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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-04-23

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Quick Tip

Richard from Connecticut writes:

How do I use an HD TV as my computer monitor?

Many modern HDTV’s include two popular options for connecting your computer. Older computers (and some recent ones) will use a connection called Dsub (or VGA), and is usually a blue tipped 15 Pin connection on the back of your computer. It uses a male to male cable VGA cable to plug into the PC on one end and the TV on the other. It only transmits video, so you’ll also need to connect an audio cable from your computers speaker port to the audio input. Dsub can be be labeled VGA, PC IN, Monitor or Dsub, depending on your TV.

Newer computers will include a HDMI output, which is a flat male to male ended cable which transmits both video and sound, and is capable of displaying at the highest resolutions. If your computer includes a HDMI connection, it is the best way to connect it to a HDTV.

Once you connect your computer you must make sure to reference your TV’s manual for the proper resolution settings for your computer, as a 720p TV or 1080p TV will have a different resolution then most typical computer monitors. You can change the resolution by going to Display in Control Panel in Windows or System Preferences > Display on a mac. It is always recommended to use the native resolution of the TV as described in the manual.

HDTV Input

Hope this helps!


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Want a Sure-Fire Way to Destroy Your Computer & Electronics?


But if You're Looking for the BEST Protection Money Can Buy...


4 Grounded Outlets - Extra AC Space - Cord Management - Dual Sided...


Sleek & Compact - Perfect for Home and Travel!

Even Features a Safety Circuit Breaker!


Lifetime Warranty & $10,000 Connected Equipment Warranty!



Practice Safe Electronics!

Whether you're at home or in a hotel room, there's one absolute certainty that you must abide by: you MUST use a surge protector if you're running your electronics!  

This is SO important!  You might not think so now, when it's nice and sunny outside...but all it takes is one little surge during a storm to FRY your computer, scramble your data like eggs, and destroy your connected electronics.

You need something with more protection than necessary.  You need something that gives you options.  You need something compact and portable that guarantees it's safety with a $10,000 connected electronics warranty.. And we've got it!

350 Joules.  350% Protection!

Most of the "standard" surge protectors you'll find offer around 100 or so joules of protection.  Some of them even drop down into the double digit range.  They might protect you during a surge, but is it worth the risk?  Nope.  Not when you've got thousands of dollars worth of equipment hooked up to it.

This one has 350 Joules of Protection! Sure, it might be considered a bit of overkill, but trust me, nobody has EVER complained about the device protecting their electronics being too safe, right?  Of course not!  You want all the protection you can get, and then some!

Lighting fast response: quicker than one NANOSECOND!  That means that literally within a split second of a power surge occuring, this has already blocked it from hurting your electonics.  That's like superman speed.  On steroids.  

Security: A $10,000 Connected Equipment Warranty!

Yeah, we could go on all day about how great the protection is, but I think this is enough.

Anything you have connected to this surge protector is covered - up to $10,000 - that's how certain the developers are about this thing!

It's one thing for a company to stand behind their product, but it's a whole different level when they back it up like that!  

If you're using this surge protector, you can rest assured that your equipment is going to be nice and safe in the event of a power surge!


4 Grounded Outlets - Extra AC Space - Cord Management - Dual Sided!

While this surge protector is great for using at home, it positively thrives during travel!  Whether you're on vacation or on a business trip, this compact, sleek device is perfect for bringing with you. Oh, and if you're looking for ALL the bells & whistles, you've gotta read about the specs! Check it out:

4 Grounded Outlets: that means you can have four of your most important devices plugged into this thing.  Whether it's your computer, television - whatever - you know it's going to be just fine.  And speaking of plugging four things in, get a load of the way it's designed!

Extra AC Space - TOTAL Convenience: One look is all it takes to notice that there's just two AC outlets on each side - and they're spaced extra far apart for those odd sized adapters you plug in.  So...there's nothing this can't accommodate!

Brilliant Cord Management System: The 18'' cord actually wraps around the long way, then plugs snugly into the first outlet.  That means you can keep it nice and tight when taking it places - no dangling cords getting in your way!

Dual Sided Convenience: And just when you thought it couldn't get any's dual sided!  That means you can plug devices into both the front and back side - ensuring you have room for any 4 electonic devices you choose!

