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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-05-15

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Quick Tip

Missing Volume Control Icon?

Hey, Windows 7 users. Have you ever lost your volume icon? You go to change your volume by using the little icon that sits in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop (right next to your clock) and it’s nowhere to be found?

So aggravating!

Well, If you’re using Windows 7, the fix is easy! First, click the Start orb, and in the search box (which appears directly above), type System icons. This should populate a list. Click the one that says “Customize icons on the taskbar.”


In the next window, click Turn system icons on or off.


Now, in this final window, make sure the dropdown box next to Volume is set for On.


Click OK when you’re finished, and your volume icon should be restored!


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Sick & Tired of Those Dark Rooms in Your Home?

Don't Spend a Fortune on a Lighting System - Get the 5 LED Sensor Light!


It's 5 LED's Worth of Fully Functional Wireless Beauty!

Tool and Hardware Free - Self Adhesive Hanging!


Pick it - Stick it - Adjust it: The LED Lights Swivel to Cover ANY Angle!


Life Shouldn't Be So Dark...

Aren't you tired of opening up your closet when you get up in the morning and using a flashlight to decide what to wear?

Are you sick of stumbling around in your pantry, tool shed or garage, falling over various objects while trying to find just ONE thing?  

You'd LOVE to do something about it, but there's a problem: there's no wiring running through these areas, therefore NOWHERE to install a bulb or lamp!  You're not alone...and we've got the PERFECT SOLUTION!

5 LED Lights. No Outlets. No Wiring. NO ASSEMBLY!

The GENIUS FACTORY just put this thing out on the market, and it's going to make your life SO much better! 

Imagine being able to walk into that dark closet, hallway, pantry, garage or anywhere else you lack light...and being able to turn on 5 super bright LED lights with the tap of your hand! That's what this does!

And it's unbelievably easy to use, too.  There's no assembly required, no electricity, either.  This runs on batteries that last FOREVER (due to the efficiency of LED bulbs).  In fact, you don't even have to use tools to hang it. Check this thing out!

Swiveling LED Bulbs - Motion Sensored Tap Technology!

Remember - this is 5 Swiveling LED bulbs we're talking about! It's bright and efficient sure, but did you catch that?  The lights on this thing actually swivel - meaning you can angle and adjust the light to your liking, or shine light in a particular spot or area!  Talk about convenience!

Motion Sensor Madness! Forget about looking around in the dark for the switch.  Don't worry about a pull chain.  All you have to do to turn this thing on is tap it!  There's a sensor inside the base that knows when you tap the light, and once you'll be flooded with the power of 5 LED bulbs!

Tool and Hardware Free Hanging - Pick it & Stick it!

Yep - the old pick and stick. That's the first thing you'll notice about this light.  There's no need to drill it in.  No need for tools and messes.  Just stick the adhesive backing anywhere you need light, and it's hung!

If there's ANY room in your home that doesn't have wiring and you need BRIGHT light, this is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED! 

Works perfectly in your car, too!  That's right, it's self adhesive, so you can stick it on the inside roof of your car for a FAR better light than that weak yellow overhead bulb.  We spend a lot of time in the car, and this awesome feature shouldn't be overlooked!

It's Also QUITE the Looker...

It's an elegant looking light, as you can see.  So if you'd like extra light in a common room like a kitchen or living room, you don't have to worry about an eye-sore! 

This light is sleek and slim, and there's no ugly chain hanging down.  Couple that with the stylish liquid metallic color, and you're looking at a nice, fully functional piece of LED art!  Seriously, hang 'em in the kitchen and people are gonna think they cost a fortune!

And Speaking of Costing a Fortune - This Does NOT!

Hey, this is Worldstart you're dealing with, not some big box store! Your price for this super versatile, super bright light?  Just $12.97 with FREE US SHIPPING included!  This amazing offer is ONLY good for today, so order now!


Computers 101

Vernon from TN writes:

Since hard drive failure is one of our greatest fears, does it make any sense to routinely replace a primary hard drive in an otherwise well functioning computer? If so, when and how?

Hard drive failure is a great fear, especially when you have thousands of photos, documents and songs that you can’t easily replace.

