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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-05-07

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Quick Tip

Richard from FL writes:

Can you recommend a good, free password manager?

password manager

KeePass is a great secure password manager, available on the web at, free of charge.

What makes it so great? Two things:

1.) It securely saves your passwords and other information in an encrypted file and can generate secure passwords for you. We’ve got a great review available at:

2.) KeePass is also open source, so people have created various applications for phones which allow you take that password file with you on your smartphone. I store all my credit card, billing, account and login information for both my online and real life accounts. That way they are secure and with me wherever I go. I would recommend MiniKeePass for iOS devices at:


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Your Computer Has Issues!

Painfully Slow Start-Up and Load Times...

Security Threats Galore - Viruses Running Rampant!

Overloaded Hard Drive FULL of Digital Junk...


Believe it or Not: There's a ONE-PROGRAM Cure to ALL of These Issues!


Automatically Finds & Fixes ALL Issues With a Click of Your Mouse!


Automatically Optimize Your System!

Accelerate Load Times - Speed Up Your Internet - Get FULL Security!


Unbelievably Low Price - Just $12.97 For ULTIMATE PC Repair & Protection!


Hasty Decisions Lead to Expensive Mistakes...

So you're sick of your SLOW PC.  Actually, that's an understatement.  You're ready to set your computer on fire, throw it from a window and dance on it's ashes. 

It has security issues, viruses, start-up errors, it's full of old digital junk...the list goes on and on.  Forget 'slow...' it's hardly working at all! 

How long have you been putting up with this? 

Probably a long time, right?  Every day, you're spending more and more time waiting for it to boot up and, when it's finally 'ready,' you're stuck watching that cursed progress bar slowly load your applications and internet. Seems like anything that COULD be wrong with your PC IS wrong!  So...what did you do?

You Went Out and Bought a New Computer - The MOST EXPENSIVE Mistake of Your Life!

You could have spent
$12.97 on System Mechanic INSTEAD of $1,297 on a new PC! 

System Mechanic: A World-Wide Best-Selling Program For a GOOD Reason:

It'll Make Your PC Run up to 300% FASTER!

Clears out entire GIGS of space by eliminating digital "junk" that you don't need!
"One-Click" security updates - finds holes in your security and repairs them!
Automatically finds ALL PC problems, provides a report, and fixes them in one click!

Automatically scans and fixes errors on your hard drive AND protects sensitive files!
It'll even repair an UNBOOTABLE PC...AND SO MUCH MORE!

Whether you're running XP, Vista, Windows 7 or ANYTHING else, System Mechanic can and will help you - it doesn't matter if you're on an outdated system or a brand new one.  It cares about one thing only: making your PC better.  WAY better!

Impressed? You've Seen NOTHING Yet - Read on to Learn More!

We're in it for the long haul, here.  We're going to break this program down and show you the main highlights, but keep in mind that there's even more to this program than we can fit into this space! 

And by the way: System Mechanic AUTOMATICALLY updates itself to the newest version right when you stick it in your PC.  So you're getting the absolute latest software at an incredible price! 

So...without further adieu, let's get to some facts.  The most important one first:

Your About to FLY!

No Joke - System Mechanic can make your PC run up to 300% FASTER!

You're probably wondering how this is possible, and there's many, many answers to that question.  To start with, once you install System Mechanic, the very first thing it does is run a diagnostics check on your PC. 

It'll find issues like: Registry Problems, System Clutter, Unnecessary Start-Up Programs, Broken Shortcuts and an entire HOST of other issues that you may not have even known existed! 

These common PC problems are DIRECTLY responsible for your slow start-up times and system lags.  Every PC user experiences them - and now you can easily do something about it!

As you can see from the screen shot below - System Mechanic finds everything that's wrong with your PC, and gives you the option to eliminate the issues with one click! Just choose the issues you want repaired, and hit "Repair Selected," and you're set!

