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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-04-20

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Quick Tip

In The News 04-20-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology

 Credit Cards

Put Away Your Card, Pick Up Your Phone

Do you ever use your phone to pay for a transaction, whether it be your morning coffee, or simply buying an app?  You’re definitely not alone as a recent survey by Pew Internet & American Life Project has shown that nearly two-thirds (65%) of respondents believed the “mobile” wallet will replace the traditional wallet by 2020.  The mobile wallet refers to using your mobile device to take care of financial transactions.  As of now, 38% of smartphone users have already used the phone to make a purchase.  Add to the  stats that show that 46% of the same users have purchased an app and one-third use their phone for mobile banking.

Warning: Math Ahead

These stats may be a bit misleading however.  ComScore released information back in February that stated 42 percent of all mobile users in the US had smartphones in 2011.  Currently an estimated 234 million Americans use mobile devices, which makes just over 98 million with smartphones. Of that 98 million, only 37 million would have made purchases with their phone.  Compare that to the total US population of 313 million people.  Smartphone use is continuing to grow, however, with a 15 percent increase (of total mobile users) switching to the more advanced devices between 2010 and 2011.  What do you think, do you think we will be seeing a vast majority of our financial transactions being completed with smartphones in 8 years?

 Ad Revenue Going Up

Ads, Ads, and… Ads

Revenue from internet ads hit an all time high in 2011, according to a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau.  The report states that ad revenue reached $31 billion which is a 22% increase over 2010′s revenue.  It may also come as no surprise that the top category of ads with the highest growth was mobile-based advertising.  The $1.6 billion in ad revenue from mobile-based ads shows a 149% growth but is also a small fraction of the overall total.  Other categories with growth included digital video ads, display advertising, and ads that show up in and around search results and search engines.  The latter holds the biggest share of total revenue with 47%.

The increase in revenue is a sign that advertisers are putting their ads in the proper place for people to see.  More and more individuals are using the Internet, making it an easy target for new ads. While most people may not be a fan of internet ads, these ads often help to generate revenue for websites that offer free content.  YouTube, many online news sources, and even WorldStart are examples of sites that do this.  Google even has its share of ads located in various places during a Google search.


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100% Of All Hard Drives Fail!


It's Not A Matter Of "IF" Your Drive Will Fail- It's a Matter Of "When"!


In The US Alone, Over 20 MILLION People Will Have A Hard Drive Crash This Year!


110 MILLION Will Lose Data To Malware & Viruses!

Don't Have A Back Up Plan?

Well - Now YOU DO!


When Your Drive Fails, You Only Have Three Choices:

1. Restore Your Backup
2. Lose Your Data
3. Pay Thousands For Data Recovery - And There's No Guarantee It'll Even Work!

"There are two kinds of computer users in this world - Those who have lost data and those who will!"

Let's face it - we REALLY rely on our computers.

We keep our irreplaceable photos, videos, documents, and music right there on our PCs. However, a staggering 76% of us do NOT back up as often as we should!

That's Texas Chain Saw Massacre scary if you ask me!

Think that's bad? Get this - 43% of people polled admitted they've lost data from their hard drive - over the course of just ONE year! That's nearly HALF of all computer users!! "Sorry about our wedding photos hun..., Oh, and can I have $1000 to replace the iTunes library?"

Think that's scary? Then you'll want to be sitting down for this:

There will be an estimated 20 MILLION devastating hard drive crashes THIS year!
There will be an estimated 110 million malware infections that destroy files
PLUS millions of other system problems that will wipe out data.

Take cover - we're talking the black Plague of the digital age!

What's even MORE outrageous is that it's SOOOOO easy to keep your irreplaceable files, photos, and music safe and sound! A good backup program is ALL you need!

I think the reason people don't worry about backups enough is we're all WAY too accustomed to things coming in a physical form. I mean, think about it - used to be we had things like CDs, photo negatives (and prints), and actual paper documents.

