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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-07-05

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Quick Tip

What is “svchost.exe”?

Anyone who’s opened the task manager in any version of Windows has seen the process “svchost.exe” at one point or another. What’s more confusing is that svchost is usually found to have more than one instance!

What are they all doing there, and just how much of my precious memory are they wasting?


Let’s talk!

Svchost is kind of a catch-all. It is used to host multiple services within one process. This helps to actually conservememory in your system by having one process govern many. Stuff like Windows Update, the Event Log, Audio Services and bunches of other programs, processes and the like can be found under the svchost umbrella.

If you want to identify what services are using svchost, do this:

In Windows Vista and 7:
Just open task manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), click on the “processes” tab and click “Show processes from all users” at the bottom. Note: there may be a User Account Control Window or you may need to be logged in as an Administrator. Next, Right-Click on any of the svchost processes and select “Go to Services”. There they are, every item that uses a process which you now know more about!


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Dead Devices While Driving Can Cause Road Rage!


Check it Out - The HOTTEST Charger EVER - And it's For Your Car!


Charge up to 3 Devices At Once!

2 AC Plugs AND a USB Port...


What Can it Charge?


Road Rage...

It's happened to all of us -  you're not alone!  And no, I'm not talking about screaming at the guy who just cut you off, complete with a long honk of the horn and a few choice hand gestures...I'm talking about driving with dead devices!

One minute you're jamming out with your iPod or MP3 Player, the next - you're driving in dead silence.  So to pass the time, you decide to call an old friend, only to discover that you're phone battery is about dead...and the laptop you're traveling with sure could use a charge, too. 


It's a BRILLIANT, PORTABLE CHARGER that fits in your cup-holder!  Well get to the revolutionary design shortly though...for now, you've gotta see how this thing works!  And don't worry - it's EASY!


Just stick the plug into your car's cigarette lighter and you're ready to start charging!  As you can see, there are 2 AC outlets AND a USB Port that'll charge ANY home device you can think of: laptop, portable TV's, DVD players, portable gaming devices...WHATEVER!

Have a look at the top: see that?  There's two AC plugs, a USB port AND an indicator light!

The AC chargers are PERFECT when traveling with a group of people.  Taking a family trip?  I bet your kids have portable gaming devices or DVD players...and I bet when they run outta power the bickering starts! Not anymore!  Plus it's POWERFUL: it provides a whoppin' 120V of pure charging power!

The USB Port charges EVERYTHING!  Seriously - any USB device you can think of, this beast will charge!  Whether it's an iPhone, Cell Phone, iPod, MP3 Player, digital camera...if it charges via USB, this will charge it up in NO TIME! 

A Design that "Fits!"

We all know how bulky these chargers can be.  After all, when they're designed to provide you with 120V of charging power, they're often times an unfortunate shape and size.  But not this one!  Someone made the most PRACTICAL design ever!  Check it out!


How PERFECT is that?  As you can see - this thing is in a convenient spot while NEVER GETTING IN YOUR WAY!  Talk about a REVOLUTIONARY design!  The cords that you stick into this charger won't ever get in your way, either.

Having the charger sit in the middle of your car allows you to keep the cords in the middle too - so it's SAFE too! OH - And that Power Cord?  It's a WHOPPIN' 18'' long! 

All of your devices can now be charged right at your fingertips!  The worst part about those other chargers is when they take up a seat, or someone has to hold onto it so it doesn't fall and take your devices with it.  That's why the design of this thing is AMAZING!

As you can see, not only is this baby capable of charging all of your devices from the road - it does it in style!  It won't take up valuable real estate inside of your car! 

Safety First: Overload Protection AND Low Battery Shut-Off!

Safety is ALWAYS a concern, and that certainly wasn't an oversight on this charger!  The overload protection ensures that a.) you aren't undercharging your devices and B.) you aren't giving the charger more than it can handle (which is REALLY hard to do!).  If either of these things should start to happen, it'll AUTOMATICALLY shut itself off!

And it WON'T drain your car battery!
There's a sensor inside this brilliant charger that monitors your cars battery - and if it's using too much, once again, it'll AUTOMATICALLY shut itself off!



We were able to get these at an AMAZING price - but the deal won't last!  Not only is there a limited supply of these awesome chargers - our vendor is threatening to raise the price at any time!  Hurry and get yours at this SPECIAL introductory price of just

PS: chances are, we won't have any of these left tomorrow...but if we do, the price is set to increase!  Don't wait - order yours today!


"This Is Like Surround Sound For My PC!"

"Get The Ultimate 3D Listening Experience With This!"

5.1 Audio Adapter Turns Analog Signals Into 3D Digital!

Hear It The Way It Is Suppose To Sound!

Get Prepared To Be Blown Away!

So, have you ever noticed that CD's don't sound quite as clear when playing them in your computer as they do on your stereo system? And if you've ever watched a DVD on your computer...I'm sure you'd agree the sound quality is not the same as it would be coming from your TV.

That's because the sound card that comes in your computer is a very basic run of the mill sound card, which doesn't produce the best audio.

That's why I was so ecstatic when I found this incredible 5.1 audio sound adapter!