You'll notice IMMEDIATELY how much faster and smoother your PC is running!  And that's just the start - check this out:

As you can see, System Mechanic isn't screwing around.  It immediately jumps in, digs deep, and finds the answers to your PC issues!  It's like a personal trainer that takes your out-of-shape computer and whips it into shape in a matter of minutes!

All it took was a few "one click" fixes to eliminate 26 security problems, over 2000 registry problems and five computer slowing, excess start-up programs. The final result left us with a FULLY optimized internet connection and 606MB of extra hard drive space! 

Automatic Repairs are Just an Option - You Can Have Total Control!

Hey, maybe you're a little more 'techie' than the rest of us.  Or, maybe there's certain start-up programs that you'd like to keep and a few things in your registry that you don't want eliminated. 

That's no problem, because System Mechanic gives you the option: Automatic Repairs OR Manual Selection!  So no matter what you're skill level is, and no matter how much you want to customize your repairs - System Mechanic lets you!

As you can see from the screen image below, you can manage the start-up processes on your own - and pick and choose how your system runs! Remember, this is just an option.  You can also run this in fully automatic mode (like the image above).


Ready to Learn About AUTOMATIC REPAIRS?

We've all dealt with these PC slowing issues before: Strange Error Messages, PC Lock-Ups, Unbootable PC, Random Crashes & Freezes...the list goes on and on!

Guess What? System Mechanic Can AUTOMATICALLY Fix These Issues!


Registry Tuner: Check on your registry, tune it up and totally repair it by running this!  In a few minutes (or less!), your registry will be totally optimized!  What's this mean?  It means that your PC will get even more speed and performance optimization!

The Drive Medic: From just the click of your mouse, the Drive Medic will scan your hard drive, find ALL of the issues, and automatically eliminate the problems!  It couldn't be any easier!

There's NO Such Thing as an Unbootable PC!

The System Mechanic disc was made bootable - meaning it can be used to start a PC that refuses to start the normal way!  Even if it won't turn on, it will once you stick the disc in - and it'll automatically recover your important files!

Just Like People - Computers CAN Suffer From Memory Loss.  FIX IT!

Most likely, your PC started off fast.  Then, it gradually became slower and slower until one day, you were ready to lose your mind and go buy a new one.  Let me tell you, this sentiment is exactly what those "BIG" corporations that manufacture computers want. They make more money that way!


Often times, your PC won't allow programs to give the used memory back, even when it's done using it!  Other times, it will allow it to go back to your hard drive, but it'll be "fragmented," meaning not all of it will be given back, and what is isn't the same as it was before.

Ready to recover all of that missing memory?

Of course you are, and in a matter of seconds, you can have it back!  System Mechanic uses a utility called "Memory Mechanic" that recovers ALL of your wasted memory, and gives it right back to you.  Not only will you now have extra memory'll get yet another HUGE jolt of speed!
Again, this is an optional automatic utility - click a button and get it done!


And While We're Talking About "Memory..."

Ready to Recover Entire GIGS of Hard Drive Space?!

Thought so!  And guess what?  System Mechanic makes it SIMPLE!  See...we ALL have extra junk on our PC's - from file duplicates to unused and temporary files, your computer automatically stores all of it.  After a while, this starts adding up...BIG TIME.

Eventually, this turns into entire GIGS worth of wasted space.  Not good. Lucky for you, the remedy is as simple as clicking your mouse!  Using another utility that's built into System Mechanic called PC Cleanup, it goes in eliminates all of that junk that's sucking away your valuable hard drive space!  Once again, you can let it go with it's automatic (default) setting, or you can pick and choose what to eliminate!

In a matter of mere minutes, you'll have recovered TONS of hard drive space, making room and further upping the speed of your PC! Farewell, PC Clutter!


Even MORE Programs to Make Your PC Lightning Fast!

You didn't think that was it, did you?  There's lots more!  In fact, we still have to get to the rest of the features - like the MAXIMUM SECURITY and pure customizations!  But first, there's a few other utilities that come built into System Mechanic that MAXIMIZE YOUR PC SPEED!  Read on for a shorter description of each!