Those days are fading fast! Just look at digital photos - over 80% of the households in the US now own a digital camera. Around 90% of us keep digital photos on our computers - either from our cameras or from images sent by friends and family. What happens when there's a problem?

Will years of your family history simply be wiped out due to a crash or virus?

Too bad about little Timmy's first 5 years huh?


What about music? Over 70% of us keep music on our computers. If you purchased that music online, you know that if you lose it, it's gone forever! You'll have to repurchase everything- and THAT gets expensive quick!

Hey, even if you only copied CDs - do you really want to go through that hassle again???

Then of course there are all the important documents, favorite web sites, spreadsheets, tax forms, financial files, etc that we've accumulated over the years. Just how many countless hours do you have invested in creating those files? Are you willing to lose it all - right now - and start from scratch? I didn't think so!

So why isn't everyone a backup fanatic?

When asked, most people will cite one of two reasons for NOT doing backups - either they are too much of a hassle, or they simply have no idea how to do it.

Don't fall into the "I'll get around to it" trap!

The backup you're planning to make tomorrow won't help you one little bit when your computer crashes today.

Well, the program we're featuring solves BOTH the problems above with ease AND for $8.97 it's something everyone can afford. Finally! (Note - this is a one time software purchase, not a monthly fee like many online backup services)

Of course, just any old backup software won't do - you need something that will actually work WITH you to take ALL the hassle out of doing your regular backups - and we have just the program! It's called, appropriately enough, Save My Files, and you are absolutely gonna love this easy to use file backup program!

First off, let's take a peek at all the cool features:

checkFull And Incremental Backups - This is so sweet I'm surprised Willy Wonka hasn't named a chocolate bar after it!

A Full Backup does just what it sounds like - backs up EVERY file you tell it to. Now, that alone would usually be enough, but this program cranks it up to the next level by offering time saving Incremental Backups as well!

Incremental Backups are backups you do AFTER you've completed a full backup. Check it out - This type of "smart backup" looks at your current archive and ONLY copies files that are either new or updated! It leaves the stuff that's not changed alone!

Bottom line - You don't have to wait an hour (or hours) for a backup job to complete! Once the initial full backup job is done, the incremental backups are VERY fast (usually less than a minute)! If disaster strikes, you still have ALL your old files, so nothing to lose and mountains of time to gain. I LOVE incremental backups - and YOU will too!

checkAutomatically Finds Files For You! Oh, you'll LOVE this! A HUGE problem with doing backups is that, well, sometimes you just don't know where all your files are - especially music and photos. This ingenious software can help!

For example, let's say you wanted to backup all your pictures. Just select the option for "Photos", and let it go to work. In a blink of an eye the program starts scouring your hard drive for photos.

It checks all over - heck it may find photos you didn't know you had!

Again - YOU don't need to know where all the files actually are - this finds and backs them up automatically! How cool is that?

You can even specify file types, so if you have some proprietarily format, it can automatically find those files too! Now THAT'S a KILLER feature!

check Encrypt And Password Protect Your Backups - Do you have sensitive information in your backups? Hey, password protect and encrypt 'em!

You'll never need to worry about someone getting at your sensitive information just because they found the CD you keep your backup on. Nice!

checkMedia Spanning - Have more to backup that will fit on a single CD, flash drive or hard drive? No worries! This can break the data apart and span it across multiple CDs, DVDs, flash drives, external hard drives, - whatever you use! WOW!

check Stores In ZIP Format - This is absolutely HUGE if you ask me.

Here's the thing - what if you do a backup and then lose the backup software? How can you get your files OUT of the compressed backup file? Yikes!

Ahh, no worries - this software stores your files in a standard ZIP file that can be opened via Windows (Note - it WILL prompt you for your password if you choose to encrypt and protect the file).

Oh - and don't forget - with ZIP format, you're compressing everything! Awesome - Your backups won't take up gobs of space!!

check Select ANY Location You Want To Backup - Frankly, this does such a good job with the "pre determined" suggestions it offers, you probably won't even need this feature. However, if you have special folders floating around and want to make sure they are included with the backup, this software makes it easy!