The first step to good hard drive maintenance is to use a S.M.A.R.T. (short for Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) reading program, which can give you an indication if your hard drive is experiencing errors or being exposed to very high heat – which is known to shorten the lifespan of the hard drive. Active@ makes a great utility calledHard Disk Monitor which allows you to read the S.M.A.R.T. status (and it even tells you what the numbers mean, and which numbers you want high or low). This utility is available as a 14 day free trial at

smart monitor

The second step is to try to fix anything that may be shortening your hard drive’s lifespan.The big enemies of a hard drive, outside of inherit mechanical failure, are heat and power loss. Heat can be a result of a case that’s filled with dust, animal hair and other things that have built up over the years.

The easiest way to clean your system out is to use compressed air and spray the fans, boards and components off. If you’re doing this, make sure not to spray any of the liquid compressed air, and take care to discharge any static on your body before touching computer components.

You can fix the power loss issue by owning a high quality battery backup power protector (available in most office superstores starting at $50), which will prevent a power loss from causing a read/writer operating to fail – or worse, a hard drive to not return its write head to the resting position. Most modern hard drives automatically return to rest when there is a power loss, but why tempt fate?

The third step is to replace your hard drive before it dies. This is easier than you might think, and you can use modern drive cloning programs (such as Laplink Diskimage ) to make an exact copy of your hard drive. On a desktop computer, it is as easy as plugging in the second hard drive into your machine, making a copy, then removing the old hard drive. The process is much the same for a laptop, except that you would need an external USB adapter to load the second hard drive to make the copy.

Also, make sure you buy the right type of hard drive. To tell what type of hard drive you have (IDE or Sata) see the picture below.


Once the copy is done, you remove the old hard drive and connect only the new one and your computer should be none the wiser happy with a brand new hard drive in it.

Note: Upgrading your hard drive is a great time to consider faster/bigger hard drives. Many desktops come with 5400 RPM drives, and while being cheaper they do not offer the performance of 7200 RPM drives or 10,000 RPM drives.


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On The Move

Rose from Terrytown, LA writes:

On iPad how do I delete apps I no longer want?

With more than half a million applications available on the iTunes App Store, it’s tempting — and easy — to fill up your iPad with apps you use once or twice and quickly lose interest in. Fortunately, Apple makes it easy to delete unwanted apps and free up space for the killer apps you can’t live without.

Deleting an app

Finish this iOS tip at Worldstart!

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From The Archives

MS OneNote: Transferring Your Notes to Another MS Program

There are times when we need our OneNote notes transferred to MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

Maybe we’re sending them to someone who doesn’t have OneNote or maybe we need to incorporate them into a document.

Whatever the reason, we’ve got information in OneNote and we want it in a different format… the question is how do we accomplish our goal?

Well, one way would be to select and copy the information in OneNote then go to the other program and paste it.

Check out the rest of this article here!

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Today's Feature

Automobile Photography

Shooting pictures of automobiles is an art by itself. Once you know when, where and how to shoot, it’s as easy as falling off a log, the way Wodehouse would put it.

Without further ado, here is how you go about it:

1. Remove distracting backgrounds. These could range from trees, electricity lines and lampposts to people and other automobiles.

CC photo courtesy Steve Corey

Read the rest here!

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Amanda's Coolsite

In Search of Myths and Heroes


This site focuses on four myths: the Queen of ShebaShangri-laKing Arthur, and Jason of the Argonauts. I arrived here via the page on Jason, but you can select any of the four myths to start with.

After selecting a myth to explore, you’ll be taken to the main page for myths. Pick the myth you want to explore again, or explore one of the other two sections: Myth & Archetypes or What is a Myth?

When you explore a myth you’ll find a text version of the myth, a video you can watch that tells part of the myth (I enjoyed watching each of the videos they hired excellent storytellers to do the myth retelling), and if you click the images on the side of the page you’ll be taken to further information on the myth. Each picture goes to the same place so you only have to click one.

Myth & Archetypes – this section will teach you what an archetype is and how it applies to myths.

What is a Myth? – this section explains what exactly a myth is.

After you’ve explored all the myths on the site why don’t you try your hand at the Living Legends Quiz! I think that not only is this quiz fun to take, but it shows you just exactly how these myths have transcended time and are still present in our culture today.



