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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-04-30

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Quick Tip

How to Zip Stuff

Say you have many files that all need to be e-mailed, but A: You don’t want to add them one at a time, and B: You don’t think all of them will be within the recipient’s e-mail size limits.

What do you do?

Why zip ‘em up, of course!

Sure, we’ve all heard the term, but I couldn’t find a pre-existing tip on Worldstart that actually explains how you do it! So, let’s solve that problem!

If you’re running an operating system newer than Windows 98 (and you should be!), browse to the folder where the files you want to zip are at. (If the files are in different places, you should copy and paste each one into a new folder. You’re going to need them all together to do this.)

Now highlight the files by either drawing a box around them or by holding the Ctrl key and selecting each of them. Once you have all of the ones you want to zip up highlighted, Right-Click one of them, go down to “Send to” and choose “Compressed (zipped) folder”.


Like magic, your highlighted files will appear in one convenient package. If you don’t like the name Windows gives your zipped folder, just highlight it and press F2 to rename it!

If you don’t want to use the built-in Windows zip utility, there are also third-party programs like WinZip and WinRar, that have more features, like the ability to set the compression size and file extension.

All zipped up!


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If You're Looking for Nearly ENDLESS Digital Space...


16 HUGE Gigs - Rugged Capless Design - Swiveling Steel Protection!

Drop About $50 Bucks at the Big Box Store for One...

Or You Can Get Yours Here for Just $18.97!


It's a Top-of-the-Line Info Storing TANK That'll Last You Forever!



This flash drive is proof that begging and pleading works! We wanted to feature a HUGE 16GB flash drive in the newsletter today, but MAN - almost EVERYONE'S price on these is just CRAZY! So, we talked to every supplier we knew and told then what we were trying to do - and we almost gave up!

But then...

An AWESOME new vendor came to the rescue with an absolutely insane deal! So, for today ONLY, we're giving you a chance to grab a whoppin' 16GB flash drive for just 
$18.97.  WOW!

Do you know how much "stuff" you can put in this baby? We're talkin' thousands of files here - it has the capacity of 22 CDs! On ONE little drive!

This 16 GB flash drive gives you MASSIVE storage capabilities! You can store up to...

2 7 9600 Photos
6 4000 MP3 Songs
5 48 Hours Of MPEG4 Video
4 800,000 Typical Size Documents

Massive storage in the palm of your hand!

Then to top it all off, it's the best price we've ever been able to offer on an 16GB flash drive! $18.97 - that's insanely LOW! In fact, I was at a local Target store last night and guess what - they had an 8Gb flash drive - HALF THE SPACE - for ten bucks MORE than what we want for our 16GB drive! !

I was also at Best Buy so I checked there too - and almost fell over from sticker shock! How do these people sleep at night? We're talking $60+ for a "geek squad" 16GB flash drive - and here we are nearly giving this away for just $18.97 - and we even ship it FREE if you live in the US!

Pass on this one and they'll have to admit you to the asylum for the financially insane!

Grab yours today!

PS - This amazing once-in-a-lifetime deal is ONLY good while supplies last (which won't be long!). So don't mess around - grab yours NOW!

Wait...Isn't WiFi Supposed to be FAST?

And What's With Your Range?

You Mean You Have to be RIGHT Next to it For Service?


Say Hello to a 150Mbps Lan Adapter With a 5dBi Antenna!


Connect up to 900 Feet Away - Without Losing Speed!

This Is The Answer You've Been Dreamin' About!


Unbelievable Price! Just $20.97!!



So you just set up your new wireless router at home so you can enjoy wireless anywhere in the house. There's only one problem... "anywhere" isn't quite right, is it? What always seems to happen? There's the one spot in your home that you enjoy relaxing and browsing the Internet...but that seems to be the spot where you just can't get quite enough signal. It's just a little too slow and too weak.

My one question to you is - Why should you have to put up with that slow, weak, crappy internet connection? Huh??

Or - how about when you're at a hotel that brags about having "wireless internet"? Yeah, we've all been there - they ALWAYS seem to stick you in a room that's juuusssst out of reach of that wonderful "wireless internet" they claim to have.

So, what if there was an ANTENNA you could plug into your laptop or desktop computer that would give a little extra coverage that your lookin' for??

Well, we found one! This blazin' fast Dynamode 150Mbps 802.11n adapter with a 5dBi gonna give your signal that extra ump that it needs...AND THEN SOME!

Most "top of the line" lan adaptors you see have a 3dBi antenna. Are they nice? Yep. So imagine the power of a 5dBi antenna!

So - last weekend I took the family to one of my favorite hotel resorts and decided to bring this bad boy along. I had my laptop in my hotel room and was only gettin' between 1 and 2 bars.