Energy Booster: Shuts down unnecessary background programs! It's like putting a shot of adrenaline directly into the heart of your hard drive!

NetBooster: Examines your internet connection, and optimizes it for the fastest possible speed! Hold on tight - your internet is about to be between 100-300% FASTER!

Drive Medic: With the simple click of a button,this scans your hard drive and automatically fixes any problems it discovers. The SOLUTION for ultimate speed and performance!

As you can see, System Mechanic goes well beyond what any person could possibly think of in order to maximize the speed and performance of your PC.  Now, it's time to talk about the other thing it's good at: Protection and Security!

*System Mechanic Part 2: Maximum Security & Protection - 100% Privacy!*

Ready for ULTIMATE Security, Privacy AND Protection? It's Here!

The internet can be a dirty and dangerous need to protect yourself AND your PC!  With all of the new technology these days, internet crime is on the rise.  There's hackers out there just waiting to take advantage of innocent computer users like yourself. 

If you have an open vulnerability, no matter how small it may seem, that's all it takes to get HACKED.  These days, not even your Firewall can always save you.  But you know what can save you by now, right?  System Mechanic can! Observe:

Find and Fix Security Holes with ONE Click!

Once System Mechanic is installed, it'll let you know what kind of security issues you're facing.  While it's scanning and finding out all of these fatal flaws,  you might start feeling your palms get sweaty.  DON'T WORRY.  These security threats can be eliminated with the click of your mouse - that's it! 

See the screen shot below - System Mechanic HANDLES EVERYTHING FOR YOU!


Just Because You Have NOTHING to Hide Doesn't Mean You Don't Want Privacy!

That's Where System Guard Comes in!

Of the many security issues commonly found on a PC, one of the most common ones is when a dirty program tries adding itself to your start-up process.  This is DANGEROUS!  System Guard eliminates these with ease!

And speaking of dangerous programs leeching onto your PC - there's always a threat of them quietly adding themselves into the background, eventually making their way to your browser and planting unauthorized software!

Your PRIVATE data is also at risk! But of course, System Guard has an answer for that - it's a feature called Privacy Cleaner and it completely erases ALL of your search history that you get while browsing the web.  It also eliminates cookies and chat transcripts IF you want it to (optional).  Bottom line: there's hackers and threats everywhere, but...

That threats are now GONE!  System Guard simply doesn't let them happen!


Of Course You Have Sensitive Files On Your PC...


The Incinerator is just another one of the security programs built into System Mechanic that's totally worth noting.  It allows you to destroy sensitive files and make them COMPLETELY un-recoverable! 

We're talking PERMANENT deletion that nobody - not even an entire team of Ivy League hackers - can recover! Keep your sensitive information from EVER falling into the wrong hands with this nice little program!  100% WORRY FREE!

We Mentioned That Everything Can be Automatic, Right?


Bear with me now, because this is important. Most programs force you to run them the way they were programmed.  But what if you only want this extensive program to do certain things? 

System Mechanic Lets You Choose! After you install the program, you can choose an option called "Customize Advanced Windows Settings" and you can completely customize your protection!

There's well over 100 customization options right at your fingertips!  And don't worry, whatever you choose to customize, System Mechanic will explain, in Leymans Terms, what each option will do! You can make your start menu faster or slower, put arrows on your shortcuts, hide or show items in your control panel..the choice is yours!  Look below for an example of how this works, it's easy! 


See it in Action - Watch the Video Demonstration!

This is Award Winning Software!

We can (and have...) talk about this program until we're blue in the face!  Maybe it's got you thinking "hmmm...this program simply sounds too good to be true.  Are they trying to make it sound better than it really is?"

That COULDN'T be Further From the Truth! But don't just take our word for it.  Just have a look at the small sampling of awards it's won, along with real customer testimonials!  This is, hands-down, the BEST program you can ever buy for your PC!

There's a reason System Mechanic is used by 22 MILLION people:

Talk About Award Winning!

My laptop was in a mess! It was slow to the point of stagnation at times but a colleague recommended your software and the result was near-magical! Speeds have improved dramatically and it has given me a great feeling of confidence. Michael H.