Total Protection. Totally Affordable!

Who says a GREAT surge protector has to cost a fortune? Today, get your GoldX 4 Outlet 350 Joules Surge Protector for just $15.97 with FREE US SHIPPING INCLUDED!  That's an amazing deal! 

PS: you already know the deal - low stock, high demand!  Hurry and get yours before we run out of stock for good!


Computers 101

Mr Doob

Mr. Doob is the pseudonym used by an innovative graphics programmer, whose remarkable skills test technological boundaries. While some of the sensational graphics demonstrated on his site require specialized computer hardware or software, all selections here worked in Chrome and Firefox on retail versions of XP, Vista, and Windows 7 computers (although browser and Adobe Flash Player updates may be necessary). However, there may still be hardware or software limitations on your machine, that can make them difficult–or impossible–to view.

Each image contains a link to the corresponding page. If you’re reading this online, once you’ve viewed the page, click the back arrow in your browser (or use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Left Arrow) to return to the article.

Click the image below and watch what happens. Then, click and drag the debris to rearrange the pile that falls to the bottom of the screen.


Click this image and follow the instructions printed on the large ball.


For the next one, just click the image and move your mouse around the screen (no need to hold any buttons).


On this page, just type a word. Tapping the Enter key first clears the word type from the screen. Then, click and drag to create ripples and waves.


There are lots of others. Select an image from the top of the screen at and give it a try.


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On The Move

Anthony, from New York City asks:

What does 3G or 4G mean? One hears these terms used in cell phone advertising all the time, but the ads never explain what these mean.

It is true that these terms are commonly used in advertisements. The “G” is often used in commercials as a way to entice the audience. The “G” actually stands for generation. Therefore, “4G” stands for fourth generation. This means that there are different generations of phones.

First Generation (1G) Phones

The preliminary first generations phones were released during the 1980s. These phones were much larger than the ones that are in the market today, and they had a broad rigid structure. The Motorola DynaTAC was one of the prominent models of first generation phones. These phones primarily used radio transmissions (AM and FM), unlike the phones that use digital technology today.


Figure 1: Dr Martin Cooper Holding the Motorola DynaTAC (First Generation Phone).
Courtesy of Rico Shen

Read the rest of this tip here!

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From The Archives

Scroll Lock Key

It’s time to play “What’s that key?” again here at Worldstart! We’ve covered such gems as Print Screen andSysRq in the past, but now it’s time to discover the mysteries of….(drum-roll, please…)

The Scroll Lock key!


The Scroll Lock key can usually be found directly above the group of keys that contains Insert Home and Page Up keys, nestled in-between the Print Screen/SysRq and Pause/Break keys (which we’ll get to another time).

But wait, there's more!

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Today's Feature


We all have junk on our computers, whether we like it or not. Maybe they’re Internet files or files that have been left behind from uninstalled programs, but either way, I have a program that will clear all of them away! I can almost guarantee that you’ll love this program. It’s called CCleaner and I think it’s a must have for all computer users. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

CCleaner is a program that optimizes your computer by removing various kinds of garbage system files, such as temporary files, old registry entries, invalid shortcuts, etc. It also helps to maintain your privacy by deleting your browser’s URL history, cookies and so on. It’s a small all-in-one system clean up tool that is just beyond handy!

To get started with using it, follow the instructions here!

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Amanda's Coolsite

Our Best Bites

You know that when I visit a food blog the images have to be mouthwatering. I want to be inspired to run into my kitchen and try the recipes offered just because I glanced an image of a tasty treat. I have found, however, that what keeps me coming back to certain food blogs is the charm and wit of the writing surrounding those recipes. That’s why I keep coming back to Our Best Bites – delicious recipes and charming blog posts. It’s also why I’m excited to share it with you!

Navigation is easy since it is setup blog-style. Just scroll down the page and use the Older Posts/Newer Posts to navigate back and forth through the entries.  You can also check out the colorful navigation strip at the top of the page for more options like Home, About Us, Recipe Index, The Scoop, Crafts & Family Fun, Tips & Tutorials, and FAQs. That’s right in addition to all the wonderful food writing, you will also find craft ideas, how-to tutorials, informational posts and more.  

