acts as a third push-down button.  Then you have two buttons on the side for even quicker navigation!

Get ready to use the fastest, smoothest, most comfortable mouse EVER!


And You Can For Cheap!

Your cost, for a VERY short time, is just  $18.97  and US Shipping is FREE! That's an unbelievable deal - try finding that at ANY of your big box stores - you'll NEVER be able to! 

PS: limited quantity deal - we don't know how long these are gonna stick around, so get yours now before the price jumps up to $24.97 Monday!



Monthly Wallpaper

April Wallpaper!

Hey, no foolin' - April's wallpaper is ready to go!

All the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free.

Devil's Bathtub

Had to get a little wet for this one. Waded out into the (surprisingly cold) water and setup a tripod to capture the shot. This was the morning after a rainy day and there was... (more)

Bison Calf And Flower

I found this little guy roaming along the roadside with his mom (and about 300 other bison) in Custer State Park, SD. He was pretty playful and cooperative, so I stuck with him for a bit just to see what would happen. Glad I did! He discovered this thistle and flower and just couldn’t stop messing with it. At first, he was... (more)

Apple Tree Flower

This one is pretty simple. I don’t do a ton of macro shots, but in the spring, I just can’t seem to resist dragging out the 200mm macro lens and hitting the blossoms a bit. The tree I found was just full of new flowers, but I wanted something special. I noticed as the sun rose, the light spilled... (more)

It can all be found here:




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