You can select ANY folder on your hard drive and it will back it up for you!

checkExclude Files - OK, maybe there are some files you DON'T want the software to backup. Just tell it the what files you don't want to include in your backup, and they won't be added - even if they reside in a folder that you specified for backup - super-cool huh?

Whew - that's quite a list, and it doesn't even HINT at how incredibly easy this software is to use! Backing up is just a matter of running the program and telling it what you want to save! A few mouse clicks and you're good to go!

Don't believe me? Check out out video demonstration and I'll prove it!

Now, here's the really cool thing - after you do your initial backup, all you need to do for future backups is run the program and tell it to use your existing backup job! Talk about a time saver!

Plus, this lets you create MULTIPLE backups too! You could have several backup files - one for pictures, one for business, one for music - or lump them all together - it's totally up to you!

WOW - there's a LOT to this software, but I think you get the idea - it makes doing your regular backups SUPER easy! The program is basic enough for anyone to use but still has enough options for advanced users - what more could you want?


Oh, yeah, the deal - we're talking just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE! That's got to be one of the best deals in the history of the PC - Heck most backup programs go for a MINIMUM of $50!

RUN to the site and grab your before they're gone! This was a VERY limited time offer and we can't guarantee how long this software is going to last - especially for this crazy low price!

PS - Right this very second, a hard drive is failing or a virus is destroying data - you could be next! Remember, there's a 43% chance that YOU will lose data this year! Don't take a risk - grab this amazing, easy to use backup software today and make sure you data is SAFE!

Your TIRED Eyes Need Some Assistance...

You've Tried Magnifiers, But They Hardly Ever Work...


You Thought You'd Seen it All. You Were WRONG!

It's 4.5X Magnification That Combines UV AND LED Lighting!

8 Bright White LED Bulbs - 1 Stunning UV Bulb - 45% Magnification...


Get PERFECT Vision with a PERFECT Magnifier!


A Bright Sight for Blurry Eyes...

It happens to everybody: one day, you wake up and realize that your vision is NOT what it used to be.  Not even close.  In fact, you can hardly read a receipt any more.  And when you try reading the fine print, you're left with a squint-induced headache!

From your bills to menus in your favorite restaurants, one this is for certain: YOU CAN'T READ THE FINE PRINT ANYMORE!

If you're ready to eliminate that problem, you MUST check this brand new magnifier out!  It's PACKED full of awesome technology, including 8 LED bulbs and a UV light!  Read on!

You Ain't Seen NOTHIN' Til You've Seen it Through THIS...

A 4.5X Magnifier With the Power of 8 LED's!

Ready for perfect vision?  Then this is just what you need! The very first thing you'll notice about this portable magnifier is the 8 LED bulbs that surround the magnifying glass.  These little bulbs are PACKED full of bright white lighting power - and they're activated with the push of a button!

It's like an "All Seeing Eye..." No matter what you're trying to read, if the small print is giving you fits you've gotta have this! 

Whether it's a receipt, a sensitive document with fine print, even the daily newspaper - just put this 2.5'' lens over it, push the button and SEE EVERYTHING CLEARLY!

Push a Button - Light It Up! It's seriously that easy.  Push it once, and a UV light comes on, push it again, and 8 LED bulbs flood the area with BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT!

As you can see, the bulbs are on the rear of the magnifying glass, which  work to illuminate what you're pointing at without inhibiting your vision!

This piece of visual heaven has the perfect balance between light and magnification - but there's a LOT more to it than that - read on!

Not Just 8 LED's - This Has a UV Bulb Too!

This is a NEVER BEFORE SEEN FEATURE! Coupled with the 8 LED bulbs, it creates an unbelievably bright effect!  Of course, if you just push the button once, only the UV bulb will turn on - and it allows you to do things you never though possible with a magnifier!

Look what it's doing to a 50 dollar bill!