I think you’ll fall in love with this blog the same way I did, so check it out today!


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One More Big Deal


100% Of All Hard Drives Fail!


It's Not A Matter Of "IF" Your Drive Will Fail- It's a Matter Of "When"!


In The US Alone, Over 20 MILLION People Will Have A Hard Drive Crash This Year!


110 MILLION Will Lose Data To Malware & Viruses!

Don't Have A Back Up Plan?

Well - Now YOU DO!


When Your Drive Fails, You Only Have Three Choices:

1. Restore Your Backup
2. Lose Your Data
3. Pay Thousands For Data Recovery - And There's No Guarantee It'll Even Work!

"There are two kinds of computer users in this world - Those who have lost data and those who will!"

Let's face it - we REALLY rely on our computers.

We keep our irreplaceable photos, videos, documents, and music right there on our PCs. However, a staggering 76% of us do NOT back up as often as we should!

That's Texas Chain Saw Massacre scary if you ask me!

Think that's bad? Get this - 43% of people polled admitted they've lost data from their hard drive - over the course of just ONE year! That's nearly HALF of all computer users!! "Sorry about our wedding photos hun..., Oh, and can I have $1000 to replace the iTunes library?"

Think that's scary? Then you'll want to be sitting down for this:

There will be an estimated 20 MILLION devastating hard drive crashes THIS year!
There will be an estimated 110 million malware infections that destroy files
PLUS millions of other system problems that will wipe out data.

Take cover - we're talking the black Plague of the digital age!

What's even MORE outrageous is that it's SOOOOO easy to keep your irreplaceable files, photos, and music safe and sound! A good backup program is ALL you need!

I think the reason people don't worry about backups enough is we're all WAY too accustomed to things coming in a physical form. I mean, think about it - used to be we had things like CDs, photo negatives (and prints), and actual paper documents.

Those days are fading fast! Just look at digital photos - over 80% of the households in the US now own a digital camera. Around 90% of us keep digital photos on our computers - either from our cameras or from images sent by friends and family. What happens when there's a problem?

Will years of your family history simply be wiped out due to a crash or virus?

Too bad about little Timmy's first 5 years huh?


What about music? Over 70% of us keep music on our computers. If you purchased that music online, you know that if you lose it, it's gone forever! You'll have to repurchase everything- and THAT gets expensive quick!

Hey, even if you only copied CDs - do you really want to go through that hassle again???

Then of course there are all the important documents, favorite web sites, spreadsheets, tax forms, financial files, etc that we've accumulated over the years. Just how many countless hours do you have invested in creating those files? Are you willing to lose it all - right now - and start from scratch? I didn't think so!

So why isn't everyone a backup fanatic?

When asked, most people will cite one of two reasons for NOT doing backups - either they are too much of a hassle, or they simply have no idea how to do it.

Don't fall into the "I'll get around to it" trap!

The backup you're planning to make tomorrow won't help you one little bit when your computer crashes today.

Well, the program we're featuring solves BOTH the problems above with ease AND for $8.97 it's something everyone can afford. Finally! (Note - this is a one time software purchase, not a monthly fee like many online backup services)

Of course, just any old backup software won't do - you need something that will actually work WITH you to take ALL the hassle out of doing your regular backups - and we have just the program! It's called, appropriately enough, Save My Files, and you are absolutely gonna love this easy to use file backup program!

First off, let's take a peek at all the cool features:

checkFull And Incremental Backups - This is so sweet I'm surprised Willy Wonka hasn't named a chocolate bar after it!

A Full Backup does just what it sounds like - backs up EVERY file you tell it to. Now, that alone would usually be enough, but this program cranks it up to the next level by offering time saving Incremental Backups as well!

Incremental Backups are backups you do AFTER you've completed a full backup. Check it out - This type of "smart backup" looks at your current archive and ONLY copies files that are either new or updated! It leaves the stuff that's not changed alone!

Bottom line - You don't have to wait an hour (or hours) for a backup job to complete! Once the initial full backup job is done, the incremental backups are VERY fast (usually less than a minute)! If disaster strikes, you still have ALL your old files, so nothing to lose and mountains of time to gain. I LOVE incremental backups - and YOU will too!

checkAutomatically Finds Files For You! Oh, you'll LOVE this! A HUGE problem with doing backups is that, well, sometimes you just don't know where all your files are - especially music and photos. This ingenious software can help!

