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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-07-31

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Quick Tip

Side by Side Windows

Often times I find myself with more than my fair share of windows minimized in my taskbar. Sure, it’s disorganized, but it becomes even more frustrating when I need to look at two of them at once! Minimize, maximize, adjust the size, etc!

It gets really repetitive!

Some people have two monitors for this, streamlining the process – but what about a tip for all the “single-screeners” out there?

Let’s learn how to “Ctrl” this situation in Windows Vista!

Did you know that you can hold the Ctrl key and select more than one window? What’s the benefit? Well, hold Ctrl andLeft-click a couple of windows on your taskbar. This should select both of them. Now, Right-click and choose either “Show Windows Stacked” or “Show Windows Side by Side”.


Automatically, your chosen windows should spring up; size adjusted and ready for productivity! Experiment a bit and see if the side by side or stacked method works best for you!

For a similar effect in Windows 7, hold the Windows key and hit either a right or left arrow key, depending on which side you’d like to move the active window. If you’re using Windows XP, click here for details on how to do this on your computer.


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Time for a WAY BETTER Webcam!

Oh, have I got a deal for you today! It's the Microsoft LifeCam Show WebCam - and it's more than just mouthful, it's the BEST webcam we've ever offered!

Web cams are the BEST way to communicate - EVER!

First off, you actually get to SEE who you're talking to - you know, like in real life! Now, that's pretty cool but it gets even better…

You don't have to pay a dime in long distance charges!

No long distance, no wireless bill - nothing, nada! If you have an internet connection, you can chat and talk all you want! How cool is that?

Just hook up any free instant messenger program and you're good to go. Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Skype - it's all covered (and did I mention free?)!

It's not enough just to chat with someone - you need to LOOK GOOD while you're doing it! Well, this WORLD-CLASS High Definition camera is just what you need!

Crystal clear picture, an amazingly high quality GLASS LENS (most webcams use cheap plastic), and hey - you don't even have to focus the thing!

Talk about a plate full of awesome!

|Here's A Sample Video From This Webcam: 

Plus, the 5x digital zoom allows you to come in for a closeup OR show everyone in the room! It's time for a webcam party!

Even pan, tilt, and zoom - WOW - talk about LOADED!

Oh, and if you think the camera is sweet, just wait till you get a load of the software that comes with it - WOW!

First, you're gonna LOVE LOVE LOVE the Video Effects software! Say you want to spruce up your image a bit. With just the click of a button you can go from plain Jane to, well, all kinds of fun!

It automatically "knows" where your face is and overlays the cool effects!

TONS of fun!

Plus it works GREAT with Windows Movie Maker - create a quick birthday / anniversary / graduation / whatever video right from your computer, edit it with Movie Maker (free) and send or upload to family and friends! Sweet!

Sound quality usually gets passed by when it comes to web cams, but NOT this time!

They pulled out all the stops and put in a sound system that any audiophile would be proud of!

First off, the mic is crystal clear and makes it EASY for the other person to hear what you're saying. Way better than most static-prone built-in mics on other webcams!

Sure, that would have been good enough for most people, but MS went a step further and added echo-cancelation and acoustic noise cancelation to insure the audio pickup and clarity is nothing short of astonishing! (And it is!)

Worried about placement or setup? They gotchya covered big time!

First, setup is a breeze!

Can you pop in a CD and USB plug? Then you're qualified! It's super simple and super quick!

Plus, this bad boy breaks through one of the biggest webcam problems - Where to place it.

Most webcams only give you one option like a little stand OR a laptop clip OR an attachment disk.


It uses an ingenious magnetic system that allows you to mount it to a sweet little stand, clip it to your monitor, or just use one of the two little "mounting buttons" for infinite placement possibilities - and it's ALL included!

No matter WHERE you want this phenomenal little webcam, this comes with just the right hardware! FINALLY!!!!

Are you ready for this? The RETAIL on this camera is a whopping' $80!!!