After I ran System Mechanic the first time, I thought I had a new machine! John N

I love your product. It's not only a great product, but it?s fun to use. Sometimes I play with the different categories and I just enjoy myself....Norton & McAfee could learn a thing or two or three or four from a great new year. Ray H

System Mechanic saved me from having to purchase a whole new computer. Well worth the investment! Arthur H.

System Mechanic is a great addition to my computer. I feel much more in control of what's going on inside it. The Internet optimizer worked great, a 1MB would take 22 seconds to download, now it takes just 7 seconds!! That is a 300% increase in internet speed. I was able to get at and get rid of a lot of unnecessary garbage that was choking up my computer. This product rates 5 out of 5 in my books! John T.

Without a doubt, [System Mechanic is] the complete difference between a well working machine and being the typical frustrated computer user?From novice to expert, this product rocks and I would recommend it to anyone who uses a computer for whatever reason. Chris H.

This product is much better than Norton Utilities and SystemWorks which I had been using since 1995. Keep up the good work!! Vern H

In my twenty years of personal computing, System Mechanic is one of the best -- if not THE best -- software I have ever installed on a PC. I recommend it without hesitation to all my friends and presentation audiences. Keep up the great work. Bob S.

FINALLY: The Price!

This is the best part!
See, this program retails all over for 50 dollars.  Go to any of your local box stores, and you're going to pay top dollar for this system saving software. 

That's not to say it's a bad deal, because really, even if it were a hundred bucks, you'd still be coming out WAY ahead.  But just to show you what you can expect to pay somewhere else, please...observe the image to your right!

Remember - as soon as you install System Mechanic on your PC, it AUTOMATICALLY updates to it's newest version!

So...for today, and while our LOW supplies last, this amazing program can be yours for just $12.97 with FREE US SHIPPING included!  Don't miss out - even if you don't need this right now, it's only a matter of time before you will!

PS - Warning - there's a LIMITED quantity on this one and when it sells out, we-can't-get-anymore - ever. RUN to the site before this deal passes you by! It's time to rev up, crank up, and super-charge that old computer of yours!


Computers 101

Chad from AL asks:

Like many others, I use Google for searches, but it’s often difficult to find a result among the thousands of returns. Are there any ways to add more focus to a Google search?

Five Advanced Google Operators

We all use Google (well the majority of us do) more or less every time we sit down at our computer or browse the net on our phones. For many it’s an involuntary action, using Google as a step to finding sites they visit every day, after all, it’s much easier and quicker to type ‘Facebook’ into Google and click the top result than to manually type the full www address into the address bar.

But what about those times when you want to use Google to actually find something new? Sure, typing keywords into the search box is the obvious place to start, but if you want to be more specific and drill down into the results, there is also the option to append your search queries and keywords with operators that will filter the results more to what you want to see.

Here are 5 operators you may find useful when researching information on Google and don’t worry they’re not as technical or complicated as they sound!

1 The site: command

This command allows you to specify one particular site that you would like to search. So for the query above, we have specified the site and by appending the search string with ‘tips’ we will get results that are just from this site and only mention tips.

2 The inurl:command

This is a great command if you want to search a particular type of site, for example if you wanted to search for computing resources on educational domains you could use a query such as:

3 The define:command

This operator does exactly what it says, which is to define a term. If there is a word or service you’re not sure about, let Google offer you some suggested definitions from the web pages in its index.

4 The intext: command

The intext: operator is for those times when you want to find a specific phrase in the text of a website. Useful for searching for author’s names, or for very specific information about a particular subject. With this operator, Google will only return pages that have that exact phrase in the text of the site.

The above query returns results soup recipes, but only those that have the word ‘chicken’ in them.

5 The Convert operator (Not strictly an operator, but pretty cool all the same!)

Finally, this last one is more of a useful tool you may not know about than a useful operator for information retrieval. The ‘convert’ function will convert currency and give a result at the top of the search results. For example:

Hopefully these tips have opened up an area of search you never knew existed and possibly stoked the fires of curiosity with regards to what else can be achieved. Have fun combining operators and one final tip, if there is a query you find useful, make sure you save it as chances are you will be able to make use of it again.