For example, let's say you wanted to backup all your pictures. Just select the option for "Photos", and let it go to work. In a blink of an eye the program starts scouring your hard drive for photos.

It checks all over - heck it may find photos you didn't know you had!

Again - YOU don't need to know where all the files actually are - this finds and backs them up automatically! How cool is that?

You can even specify file types, so if you have some proprietarily format, it can automatically find those files too! Now THAT'S a KILLER feature!

check Encrypt And Password Protect Your Backups - Do you have sensitive information in your backups? Hey, password protect and encrypt 'em!

You'll never need to worry about someone getting at your sensitive information just because they found the CD you keep your backup on. Nice!

checkMedia Spanning - Have more to backup that will fit on a single CD, flash drive or hard drive? No worries! This can break the data apart and span it across multiple CDs, DVDs, flash drives, external hard drives, - whatever you use! WOW!

check Stores In ZIP Format - This is absolutely HUGE if you ask me.

Here's the thing - what if you do a backup and then lose the backup software? How can you get your files OUT of the compressed backup file? Yikes!

Ahh, no worries - this software stores your files in a standard ZIP file that can be opened via Windows (Note - it WILL prompt you for your password if you choose to encrypt and protect the file).

Oh - and don't forget - with ZIP format, you're compressing everything! Awesome - Your backups won't take up gobs of space!!

check Select ANY Location You Want To Backup - Frankly, this does such a good job with the "pre determined" suggestions it offers, you probably won't even need this feature. However, if you have special folders floating around and want to make sure they are included with the backup, this software makes it easy!

You can select ANY folder on your hard drive and it will back it up for you!

checkExclude Files - OK, maybe there are some files you DON'T want the software to backup. Just tell it the what files you don't want to include in your backup, and they won't be added - even if they reside in a folder that you specified for backup - super-cool huh?

Whew - that's quite a list, and it doesn't even HINT at how incredibly easy this software is to use! Backing up is just a matter of running the program and telling it what you want to save! A few mouse clicks and you're good to go!

Don't believe me? Check out out video demonstration and I'll prove it!

Now, here's the really cool thing - after you do your initial backup, all you need to do for future backups is run the program and tell it to use your existing backup job! Talk about a time saver!

Plus, this lets you create MULTIPLE backups too! You could have several backup files - one for pictures, one for business, one for music - or lump them all together - it's totally up to you!

WOW - there's a LOT to this software, but I think you get the idea - it makes doing your regular backups SUPER easy! The program is basic enough for anyone to use but still has enough options for advanced users - what more could you want?


Oh, yeah, the deal - we're talking just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE! That's got to be one of the best deals in the history of the PC - Heck most backup programs go for a MINIMUM of $50!

RUN to the site and grab your before they're gone! This was a VERY limited time offer and we can't guarantee how long this software is going to last - especially for this crazy low price!

PS - Right this very second, a hard drive is failing or a virus is destroying data - you could be next! Remember, there's a 43% chance that YOU will lose data this year! Don't take a risk - grab this amazing, easy to use backup software today and make sure you data is SAFE!


Monthly Wallpaper

April Wallpaper!

Hey, no foolin' - April's wallpaper is ready to go!

All the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free.

Devil's Bathtub

Had to get a little wet for this one. Waded out into the (surprisingly cold) water and setup a tripod to capture the shot. This was the morning after a rainy day and there was... (more)

Bison Calf And Flower

I found this little guy roaming along the roadside with his mom (and about 300 other bison) in Custer State Park, SD. He was pretty playful and cooperative, so I stuck with him for a bit just to see what would happen. Glad I did! He discovered this thistle and flower and just couldn’t stop messing with it. At first, he was... (more)

Apple Tree Flower

This one is pretty simple. I don’t do a ton of macro shots, but in the spring, I just can’t seem to resist dragging out the 200mm macro lens and hitting the blossoms a bit. The tree I found was just full of new flowers, but I wanted something special. I noticed as the sun rose, the light spilled... (more)

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