However, YOUR price form us today is just $22.97 and US shipping is FREE! Deal of the CENTURY on a webcam, that's for SURE!!!!

Don't miss out - it's the perfect time to get your first webcam OR to upgrade your old one!

PS - WARNING - remember, this is a $80 web cam we're selling for just $22.97 - and we DO have a VERY limited number of them available! Don't wait or it'll be TOO LATE!


Computers 101

Chad from MD asks:

How do I print only part of an email or other text?

There are times when you’d like to print out an email you’ve received. The problem is that you don’t want to print out the whole kit and caboodle – the email header, the chit chat or the signature. Can you print out just a section of an email? Sure! Here’s a quick solution that will save you paper and ink.

Highlight the section of the email you’d like to print. Right click Copy.


Now your text is in your Windows clipboard.

Now, open a temporary blank Word document. Right-click and select Paste. (Wordpad or even Notepad will work, too)


Your text appears.


Now simply print out the text and you’re done!


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On The Move

Rooting Your Android Phone

I recently bought an Android phone, just to find out that some applications, like avast! Antivirus, require root access. I had no idea what that meant, so I asked my good friend Google. Getting root access of an Android phone (also called “rooting”) means acquiring full control over the operating system. Among other things, rooting your phone allows you to uninstall any app (even the ones that come pre-installed), back up you entire phone on an SD card, install apps that require a rooted phone, and even install custom ROMs.

Note: rooting your phone voids your warranty. Also be aware that there is a very slight risk that your phone will get “bricked” (potentially unusable) in the process. Only attempt this if you are fully aware of that – you have been warned!!

Download Page

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From The Archives

Kathy from Michigan writes:

When I look at the small icon at the bottom right of my screen of two computer screens for my WiFi connection it reads: MyComputer(SusanSmith) Access Local and Internet. How can I get my name off of that so people can’t tell that it’s my computer with the high bars? No one else has a name on theirs, just me.

Good question Kathy – and definitely a good idea to get your name off of the router. I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to be able to easily identify my system. With all of the ways that people have devised to steal information and do damage to our systems I certainly don’t want to give anyone even a small crack in the system to try to break through.


Get the rest here!

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Today's Feature

All-new Camera Features in iOS 5

With Apple’s much-touted iOS 5 firmware upgrade, the devices have been given wings. Yet, not many of the iOS camera secrets are well-known. 
Here are a few from the new firmware upgrade (and some from the previous) to get you started…

Lock screen
Double clicking the Home button from the iOS device’s lock screen will activate the camera.

More iOS 5 camera features can be found here!

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Amanda's Coolsite

Art Words

Art Words is a fun web application that allows you to select from a predetermined set of art words, or add your own to create textual descriptions. I was torn between calling this a web application and a game because it was so much fun to generate paragraphs of text. 

Here’s how it works: You select words from the alphabetical categories or add your own by clicking on the noun, verb, or adjective option. If I added any words at all, I found they were predominantly nouns. Then you set how many sentences you want it to form (the default is set to five). After you’ve made your word choices, click the Generate Text button to see what it comes up with! It’s really just that simple! 

If you want more information on how each step works, click on the bolded word instructions – this will make the instructions for how to use the application pop up. You’ll find tips on adding and removing words, determining the amount of sentences, and how to generate and print from your selection. 

For more information on the concept behind Art Words and what function it serves, check on the Concept section. Another interesting section to check out is More Art Words, where you’ll find a page filled with examples of words being used as art. The page is in German (I use Google Chrome, so I had the option to translate it to English), but you can check out the images without needing to read the text of the page. 

It was so much fun to randomly select words and then see what sort of sentence it would generate for me.  Go check it out!


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One More Big Deal

HATE Your Weak Wireless Connection? 

Painfully Slow Load Times Making You Miserable?

Current LAN Adapter Slow and Outdated?


Plug This into Your Computer for a Jolt of Wireless Power!