~Phil Morgan

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On The Move


One big grouse of  Samsung Android phones is the lack of syncing Outlook with your phone contacts. Yes, there is Kies Air, which works like Apple’s iTunes, but you can only backup your phone contacts to Outlook, and not the other way around. Thankfully, there is one good, free app out there that lets you do it effortlessly – it’s called OneMediaHub.

Click here to get started!

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From The Archives

MS Word: What Happened to the Normal View

If you’re using either Word 2007 or 2010 and preferred working in the Normal view, then you’re probably wondering what happened to it.

I’m sure you’ve investigated the View tab of the Ribbon and this is what you found:

While on the surface it seems that they’ve done away with the Normal view, the truth is that they just renamed it. Try the Draft view.

Feeling better?

Yeah, I though you might.

Of course the happiness will be short-lived when you save a file in the Draft view and then find that later it opens in the Print Layout view again.

Get the fix here!

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Today's Feature


Do you use your Control Panel a lot? Are you the kind of person who is constantly “adjusting” things? Well, if you are, then you and I have a lot in common. Here’s a tip that will save us both some time.

Rather than clicking Start>Settings>Control Panel and then hunting for the appropriate icon in the control panel folder, why not put a cascading control panel right on your Start menu? Then, you just click Start, Control Panel, and select the appropriate utility from a menu. Much faster and much neater.

Here’s how :

If you must...have...control of your Control Panel, click here for more.

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Amanda's Coolsite

Martha Stewart’s Crafts for Kids

Summer is quickly approaching, and school lets out with it. That means kids are going to need fun, crafty things to do! One of my favorite things to do in the summer as a kid was make crafts at my grandparents house. We would often paint ornaments to save for Christmas, create things with the shells we’d plucked off the beach during our walks, and build stuff with Popsicle sticks after having devoured our icy treats. 

On this Cool Site, there are nineteen favorite projects that you can browse through with the arrows above the titles. Click the craft’s title to be whisked away to the instruction page.

Along the grey navigation bar, you can also check out Seasonal Projects and Printables. Then, if you scroll past the nineteen featured projects to the bottom of the page, you’ll find even more categories of kids crafts. The categories are: Nature Crafts, Paper Crafts, Art Projects, Rock Crafts, Homemade Toys and Games, and Party Crafts.

You can even sign up for a fun Craft of the Day newsletter just by typing your e-mail address into the field near the bottom of the page and clicking the grey subscribe button.


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One More Big Deal

*Note: 3D Images are moveable/turnable on the sceen to allow you to see a flat image from any viewpoint. The image is displayed as a flat image on the screen but provides you the ability to rotate and twist the model to see it any way you like! 3D glasses NOT required.


Hey! Nice Body!

Wanna Know More About It?

Finally! KNOW What Your Doctor Is Talking About!


Learn Every Bone and Organ - From its Location to its Function!

3 Complete Programs in One:

3D Body Atlas, Medical Dictionary, and Human 3D!

Complete With Clickable 3D Graphics...

And TONS Of Simple Descriptions!


3D Glasses Absolutely NOT Required!


Get to Know Your Body!

The human body is fascinating!  From the bones that allow us to walk upright to the organs that digest our food, there's a TON going on!

Ever wondered how anything truly works?  Ever wonder why we have certain bones and organs that don't seem to do much of anything (trust me, they do!)?  Ever wonder what the heck your doctor is talking about???

You can learn EVERYTHING you've ever wanted to know about the Human Body in one amazing, EXTENSIVE program - you've gotta check this out!

3D Atlas - Stunning Animations and Simple Understanding!

This program alone is worth the cost of admission! Seriously, everything you've ever wanted to know about the body is displayed for you with clear, concise graphics and in-depth (yet simple) descriptions.  