I plugged this little sucker in and WA-POW....I had 4 bars!!! Talk about a boost!!! I'm always bringing this little guy everywhere my laptop goes from now on!!!!

This surfin' is smokin fast too!! In the bad old days (like last month), if you had an 802.11g adapter, you'd be stuck cruising along at 54Mbps - this does a whoppin' 150Mbps! You don't even need to know that Mbps means Mega Bits Per Second to see it's nearly double the speed!

Setup is super easy too - it's just a wireless USB internet adapter with a powerful antenna, so just plug it into your computer, run the software, and a few minutes later you're surfing! You can be up to 984 feet away and STILL pull in a good signal! Now THAT'S impressive!!

Bottom line - if you are sick and tired of weak WiFi signals and surfing the net at super-slow speeds, it's time to upgrade to the Lamborghini of LAN adapters!!!

Your price? Just $20.97 and US shipping is FREE! Heck, you can't buy a standard wireless internet adapter from the big box stores for that kind of money, let alone one with extra coverage at insanely fast speeds!!!!

WARNING - Don't miss out - we have an extremely limited quantity on this one, AND the price goes back to $26.97 Tuesday! Better hurry!


Computers 101

Lamar from Los Angeles writes:

Are solid state hard drives available as external storage units? If so, which would you recommend?

Solid State Disks, (Also known as SSD’s) use very fast memory chips which have no mechanical parts to store information. This allows the drives to be very fast and very low power. You can use a solid state hard drive as an external hard drive, usually by purchasing an external enclosure. The downside to doing so is that most external enclosures are USB 2.0 and would limit the speed of your solid state disk.

However, if you have a USB 3.0 port on your computer, or an eSATA port, you can buy a compatible external enclosure (make sure it says USB 3.0 or eSATA) and you should see all the performance and speed the drive is capable of.

As far as recommended drives, the balance is usually between reliability (SSD’s only have a limited number of times each memory cell can be erased/written) and speed. If you’re looking for the fastest drives, look at drives such as the Crucial M4 256 GB or OCZ Vertex 3 or 4. If you are looking for the most reliable drives, Intel’s SSD drives score the highest for long term reliability.

 SSD or not for external storage?


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On The Move

WiFi Remote Access for Windows Phones

Have you ever wished that you could access your phone using your laptop or desktop so you could call, email, message or check data with relative ease? In other words, turn your smallscreen smartphone into a tablet with this improved functionality? Well, if you have this free application downloaded on to your Windows phone, you can!

Check it out here!

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From The Archives

How to Upload Videos to Your Google Docs Account and Share Them with Your Friends

Google Docs is one of the best online office applications, as it lets users create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, charts, etc. from a web browser. The best part about Google Docs is that the online office suite is available for free and can be used to store any kind of file to your Google account, not just documents.

If you are new to Google Docs and haven’t given it a shot yet, be sure to read our earlier guide – what you can do with Google Docs

But what about videos? What if you don’t want to use video sharing websites e.g YouTube, DailyMotion or Facebook, and want to use your Google Docs account for storing videos online and sharing them with friends?


Learn how by clicking here!

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Today's Feature

Turn Off Windows Aero for Performance

Windows 7 is certainly pretty, and Aero makes those open desktop windows look even better. But all that pretty takes up computing resources.

If you’ve installed Windows 7 on an older machine, or if you just want your computer to run more efficiently, there are two ways that you can reduce your graphics features. If you combine these methods, you can free up your graphics card to work faster in applications or games.


For more on increasing performance, by reducing Aero's drain on computer resources, click here.

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Amanda's Coolsite


Skillshare is an interesting site that promotes learning from anyone, anywhere.  What the site does is help you to connect with educators to learn whatever skill it is you are seeking instruction in and allow educators to connect with students.

To get started as a student, all you have to do is type in your e-mail address and your zip/postal code and then click the orange Get Started button. This will whisk you away to whatever skill education opportunities are listed near you.  (Here’s the caveat – you may have to pay for these classes. The site offers the free platform to search for classes. So for example, if I were an educator offering knitting classes and I listed them here, I might charge every student $30 for the class. But I figure if you’re looking to learn a skill, you’re probably willing to pay for it. I know I am!

As an Educator, click Teach at the top of the page, then click the orange Post a Class button.  At the point it will ask you to login or register for an account. You also have option of F-connecting with Facebook. In fact, it will try to convince you to use Facebook, but just click the link beneath it “Don’t have a Facebook account” and the registration form will extend with fields for your first and last name, e-mail address, password, and zip/postal code. Once you’ve filled in all the fields, click the orange Sign Up button.  I’m lazy about forms these days, so I used F-connect! If you go that route, it will connect to your Facebook (you may have to fill in your Facebook login if you were logged out of Facebook) and then ask you to provide a password and a zip/postal address.