Verify the authenticity of money, check areas around your home for harmful residues left behind by UV visible chemicals, detect fluid stains invisible to the naked eye and more!

UV lights, also known as "Black Lights" are used all over the world for many, many reasons - and now you can have one too!  Other, less common uses for a UV light include uses for rock collectors, insect detection and attraction, and security verifications.  What will you use yours for?  It's up to you!

Tough & Durable - Simple to Use!

Right when you get this in your hands, one word will be flashing before your tired eyes: QUALITY.  This thing is built like a tank without being bulky - it's the perfect size for easy portability without compromising on toughness.  The lens is surrounded by a tough plastic ring, and the body is comprised of hardened plastic with handle grooves.  A NICE touch!

The lens diameter is a perfect 2.5'' which makes it ideal for everything.  It's not so small that it limits what you can use it on, but it's not so big that it inhibits it's portability. 

Go ahead and keep it in your purse, bookbag...even in your pocket! 

This is also ideal for leaving in your glove box while you travel.  Those maps are difficult for anybody to read, but not with this!  If it's kept in the car, you'll always know where to find it to look at credit card slips, receipts, contractual documents - ANYTHING!


Collectors Will LOVE it!

Do you collect sports cards?  Coins?  Antiques or jewelry?  If so, you're about to be amazed!  Not only does this thing work better than a loupe, it's UV bulb will show any stains, fluids or chemicals that could affect the value of your items! 

That's just one more of the LONG list of things this amazing magnifying light is ideal for!  Think of how many other uses you'll get out of it!

Excellent Quality - Excellent Price!

Today, we're gonna let you have this super-useful, ultra-convenient set of extra eyes for the unbelievable price of just $10.97 with FREE US SHIPPING!

Get it Here and STOP SQUINTING!

PS: Grab one while you can! Not only is there a limited supply, Saturday the price jumps back up to  $18.97!


Computers 101

Andrew from MI asks:

I keep getting the message ”need more virtual memory”. I have tried a few different ways to increase it, with no success. Can I get a better graphic card and will that help? I have 4.00 GB RAM (3.25 usable) No problem with computer slow down. My operating system is 32 bits whatever that means. Is it possible to upgrade to 64?

Note: The solutions presented in this article require an installed copy of Windows 7 and full administrator rights. Windows XP users, see the notes throughout the article for similar steps.

To answer your questions first let’s see what virtual memory is.
Every program or application that runs on your computer needs memory to run. This includes the operating system itself and any background programs that get loaded at system startup.

Most of the memory in your computer is physical memory, or RAM (Random Access Memory). Generally, physical memory isn’t large enough to hold all the programs running on a computer. As such, Windows uses virtual memory to compensate for any lack of physical memory.

Windows frequently swaps portions of programs between physical and virtual memory prioritizing active programs, which are always loaded into physical memory. This allows computers that have less physical memory (RAM) than the minimum requirements of a program to be able to run that program. Although this can cause slowdowns attributed to frequent hard drive swapping.

Virtual memory is present in your computer in the form of a file on your hard drive. This file is called a Page File or a Swap File and it’s usually found in the root of the C: drive. By default Windows sets the Page File size between 1.5 to 3 times the size of the physical memory installed in a computer. The entire process is automatic, expanding and contracting the size of the Page File within these limits.

Now that you have a general understanding of virtual memory, let’s look at how we can solve the “low virtual memory” error message.
“Low virtual memory” messages indicate that programs running on your computer need more space but Windows can’t find enough space within the imposed limitations. This can be caused by faulty programs not releasing memory space after termination, or it can be caused by setting the Page File size too low and even by not having enough free hard drive space.

From your question, I see you have more than enough RAM to run most current programs. In addition, since you do not experience slowdowns, I suspect the problem might be either a faulty application or not enough hard drive space.

To solve this problem first you need to check if Windows is managing the size of your Page File automatically.


Begin by going to the Start Menu and clicking on Control Panel. Next, click on the System and Security group. Then, click on System and finally click on Advanced system settings.