Just plug this little adapter into a USB port on your PC or laptop and then plug in your speakers, headphones, or microphone to this adapter...your ears won't know what hit them! The adapter even has a volume control and mute button for extra fine tuning.

You won't believe the difference that this little adapter makes in sound quality and clarity!! This little guy gives you quality 5.1 channel virtual surround sound! Let me just say that...

I could have swore that I put on an entire set of surround sound speakers to my laptop!!

You will be hearing everything the way it is suppose to sound versus that slightly cloudy, fuzzy mess that comes out of your typical computer speakers.

With this adapter you'll convert that crappy analog signal into a hi-def, 3D digital that for an incredible listening experience?

Better yet 5.1 is the most advanced listening technology you can find! Now you know, you will be getting the most elite listening experience with this awesome adapter!

Never again will you have to go scrambling around on your hands and knees searching for that so inconvenient microphone jack on the back of you PC either...this makes it convenient, since it plus into any USB port!

And the cost is gonna blow your mind - just $14.97 and US Shipping is Free! Experience amazing sound - order yours now!

PS - Don't miss out on this great offer - the price is headed up to $18.97 first thing Friday!


Computers 101

Mary from CA writes:

My PC shows that my hard drive disk is almost full. I have not added any new programs. I have deleted and it does not change! I have run the disk cleanup, and it does not change. Help!!!?

Hi, Mary.

A full hard drive can cause all kinds of problems for your machine, including but not limited to a slow computer and, ultimately, hard drive failure.

There are a number of possible reasons for this.

1)  It’s just FULL.

You just have too much stuff on your drive.  I had this problem several years ago, and found that the best solution for me was to move my personal files onto a removable hard drive.

Clean up is a great program, but it only removes unnecessary programs and files, and most of these are pretty small.  By removing your personal files to an external drive, you’d be clearing out a lot of hard drive space.

2)  You’ve got a virus.

Nasty bugs are everywhere these days, created by people with more computer knowledge than common sense.  I have one on my phone right now that I’m struggling to get rid of.  One variation of these things fills your hard drive with junk.  Disk clean-up doesn’t really help, because the thing can fill your hard drive as fast as you can empty it.  Some of these files are also listed as essential files, and so wouldn’t be deleted by clean-up.  The best solution to this is to make sure that you have a good, reputable anti-virus program on your computer.  Not something that you downloaded from a pop-up that says “YOUR COMPUTER HAS A VIRUS!  CLICK HERE TO FIX IT!”

3)  Your hard drive is failing

It happens to the best of us.  We get old, and things don’t work like they’re supposed to.  Average life for a hard drive these days is seven or eight years, but if you take care of your computer like you’re supposed to, it could last more than ten.  When a hard drive starts failing, it can throw off all kinds of incorrect and erroneous messages, including telling you it’s full when it’s not.  One clue to this is if your computer wants to do a disk check every time that you boot up.  If that’s the case, then you probably have multiple failed sectors on your disk and it’s time to replace it.  If it’s more than five years old, and nothing above works for you, you may consider replacing it anyway.

I hope that this helps.

~Randal Schaffer

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On The Move

Google Nexus 7 Tablet - The Best $199 Tablet

Google recently announced the Nexus 7 Tablet, which promises to make a huge impact on the world of lower priced Android tablets. Designed by Google, but manufactured by Asus, the tablet features impressive technical specifications including:

  • 7 inch 1280×800 IPS HD Display (218 ppi)
  • Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad Core CPU with 12 core GPU
  • 1 GB of Ram
  • 8 or 16 GB of Storage
  • 9 Hour Battery Life (Video playback)
  • 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth & NFC
  • 7.8″ x 4.7″ x 0.4″ and 12 ounces

So what makes this device so special over other Android 7″ tablets, like the Kindle Fire, Nook Color or Samsung Tab 7? A few things really...

Check them out here!

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From The Archives

MS Excel: The Quick Way to Turn Formula AutoComplete On or Off

By now I’m sure that you’ve used or last seen Excel’s formula autocomplete.


While you could go to the File tab / Options choice to turn it on or off, it’s much faster to do it right in the worksheet.

Learn how here!

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Today's Feature

Kerry from Lancaster, OH asks:

Is there any way to lock a folder in Windows?

Thanks for the question, Kerry. As far as I know, there are no folder lock features designed into Windows, but the article,Finding Hidden Folders, describes a built-in way to limit access.

You might also consider the free software application, My Lockbox, which enables Windows users to easily hide and lock nearly any folder. While the single locked folder limitation is seen by some as a disadvantage, multiple folders can be moved into the protected folder, or a new one can be assigned at any time (described later). Also, I think the price advantage–$0.00–offsets this minor inconvenience.


Get the download here!

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Amanda's Coolsite

Jokes by Kids

I think that the jokes kids come up with are marvelous. Usually the jokes are inspired by whatever the kids are into at the moment and are delightfully funny, so I was hooked when I found this site.

On the main page, you’ll find a featured assortment of jokes. To see the punchline, click the green Show Punchline button beneath the joke. To find more jokes, scroll down the page to the Jokes by Kids section where you can find lots of jokes that have been submitted divided up into categories like Dog, Cat, Food, Geography, and Knock Knock just to name a few. 

