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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-04-16

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Quick Tip


iTunes Speed Boost

Did you know that by default, iTunes has some features enabled that can actually slow its performance? Big surprise, eh? Well, thankfully some of those speed-sapping features are easily turned off.  Here’s a quick run-through:

In iTunes, click Edit>Preferences. A window will pop up with a bunch of tabs at the top. Pay close attention to these tabs, because we’ll be switching between them to disable features.

First, click the Sharing tab and uncheck Look for shared libraries. This feature is only useful if you have a local network. if you’re a single-user, it can be turned off. 

The next tab you’ll want to click is Apple TV. If you don’t have Apple TV in your house, then uncheck the box that says Look for Apple TVs.

The final tab is Devices. Here, you’ll want to uncheck Look for remote speakers connected with AirTunes, as well as Look for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad remotes – that is, unless your Apple devices are set up for use as Remotes.

Just a few quick options to free up some speed for iTunes!


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From Amateur to Pro - This is THE Program to Have!

If You Loved X3, PhotoPlus X4 Will Blow Your Mind!

Forget PhotoShop - This Does Everything That Can Do...


Crop, Adjust, Retouch, Enhance, Customize and TONS More!

Comes With PanoramaPlus X4 - A FREE Bonus Program!

Your Personal Digital Darkroom - Does Everything You Need and More!

Just $18.97 - an UNBELIEVABLE Value!


You No Longer Have to be a Pro...

To produce professional grade photos! Back in the good old days, either you were a skilled photographer or you weren't.  There wasn't much you could do to existing photos in order to make them better. Go ahead and look through your old photo albums...not exactly great, are they?

These days, you have TONS of photos, and the beauty of it is, you can upload them digitally and make HUGE improvements to them.  Technology today allows us to preserve and improve those cherished memories and keep them forever.  There's only one problem...

Most "standard" photo editing software costs a small fortune!  We won't drop any names - chances are, you know who the guilty parties are.  Here at Worldstart, we're constantly searching for the BEST photo editing software at the LOWEST price - without sacrificing on quality.

Everyone LOVED Serif PhotoPlus X3 - and now, we're proud to introduce to you Serif PhotoPlus X4!   Take everything you loved about X3, add even MORE features, more power, keep it easy to use and priced low...and you've got yourself a winner! Check this out!

Brand New.  Insanely Good.  

Most of us use photo editing software for the small things.  You know, like removing blemishes, fixing red eye, getting rid of blurriness - mainly cosmetic things.  Well, not only does Serif X4 have an AMAZING PhotoFix Studio, it's got a TON of other powerful features, and we're going to go over just some of them below - read on and fall in love!

And just keep in mind that other photo editing software with this kind of power and this many features will cost you hundreds...this one doesn't even come close to that perverse excuse for a price!

PhotoFix Studio - Your One-Stop Fix-All!

In a matter of minutes, you can make any photo look it's best using the PhotoFix Studio.  This allows you to make a number of common adjustments in a flash!  Red eye?  GONE!  Blemishes, blurriness, washed-out skin tones - fix those problems in seconds!

Everybody knows the camera always seems to highlight our worst flaws when getting a picture taken - PhotoFix Studio eliminates those problems in seconds!

It also allows you to adjust white balance exposure, lighting curves, film emulation and more - just wait until you get to use it!

Single out any and all issues and make them disappear with ease!

Cropping Made Easy - Really Easy!

Aside from fixing cosmetic issues with photos, easily the other most common feature we look for in a good photo editing software is the cropping.  Ever take a photo that turned out near perfect, if not for something you just don't like in the background?  Crop it out!

Sometimes, there's a certain aspect of a photo that we'd like to single out and focus on.  This often leads to cropping and resizing, and with lesser, inferior programs, something this simple can end up a confusing, out of focus mess!  Well not with Serif X4 - it makes cropping simple!

You'll notice that this NEW version of X4 gives you cropping with Drag & Click guides and the Rule of Thirds Grid to give you that PERFECT picture composition:

Looking For Effects?  Get a Load of This!

From amateur to pro, you're gonna LOVE this!  The Effects Gallery allows you to have your pick of a huge variety of effects that you can add to a given picture.  You can choose from filters like Black & White, oil painting, impressionist, pencil drawing - and TONS of others!
It's simple to use and very user friendly.  The Effects Filter allows you to customize your photos and add a unique effect in a variety of ways - and it provides a simple drop down menu that provides quick examples of what each one can do.  You'll have a blast putting different effects on different photos, and the results really are professional grade!
Simply Select an Effect:                              And Let it Blow Your Mind!


Idiot Proof History Menu - Go Back to the Original Any Time You Need!