This will bring up the System Properties window. Click on the Advanced tab and under Performance, click theSettings… button.

In the Performance Options window, click the Advanced tab. Then, under Virtual memory, click the Change… button.

This will bring up the Virtual Memory window. Here, make sure the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives box is checked and click OK to exit. If any other option is checked, change it back to automatic and restart your computer.

Note: In Windows XP, go to the Start Menu, click on Control Panel and then on System. Then follow the same steps above until you reach the Virtual Memory window. There, make sure the System managed size box is checked and click OK to exit.

Now that you know that Windows is managing the Page File, you should check if you have enough free hard drive space.


Go to the Start Menu again and this time, click on Computer. Take a look at the C: drive. If you have less than 10% of free hard drive space, your drive is too full. Use Disk Cleanup, uninstall unneeded applications and archive some files on DVD’s to make more room for the Page File on your drive.

If you still receive the “low virtual memory” message after checking these two issues, it’s most likely that a program is causing the error.

Here’s how you can check if a program is causing a memory leak.

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete from your keyboard and click on Start Task Manager from the list to bring up the Task Manager. In the Task Manager window select the

Processes tab and click on View from the menu bar. Next, click on Select Columns.


Then, check the box next to Memory -Paged Pool and click OK.

Note: In Windows XP follow the same steps above. However, after you select Columns, check the box next to Virtual memory and click OK.


In the Processes tab, look for a process that has a large value in the Paged Pool column. You’ll probably have to look up the name of the offending process online to determine its parent application. If you find a suspicious application, the only solution is to uninstall it from your computer (or apply the latest patch) and see if you still receive the error message.

As for your other questions, unless you’re using an on-board graphic card that shares video memory with RAM you don’t need to change your graphic card to solve this problem. Switching to a 64bit operating system only requires a 64bit copy of Windows (and a compatible CPU). Also, 64bit operating systems can address all of your 4GB of RAM but not all applications are compatible.

You might be interested in this Worldstart article if you want to use the full 4 GB of RAM in a 32bit OS.

I hope this article was helpful in answering your questions.

~Cosmin Ursachi

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On The Move

In Search of a Smartphone Part Two: Security


The mobility and technological sophistication of smartphones that makes them so popular also increases their vulnerability. With that in mind, after attempting to familiarize myself with the fundamentals (see the article, In Search of a Smartphone Part One), an understanding of security problems and (hopefully) some of their solutions begins here. Since I don’t yet own a smartphone, this information was obtained exclusively through research. As a result, there will surely be errors and omissions. Any criticism or comments are welcome.

Read the rest of this series at Worldstart!

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From The Archives

Sticky Highlighting Key

I’m sure you’re aware of the wonders of the Shift key when it comes to mouseless highlighting, but are you one who isn’t so great with key combinations? I mean, all those keys at once is just not something you’re good with, but on the other hand, you’d still like to use your keyboard more and the mouse less.

If that’s an accurate description for you, I may have an alternate to the Shift key that gets the job done just as well!

Instead of the old Shift + arrows (or whatever key you’re using to move around the file), try the F8 key instead.

Yep, that’s the whole trick: the F8 key.

Find out how it works here!

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Friday Funnies!

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Amanda's Coolsite

History World

Welcome to History World, a site whose goal is to make history more accessible through interactive content. The timelines on this site are incredible! They have over 10,000 events categorized, which makes them a joy to interact with.

There are several ways to navigate the site. When I arrived, the featured article was on the History of Writing. The featured articles can be scrolled through by using the next and prev buttons underneath the section. 

To the right of the featured section is a word cloud – click on any word in the cloud to be whisked away to where it is located on the timeline. You can also select to navigate around the site with the menu tabs: Histories, Timelines, Quiz, and More.

Are you looking for a specific event or person in history? You can use the handy search engine at the top right of the page to type in what you are looking for and click the arrow button to start the search.

I explored the site by just diving in and clicking things. I like to let whatever interests me at the moment to guide where I go on sites like this. So, what are you waiting for? Go, explore the site!