Your Old LAN Adapter is About to Look Downright Foolish!

Hope You're Ready...


Unbelievably LOW Price - Our Best EVER!

Perfect for EVERYONE!

If you're like the millions of other people with a computer, you most likely use a wireless network.  Whether you're at home or on the road, most of us have gone wireless for the outright convenience.  But there's sometimes a problem. Sometimes you need to connect to a network and you can't because it's too far away...NOT ANYMORE!

HUGE Range!

If you're lookin' for lightning fast plug & play capabilities, we've got it! 

First, check it out - this has a range of up to 1640 feet! 

That's PURE POWER!  So whether you're in your home, in a restaurant, or out in a field somewhere - if you're within that massive range, you'll be on the internet with BLAZIN speed!

How Can This Little Thing Make Your Life WAY Better?

Go Wireless in SECONDS! 

PERFECT for streaming, gaming, and LARGE file downloads!

100% PLUG & PLAY!

FAST and SIMPLE to use!

Take Plug & Play to a Whole New Level!

Plug this compact little bundle of power into your computer (works on desktops and laptops), wait a few seconds and BOOM!  You're wireless network adapter is already installed and ready to rock!

Now You're Ready to Jump on ANY Wireless Network!

That was easy, right?  Seriously, this thing makes access to a wireless network a breeze no matter where you are!  You could be at a restaurant, a friends house, a hotel, on the road...whatever!  Bottom line is, if there's an available network, it's YOURS! Some people spend hundreds of dollars on wireless cards for their laptops, and guess what?  These are EVEN BETTER at a fraction of the cost!

Wireless Cards Cost a FORTUNE - Don't Waste Your Money!

Get the Adapter That DOES IT ALL!

Check out these specs and see for yourself - this thing is PERFECT!

Outstanding 1640 Foot Range
Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 hardware
Compatible With ALL Wirelss netsworks - n/g/b
Plug & Play Install
Supports data rates of up to 150 Mbps
Supports All Wireless Security Types

PERFECT for Traveling!

Whether you're using this at home or on the go, it's the PERFECT SIZE!  Going somewhere?  This baby will fit nicely in your laptop bag or even your pocket!  And it's protected by a removable cap, so no worries about damaging the tip!

Oh and installation?  SIMPLE!  


Today this amazing NEW LAN Adapter can be yours for just $14.97  with FREE US SHIPPING included!  That's the deal of the decade, and it's only for today!

 PS: Don't wait!  If you need a new LAN adapter, now is the time to get it! Wednesday, any remaining stock jumps back up to the regular price of $24.97 so get yours now!  



Monthly Wallpaper

July Wallpaper!

WOW - It's July already! Time to spruce up your desktop with some new wallpaper! Choose from one of the three featured photos below or one of the 80+ others at the site! (Note the shot of Corkscrew Falls below will have black on both sides when displayed on your monitor, but still looks pretty cool)

As always, all the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free.

Prairie Dog Smooch

Ahh, aren’t they cute? We found these two prairie dogs on a hillside in Custer State Park, SD on warm June morning. They were having a great time playing, eating, and in this case, checking each other out.
I knew when I went on this trip that I wanted to get some kind of shot like this. I had actually been trying for... (more)

Coyote Gaze

We spotted this cool coyote one evening in Yellowstone, and since coyotes just happen to be about my favorite animal of all time, well, I had to grab the camera and see about getting a photo.

Now, the tricky part here was the light – we were running out of it – and FAST! I quickly set up the camera and put glass on this guy – but he was blocked by all kinds of brush – arrgh! However, I knew that if I... (more)

Corkscrew Falls

OK, first off, no clue if that’s what the actual name of this falls is. In fact, I think it’s an unnamed falls, so we’re going with Corkscrew. Sound good? Cool At any rate, I had heard about this falls when doing a little Hocking Hills internet research. Getting to it involves pulling off to the side of a little highway, jumping... (more)

It can all be found here:




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