Ok, so you're not a professional photographer.  Neither are we - but with Serif PhotoPlus X4, you can do anything you want to existing photos, and go back to the original any time you need to.

For example, lets say you're working on a photo and it's nearly perfect.  Until you make a change that you thought would enhance it, when really it didn't create the effect you were looking for.  Now lets say that you did that multiple times, and you really just want to go back to the original and start over.  You are learning, after all.

Most photo editing software only allows you to go back ONE single step - you're out of luck if you need to go back more.  Well, the fine folks at Serif don't like to limit their customers, and they understand that we're not all pro's.  So THIS particular history menu allows you to go back as far as you need - from one step, all the way back to the beginning!

That's just one more feature that makes this the BEST photo editing software for everyone - from pro's to amateurs!

A Finished Product That'll Impress ANYONE!

Observe the image to your left.  This shows you the end results using just some of the features we've been talking about!  Here we took a dark, hard-to-see photo with redeye, washed-out skin tones and, obviously, too much darkness - and completely transformed it.

Using a combination of the PhotoFix Studio, Text Layers, Layer Effects and Drop Shadow, we were able to take a poor photo with potential, and turn it into a beautiful keepsake memory of Easter morning!

The real shocker?  How fast and easy it was to make this photo shine!  Once you familiarize yourself with this program, you'll realize that the possibilities are virtually endless.

The user-friendly interface really helps to walk you through whatever it is you're trying to do, and in no time you won't even need to use it - you'll just know how!  


That's one of the things that really sets Serif apart from the other programs - It's fast, easy, and extremely effective...and you don't need to know anything about photography to successfully use it!

There's TONS of Great Features - We Merely Scratched the Surface!

Hey, it would take FOREVER to write an entire section about each of the features in this program!  You'd be reading this thing forever.  So instead, look below for a quick summary of some more of the outstanding features you're getting with this program.  This thing is STACKED - and these are just some of the highlights!

Raw Studio: this allows you to edit raw images before they're even produced!  Take care of any and all adjustments, like noise reduction and poor exposure. Get your color tone balance correct the first time around by adjusting white balance, exposure and black point - all from one menu!  You can even create your own custom text and effects.

HDR Photo Merge: this is AWESOME.  It allows you to merge photos that contain different or contrasting exposures.  You can customize the color range to create impressive, stunningly beautiful images by merging two or more images together.  Go ahead and further adjust it after you're done for complete customizations.

Pen & Paint Tools: ready to really get creative?  Choose from tons of textures and multiple paint brushes to draw on your digital photos, add in drop shadow, and finish it off with your own text - your photos can be anything you want them to be!

Serif PhotoPlus X4 even makes it easy to manage your existing photos.  Import and export from any location, and catergorize, tag and rate them from one location.  No matter how many photos you have, you'll be able to sort through them in no time!  And don't forget how easy it is to share them with the world!  You can even upload them onto Google Maps, add Geo Tags and send them to anyone!

FREE Bonus Program: PanoramaPlus X4!

That's right - this is a FREE bonus program that comes with Serif PhotPlus X4!  You can easily create stunning panoramic photos by putting several different images together!  Imagine being on a ski trip in gorgeous Colorado - you're at the top of the slope and you've taken several stunning skyline shots.  Sure, each photo is beautiful, but you want a panoramic shot of everything together.  Guess what - it's easy to do and this program comes as a bonus FOR FREE!  


Powerful Photo Editing Software - Amazing Price!

You'd think a photo editing program of this quality would run you several hundred dollars (cough...photoshop...ahem...)

Well...not at Worldstart! Today, you can get this cutting edge, top of the line photo editing software for just$18.97 with FREE US shipping! That's an amazing deal, and your photos are going to thank you for it!

PS - The quantity is EXTREMELY limited! This program will be gone Tuesday , so if you don't grab it today, you're gonna miss out on the DEAL OF A LIFETIME


Computers 101


Al from MN writes:

I was forwarding a email to one of my contacts and I noticed on my contact list is a box marked Adult Chat. I have no clue as to how it got there and I can’t seem to remove it. I am using MSN Hotmail account and my operating system is windows 7. Obviously, Hotmail nor McAfee picked this one up.

Al, it seems like spammers are always finding new ways to harass us online. In your case, having “Adult Chat” in your contact list isn’t just potentially malicious; it’s also embarrassing. You certainly don’t want your family or co-workers to think you’re up to no good.

McAfee didn’t notice this uninvited contact because it isn’t a virus or infection, so there isn’t really anything to detect. What’s happening here is that you’re being invited to the Adult Chat Hotmail group. Hotmail groups allow members to communicate more easily, and one member can quickly send a message to the entire group. When the spammer sends you the invitation to the Adult Chat group, the name of that group shows up in your contact list, whether you’ve accepted the invitation or not. Adult Chat positions itself so that it can’t be deleted like other contacts.