As you can see from this particular graphic, this is super easy to use.  You're presented with a clickable skeleton.  Click on any region of the body for a detailed picture.  You'll notice underneath the picture it tells you what each part of said organ is, and from there you can click on it and then open it up in the Medical Dictionary (which we'll learn more about below!).

The side menu here allows you to focus on specific areas and regions. Click on any of the side menu buttons for a different aspect.  For example,  the first option is a Locomotor System that tells you each and every bone you click on.  The next option is the muscular system, then digestive, urinary, sensory, endocrine, lymphatic, nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system and the reproductive system.

Each menu option brings up a different clickable, interactive graphic that will allow you to hone in on any area you so choose, and learn everything there is to know about it!

Human 3D - An In-Depth Tour of the Body

Get to know your body, both inside and out!  The Human 3D program is broken up into three parts: Anatomy, Physiology and guided, virtual tours of each.  You're about to become an expert with ease!  This is perfect for your reference, and it takes you to any region of the body you're interested in learning about.

This is EXTENSIVE:  both the anatomy and physiology sections contain menus with each and every aspect of the body.  Click on whatever area you're interested in (from a HUGE list), and that opens up another menu that directly focuses on each individual part.  Click on one of them for the full description of what they are, where they are, and the purpose they serve in your body!  

Complete with 3D graphics, models, and simple-to-understand explanations, you'll become an expert in both Anatomy and Physiology in no time!  No 3D glasses are required!  Click on the guided tours and you'll be walked through each section of the body you're interested in learning more about!  This is also complete with illustrations and full of informative descriptions!

Use the EXCELLENT Menu for ease of navigation!  You can look at things in X-Ray viewer, a 3D Anatomical Atlas, you can create bookmarks and notes, search, even print off illustrations and descriptions!

Medical Dictionary - Extensive, Informative, Simple!

The body is a complicated and beautiful thing.  It may seem intimidating trying to learn about what makes us...well, us - but you can learn it at your own pace with excellent descriptions that ANYONE can understand!  

The Medical Dictionary is SO COOL!  Here, you're taken to a massive, extensive database that contains everything you could ever want to know about the body.  Type literally anything in the body into the search, and you'll be flooded with information!  From a basic general description to each little part that makes up an organ, you'll learn what it does, where it's at and what makes it up.  Obviously, this is complete with colorful, helpful graphics that provide an in-depth overview of specific areas and what they do in your body.

Here, we're looking at the lungs.  As you can see, you get a general description along with a clickable graphic.  Each separate part of the lung is pointed out, as you can see, and you can learn about each part individually if you so choose.  Bottom line - the Medical Dictionary will help you learn about anything you want, and you'll be able to understand it because it was written for people like us!

Extensive Program - Endless Knowledge - Outstanding Price!

If you want to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about the human body, you can get this program or you can take a college class.  Which do you think is cheaper?  For today and today only, the entire Human Body 3D package can be yours for just $14.97 with FREE US SHIPPING! 



Monthly Wallpaper

May Wallpaper!

Check it out - our May wallpaper is ready to go! Also, we've been choosing only horizontal images for the wallpaper, but I get SO MANY requests for some of the vertical shots to be wallpaper, I just had to go ahead and do it. So, give it a try and let me know what you think by posting on the blog entry for this idea (Click Here)

As always, all the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free.

Upper Falls

This is usually the first falls I photograph when I’m in the Old Man’s Cave area of Hocking Hills State Park. First, you walk across the bridge you see in the photo, then follow a little path down to the bottom. Now, the “normal” thing to do here is (more)


Snow Goose Taking Flight

captured this image one sunny January evening at Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. The snow geese were there in force, and this little pond had a lot of activity going on. The birds were coming and going, trying to decide where to stay for the night and I was just ... (more)

Hidden Hoodoos

We had just finished shooting some sunrise scenes at Bryce Canyon when my 9 year old son asked if we could hike down into the canyon and explore. Well, it didn’t take much arm twisting to convince me! As we rounded a corner on the way down, we saw... (more)

It can all be found here:




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