You’ll also find a green Submit a Joke button at the top of the page that will allow your kids to submit their own jokes to the site.  Just fill out the form with the required information and then click the Submit button. 

If you really like these jokes, and I did, you can receive them twice a week in your inbox by typing in your name and e-mail address into the appropriate field in the orange subscribe box and then clicking the blue Subscribe Now button.


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Send it to Amanda at

One More Big Deal

Your Book Light is WEAK!

Dim Bulb, Finicky Adjustments, Awkward Shape...

It's a Miracle You're Even Able to Use it!

Well Check This Thing Out! Book Lovers Rejoice!

This REVOLUTIONARY New LED Book Light is also a Portable Book Mark!

The PERFECT Size for Easy Storage AND Access!

Can't Decide on a Color? NO PROBLEM!

Comes in a 3 Pack Featuring Black, Silver AND Aqua Colors!

Super-Bright LED Power Lasts 10,000 Hours! That's a LOT of Books!

3 PACK FOR ONLY $11.97!


Sound Familiar?

So you're a bookworm AND a night owl...and your husband or wife is ready to SNAP! Every night you lie in bed, reading your book while your partner is trying to sleep. The light is on in the bedroom because, even though you own about 3 book lights, you simply can't stand using them!

One of them is a nice design with a DIM bulb. You can't read like that! Another one is simply too awkward to properly use. You know...the kind that's too top heavy to be fully supported by that adjustable neck that houses the bulb? The other one never worked to begin with!

Aren't you tired of spending more time trying to make your awkward, heavy book light function than you actually spend reading?

How Awesome is This?

A light-weight, LED powered booklight that also functions as a bookmark! Take a good look!

Slide the back cover of your book through the opening, turn on the LED light and you're all set! When you're ready to go to sleep, mark your page by sliding the flexible support flap (the same part you put the back of the book through) over the page you've last read. Now you're all set!

It's small, compact and light weight! You shouldn't feel like you're balancing your book every time you need to use a book light! Most of them are so awkward that it literally becomes uncomfortable trying to find the best way to hold it. Not with this thing! It's a super light that's super light!

It's no wonder that an invention this AWESOME comes from a company called "ThinkTank!" You won't believe how easy your literary life is about to get!

Lasts FOREVER! Environmentally Friendly!

Not only will an LED bulb last you around 10,000 hours (!!!), but you can have the peace of mind knowing that they are environmentally friendly! Because of how energy efficient LED bulbs have become, bateries last 10X longer than they do with standard bulbs! Think of the money you'll be saving too!

Think of it this way: if you read for an hour in bed every night, that LED bulb will last, at a MINIMUM, for 27 years without ever having to be replaced! Is that AMAZING or what?


Because this is designed to be clipped to the back of your book and there's no "flex neck" to get in your way, you'll be turning pages without any adjustments! The light conveniently sits just above the page, giving you full LED illumination without any inconvenience!

Oh, and because of it's size, it's absolutely ideal for travel! You can leave one in your purse for those hard to find objects, and one on the nightstand for reading! No kidding! When it comes to LED power and a PERFECT DESIGN, this baby is the total package!

Order NOW!

OK, here's the deal. We've got extremely limited stock on these and an UNBELIEVABLE DEAL! For only $11.97 (FREE US shipping included) you get not one, not two, but THREE of these brand new, top of the line book lights! Keep one in the living room, one in the bedroom, one in your purse or car! You'll ALWAYS find a use for an LED light!

PS: When I say limited quantity, I mean it! These won't last long, and once they're gone...they're gone! Don't get stuck trying to read in the dark, order yours today! In the extremely rare event that there's any left on Friday , the price jumps up to $14.97 . Don't wait!


Monthly Wallpaper

July Wallpaper!

WOW - It's July already! Time to spruce up your desktop with some new wallpaper! Choose from one of the three featured photos below or one of the 80+ others at the site! (Note the shot of Corkscrew Falls below will have black on both sides when displayed on your monitor, but still looks pretty cool)

As always, all the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free.

Prairie Dog Smooch

Ahh, aren’t they cute? We found these two prairie dogs on a hillside in Custer State Park, SD on warm June morning. They were having a great time playing, eating, and in this case, checking each other out.
I knew when I went on this trip that I wanted to get some kind of shot like this. I had actually been trying for... (more)

Coyote Gaze

We spotted this cool coyote one evening in Yellowstone, and since coyotes just happen to be about my favorite animal of all time, well, I had to grab the camera and see about getting a photo.

Now, the tricky part here was the light – we were running out of it – and FAST! I quickly set up the camera and put glass on this guy – but he was blocked by all kinds of brush – arrgh! However, I knew that if I... (more)

Corkscrew Falls

OK, first off, no clue if that’s what the actual name of this falls is. In fact, I think it’s an unnamed falls, so we’re going with Corkscrew. Sound good? Cool At any rate, I had heard about this falls when doing a little Hocking Hills internet research. Getting to it involves pulling off to the side of a little highway, jumping... (more)

It can all be found here:




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