The site then walks you, the Educator, through an orientation process. The classes are divided into five categories. Pick the category where your class fits the best from Creative Arts, Culinary Arts, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle, and Technology. Since I’m creating a fictional knitting class, I selected Creative Arts. It then gives you areas that you can subscribe to – select or deselect – and then click the save and continue button. Do this again for the next set, and then you’re whisked to a place where you can start you class. You can click Create a Class at the top of the page or you can click the Teaching tab and then the Create a Class button located there. Your next decision is whether you create a single class or a series of coursework.

If at any time you run into something you have a question about or need help with, be sure to check out their awesome Help page. It has lots of general frequently asked questions, as well as questions for each specific area like teaching, and being a student.

This site is an excellent resource for connecting with skill education in your area and for educators providing those classes to reach a wider audience. Check it out today!


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Send it to Amanda at


One More Big Deal

The Cassette Tape Era Has Long Since Passed...

But What do you do With ALL Those Old Tapes?

Don't Throw 'em Away - Don't Rebuy the Music on CD or MP3...

Transfer ALL of it to Digital Instead...


Brilliant Device Easily Transfers Old Cassette Tapes to Digital MP3!

Put the Music on a Portable Music Device - Or Burn Then to CD's!

Amazing Device Also Functions as a Portable Tape Player!

Simple Transfers: Connect - Install - Transfer - USB Compatible!


Remember the Good Old Days?

You used to keep ALL of your favorite cassette tapes in the glove compartment.  You had a huge selection, and enjoying music was simple.  Wasn't it great?

NOPE - IT SUCKED!  It's easy to look back and say it didn't, but don't your remember what a pain tapes were?  For example, how easy was it to access your favorite song on a tape?  You'd have to fast forward, hit play, fast forward again, then end up rewinding.  By the time you got to the song, you were too frustrated to even enjoy it!

The main problem is, you've invested a TON of time and money on your collection of cassettes, and they've done nothing but sit and collect dust since the age of CD's and MP3's hit the market.  

Whatever you do, heed this advice: DO NOT rebuy all that music - we've got a device that transfers those cassettes to digital, and it's easy!

Check out the amazing video demo below!


USB 2.0 Interface - Simple to Use - ANYONE Can do it!

Equipped with a universal 3.5mm audio jack (included), all you have to do is connect the converter to the USB port on your computer, follow a few simple steps to install the software, and that's it!  

Now you're ready to rip your cassette tape to MP3 format!  Once it's on your computer you can do with it whatever you want - burn it to CD, or drag and drop the files onto your MP3 player!  That old music collection is FAR from being over with!

Of course, this is USB 2.0, but it's also compatible with USB 1.1 if you're really old school.  No matter what system you have, you can rest assured that this thing works with EASE!

Also Functions as a Portable Tape Player!

How great is that?  Not only will it transfer your tapes to digital MP3 format, it also plays the tapes!  Just pop one in and hit play - now you're rockin' it OLD SCHOOL!

That's yet another reason not to get rid of your old cassettes - even after you have them converted!  Any time you want to, you can pop a tape in and get going - just like you did 20 years ago!  

The small, compact size is easy to travel with and the sound quality is amazing!  Hey - audio has come a long way since the days of the cassette tape - and this thing sounds great!  And speaking of it's compact size...this thing looks great! With it's black on chrome color design, you're not only rockin' some stylish technology, it's TOTALLY functional!

The tape player functions just like they always have: rewind, fast forward, play and stop!  There's also easy volume control!

*Please note: headphones NOT included in this package.

Excellent New Technology - Amazing Price!

So not only are you saving yourself a fortune by not having to rebuy all of your old music to have it in digital format - you're also saving a boat load of money on this thing! Today, get your Cassette to MP3 Converter for just $32.97 with FREE US SHIPPING INCLUDED! 

PS: we were only able to get one shipment of these in, and they're sure to be a hot seller.  Get yours now - waiting will cause nothing but problems!


Monthly Wallpaper

April Wallpaper!

Hey, no foolin' - April's wallpaper is ready to go!

All the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free.

Devil's Bathtub

Had to get a little wet for this one. Waded out into the (surprisingly cold) water and setup a tripod to capture the shot. This was the morning after a rainy day and there was... (more)

Bison Calf And Flower

I found this little guy roaming along the roadside with his mom (and about 300 other bison) in Custer State Park, SD. He was pretty playful and cooperative, so I stuck with him for a bit just to see what would happen. Glad I did! He discovered this thistle and flower and just couldn’t stop messing with it. At first, he was... (more)

Apple Tree Flower

This one is pretty simple. I don’t do a ton of macro shots, but in the spring, I just can’t seem to resist dragging out the 200mm macro lens and hitting the blossoms a bit. The tree I found was just full of new flowers, but I wanted something special. I noticed as the sun rose, the light spilled... (more)

It can all be found here:




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