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One More Big Deal

We ALL Love the Warm Weather, But...


Before You Know it, You're Livin' Amongst the Flies!

You NEED The Bug Zapping Racket - It's Like an Electric Chair for Flies!

Not Only is it EFFECTIVE - It's a TON of Fun!

Swing - Connect - ZAP!  No Guts, No Mess!

Awesome Racket Sends a Jolt of Electricity Through ANY Bug on Impact!

This is a MUST-HAVE Item For EVERYONE!

You Don't Have to Live Amongst the Bugs Ever Again!


Don't Let the BUGS Take Over!

There's nothing as satisfying as sitting on your couch and zappin' flies with an electronic tennis racket! Seriously!

While this thing looks like an ordinary tennis racket, it's anything but! This baby is a bug zapper! Just turn this bad boy on and swat yourself a fly, mosquito, ect, and ZAP!!! It's dead!

SOOOOO much more fun than a stupid old fly swatter - and man, that little "CRRRAAACKK" you hear when insect meets highly-charged metal is VERY satisfying!

OK, sure, it sounds like I'm maybe enjoying myself at a level that is just a bit south of healthy, but I just can't STAND all the spring and summer bugs that get into the house - I gotta get those kids to close the doors! Oh, and the flies! Don't they just drive you insane? Always buzzin' around your food, your kitchen, head, kids, dog, crawling on your TV set - it's misery!

Give 'em The SHOCK Treatment!

With this little racket in hand, you'll get an evil grin each time one of those little critters invades your close personal space! In fact, you may even start looking forward to those little buggers getting inside! A quick swing and POW! Flyin' into your house was their last mistake! 

Plus, these are much cleaner to use than a regular swatter or some nasty bug spray! Think about it - no more squished fly guts smeared all over your kitchen counter (window, screen, arm, face)! This ZAPS 'em dead - a much cleaner method if you ask me (and did I mention it was a LOT more fun?)

Simple & Safe to Use - Amazing Results!

How do they work? Just pop in a couple AA batteries, and press and hold the button at the side. In a matter of seconds, it builds up a surprisingly high-voltage charge (don't touch the grate if you're pressing the button - trust me on that one)! Swat the bug and POP!! He's (literally) toast!

Fun and joking aside, these ARE safe to keep around the house: they lose their charge after you turn them off, so you don't have to worry about anyone accidentally getting a little shock.

I personally had a set of these last year and you'd be surprised how many people absolutely LOVED 'em! Without exception, every friend and family member that came over asked what it was, then went off hunting. So, these are either REALLY cool or I hang out with LOTS of bizarre people! Either way, you won't know till you try!

One CHEAP & Fun Way to Keep the Bugs at Bay!

Your price for all this bug-bustin' bliss? Just $9.97  and US Shipping is FREE! Hey, you just can't buy this much fun for that kind of money anymore! Grab yourself one - you'll LOVE it! 

PS - These are a super popular item, and we expect the stock to dry up fast - don't wait around, order yours before they're gone!



Monthly Wallpaper

April Wallpaper!

Hey, no foolin' - April's wallpaper is ready to go!

All the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free.

Devil's Bathtub

Had to get a little wet for this one. Waded out into the (surprisingly cold) water and setup a tripod to capture the shot. This was the morning after a rainy day and there was... (more)

Bison Calf And Flower

I found this little guy roaming along the roadside with his mom (and about 300 other bison) in Custer State Park, SD. He was pretty playful and cooperative, so I stuck with him for a bit just to see what would happen. Glad I did! He discovered this thistle and flower and just couldn’t stop messing with it. At first, he was... (more)

Apple Tree Flower

This one is pretty simple. I don’t do a ton of macro shots, but in the spring, I just can’t seem to resist dragging out the 200mm macro lens and hitting the blossoms a bit. The tree I found was just full of new flowers, but I wanted something special. I noticed as the sun rose, the light spilled... (more)

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