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One More Big Deal

Trying to Transfer Files from One PC to Another?

Stubborn PC Holding Your Important Files Hostage?

Need a Miracle? A Ransom Payment? A Sledgehammer?


Ridiculously EASY to Use!

Just Connect Each End of the Cable to Each PC...



No Drivers - No Networks - Plug & Play to the MAX!




Transfering files is a PAIN. You could literally spend DAYS trying to get the files you want transferred from one computer to another.  We're talking countless hours burning CD's, emailing files to yourself...or worse: trying to use a stupid ethernet cable to sync the two PC's together.  This DAUNTING task is nearly impossible, and by the end of it you'll be ready to destroy that dumb old computer!

Seriously, whether you just got yourself a new PC or your friend is over with their PC and you're trying to swap/share files...if you don't have the right hardware, you're in for a HUGE fight. Why?

Your Old Computer Has ALL Your Files...And it's NOT Giving Them Up Without a FIGHT!

Your old PC, jealous soul that it is, has ALL of your old files - and it's not giving them up easily! Have you ANY idea how much of a frustrating, time consuming hassle this can be?'s TERRIBLE!

Of course, you don't have to have a new PC to experience this problem. Maybe you just have two computers in the house, and you need to transfer things from one to the other.  Or maybe your friend is over with his laptop, and you need to get photos, media, or anything else from his PC to yours...good luck with that!

You need a simple solution. And we've got it - A cable to unify the masses!

You NEED the Targus Transfer Cable - Almost TOO Easy to Use!

Like a knight in shining armor, this slick little cable makes the entire process FAST and EFFORTLESS! You'll be SHOCKED by the speed, STUNNED by the simplicity, and THRILLED by the results!

If you can plug one end of a cable into a USB port, and the other end into the other computer's USB port, guess what?  You're ALREADY AN EXPERT!  

Once you've got the two computers connected to one another, a window pops up and lets you drag and drop your files from one PC to the other - THAT'S IT!

ZERO COMPATIBILITY ISSUES: This cable supports everything from Win98 to Win7 with ZERO PROBLEMS!

"Fast?" NO. "Greased Lightning?" YES!

Powered by USB 2.0, you'll be transferring files at 480Mbps!  That's LIGHTNING FAST, and you won't believe how quickly you'll be up and running!

The best part is, you can keep this cable and use it any time, any where, between whatever PC's you so choose!  So whether you're buying a new computer, or simply want to transfer files from one to another, you're all set with this brilliant cable!


ALL of Your Documents - Every Last One!
ALL of Your Photos - From the Great ones to the Embarassing ones!
Your ENTIRE Music Collection - NEVER go Without Your Tunes!
Movies...and ANYTHING else - you name it, Targus will Transfer it!

You Won't BELIEVE the Deal!

Today only,
  you can get this for just $12.97 and US shipping is FREE!  Oh, and take it from me - once you get your hands on this bad boy you'll be patting yourself on the back for grabbin' it!! It's THAT good!

A word of warning though - this was a VERY limited quantity buyout, so once these are gone, we can't get more. Don't get left out in the cold - GRAB this deal today or pay $14.97 soon (if there's any left)!


Monthly Wallpaper

May Wallpaper!

Check it out - our May wallpaper is ready to go! Also, we've been choosing only horizontal images for the wallpaper, but I get SO MANY requests for some of the vertical shots to be wallpaper, I just had to go ahead and do it. So, give it a try and let me know what you think by posting on the blog entry for this idea (Click Here)

As always, all the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free.

Upper Falls

This is usually the first falls I photograph when I’m in the Old Man’s Cave area of Hocking Hills State Park. First, you walk across the bridge you see in the photo, then follow a little path down to the bottom. Now, the “normal” thing to do here is (more)


Snow Goose Taking Flight

captured this image one sunny January evening at Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. The snow geese were there in force, and this little pond had a lot of activity going on. The birds were coming and going, trying to decide where to stay for the night and I was just ... (more)

Hidden Hoodoos

We had just finished shooting some sunrise scenes at Bryce Canyon when my 9 year old son asked if we could hike down into the canyon and explore. Well, it didn’t take much arm twisting to convince me! As we rounded a corner on the way down, we saw... (more)

It can all be found here:




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