Fortunately, the fix for this one is easy. Log into your Hotmail account on the Windows Live website. Click the “Contacts” button on the left side of the window. Click on “View invitations” under the “Your friends” heading. Hotmail may not give an indication that you have any invitations, so you’ll always have to click this button to find out.

On the invitations screen, you’ll see Adult Chat listed under the Groups heading. Simply click the “No, thanks” button to deny the request, and watch Adult Chat disappear from your contacts list. If strange names start appearing in your contacts list again, remember to come back here to check the invitations screen.

Once you’ve gotten rid of Adult Chat, you can change your settings so you don’t have to deal with this problem again. To do that, click the “Change your invitation settings” link above Groups. Click the button next to “Private” and click “Save” to apply the change.

By setting your privacy options to Private, no one can send you invitations. Only your friends can see your status, profile, contact information and photo albums. Also, only people you approve can find you when they search for you by name. If you want everyone to be able to find you in search and see your profile, but you want to stop getting invitations from those you don’t know, click “Advanced”. Under the “Who can contact me” section, click the slider next to “Friend and group invitations.” Drag the slider to choose your desired privacy setting. Selecting “No one” will block everyone from sending you group invitations. You can also choose to only allow invitations from friends or from people your friends know. When you’re done choosing a setting, click “Save.”

Turning off invitations, or at least keeping an eye on them, will usually prevent most Hotmail spammers from posing as your contacts. If you’re concerned that spammers have infected your computer, consider running an anti-virus scanning program for peace of mind. Free programs, like SUPERAntiSpyware and Ad-Aware, do a good job at removing worms, spyware, and other problems.

~ Melissa Howbert

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On The Move


SlideIt Keyboard for Android

When cell phones came out, I was a relatively young man, but even then I was still kind of a grumpy on the issue.  I always said “I only need a cell phone to make phone calls, dag’nabbit!”  I always resisted using them for much of anything else, and despised texting.  Well, the advent of touch-screen smart phones changed my mind on a lot of this.  I now use my cell phone to check e-mail, surf the net, play games, watch movies and listen to audiobooks.

And yes, reluctantly, thanks to my second wife, text.  Never liked texting, though, because I have big sausage fingers.

Well, I found an app for my android phone on sale for ten cents the other day called the “SlideIt” keyboard.  Sounded intriguing – and I figured that for a dime what have I got to lose?  The normal cost is $5.99, and trust me, it’s worth every penny.  There’s also a free trial version that you can play with for fifteen days.

The keyboard looks like this:

That's not all! Click here for the rest!

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From The Archives


Terri from IL asks:

Can you give me some basic directions on how to personalize my Windows Vista? I’m talking about the desktop wallpaper, screensavers, etc.

If you are using Windows Vista and you’re having trouble figuring out how to personalize it with your own wallpaper, etc., here are some simple instructions for you on how to do it. It’s not as hard as it may seem either. So, let’s get started!

To get to the options window, right click on your desktop and choose Personalize. You will then have several different settings to choose from. For this tip, I’m only going to go over Window Color and Appearance, Desktop Background and Screensaver. The others (Sounds, Mouse Pointers, Theme and Display Settings) are pretty much the same as they were in Windows XP.

Window Color and Appearance: For this one, you can choose a solid color for your window color. This is the color you’ll see when you open any new window. There are several color options to choose from, including blue, teal, red, pink and a frost (white) color. If you’re not happy with any of those, you can click on the Color Mixerto make your own combination. Once you’re done, click OK and your new color will take over. If you don’t like it, just go back and choose another one until you find the right one for you.

More customization tips here, Vista users!

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Today's Feature


Windows 7 AutoPlay Settings

On any given day I insert, plug-in and otherwise connect any number of different devices and media to my computer. Digital cameras, my iPhone, DVDs, CDs; you name it and chances are I'm quite familiar with each thing and with what the result of me connecting/inserting it is.

But I want more choice! For example, when I insert an audio CD, I don't necessarily want iTunes to load it – I'd much rather import through Windows Media Player; and when I put a DVD in, I know I want it to play automatically, just like my regular family room DVD player.

So let's make it so every bit of media your computer interacts with does exactly what you expect it to do!

To learn more about AutoPlay settings in Windows 7, click here.

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Amanda's Coolsite


Red Panda Network

One of my all-time favorite animals, and quite possibly the cutest animal on earth, is the red panda. This highlights the need for red panda conservation efforts.

I suggest you start your journey by mousing over Red Panda, and then clicking About the Red Panda. It is in the About the Red Panda section that you can learn all about the red panda. You’ll learn about the two subspecies of red pandas, where they live, what they eat, how they live, what their life cycle is like, and why they are in danger.

The next section I suggest, is Red Panda Videos, it’s also under the heading Red Panda. There are three videos and they are all super cute! I love the way the little baby walks in the third video.

If you have kids, and they love red pandas, you might want to check out the Red Panda Ranger information. You’ll find it under Get Involved, and then click International Red Panda Day!

These animals are really amazing. I hope you’ll check them out!


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One More Big Deal


Tons of Wires, Tons of Clutter, Zero Accuracy, Uncomfortable...


You Need to Toss the Old one and Check This Out:

Wireless Rechargeable OPTICAL Mouse with 5 Buttons! 

 800 dpi Resolution for Maximum Accuracy & Performance


USB Powered Charger AND Rechargeable Batteries INCLUDED!

Leave Other Mice In The Dust


Putting Inferior Mice to Absolute Shame!

Everyone knows that optical mice are the way to go - hopefully no one is still surfin' along with a ball mouse! This is the newest, smoothest technology out there, and it's going to put EVERY other mouse you've ever used to shame!

No jumpy, shifty, jerky scrolling.  No lagging or skipping - just pure, smooth tracking and unbelievable comfort!

Cutting Edge Optical Technology...

Trust me, once you go optical, you'll NEVER go back to anything else.  This is superior tracking at it's finest!

How Fast? Oh...Just 800 DPI...about double the speed and smoothness of standard optical mice!  You've NEVER experienced something like this until you've owned one!

There's a fine line between "excellent" and "unbelievable," and this mouse crosses that line into a territory all it's own.  And while the main difference is in it's accuracy and smoothness, there's also a ton of features that make this mouse superior in EVERY way to what you currently have.  

USB Charging Dock & Cable INCLUDED!

This mouse is wireless.  It runs on two rechargable batteries (Included!) and it comes with a USB powered charging dock.  When you're ready to recharge, simply attach your mouse to the INCLUDED charging dock and that's all you have to do!

The charger is a USB interface, so you hook it up to your computer and connect it with the included cable.  This makes charging a breeze, and ensures that you NEVER run out of power!

LED Indicator Lights - this is awesome!  When you have your mouse on charge, you'll always know that it's charging up because of the LED indicator light!  It's lit up when it's connected, and when it's charging!  No more guessing and hoping, the light lets you know that it's powering up!  And speaking of power...

Power Saving Mode!

It's all about the details that make this the BEST mouse ever...and this is one detail that you're gonna love!

When not in use, this mouse goes to "sleep..." conserving your battery power for long-lasting convenience! 

Wireless & Ergonomic - Comfort & Convenience!

Wow, imagine're about to be using a mouse that doesn't chain you to one spot on the desk with it's stupid cord!  

Not only that, but the included batteries are rechargeable and this guy has some range!  Since it's optical, you'll immediately experience smooth tracking at a powerful distance! 

And speaking of comfort - your hand won't believe this!  

Something about this Mouse just feels right.  You can tell immediately upon using it that a lot of time was spent on the design.

Whether you're left or right handed, one thing's for certain: you can comfortably use this mouse for HOURS on end!

5 Button Design!

This is great for cruising the web, creating documents, using for work - you name it!  You have your typical left and right click buttons, and the scroll wheel acts as a third push-down button.  Then you have two buttons on the side for even quicker navigation!

Get ready to use the fastest, smoothest, most comfortable mouse EVER!


And You Can For Cheap!

Your cost, for a VERY short time, is just  $18.97  and US Shipping is FREE! That's an unbelievable deal - try finding that at ANY of your big box stores - you'll NEVER be able to! 

PS: limited quantity deal - we don't know how long these are gonna stick around, so get yours now before the price jumps up to $24.97 Tuesday!



Monthly Wallpaper

April Wallpaper!

Hey, no foolin' - April's wallpaper is ready to go!

All the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free.

Devil's Bathtub

Had to get a little wet for this one. Waded out into the (surprisingly cold) water and setup a tripod to capture the shot. This was the morning after a rainy day and there was... (more)

Bison Calf And Flower

I found this little guy roaming along the roadside with his mom (and about 300 other bison) in Custer State Park, SD. He was pretty playful and cooperative, so I stuck with him for a bit just to see what would happen. Glad I did! He discovered this thistle and flower and just couldn’t stop messing with it. At first, he was... (more)

Apple Tree Flower

This one is pretty simple. I don’t do a ton of macro shots, but in the spring, I just can’t seem to resist dragging out the 200mm macro lens and hitting the blossoms a bit. The tree I found was just full of new flowers, but I wanted something special. I noticed as the sun rose, the light spilled... (more)

It can all be found here:




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