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WorldStart Tech Tips 2012-08-13

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Quick Tip

iPad Digital Photo Frame

Whenever you lock your iPad, you might notice an icon at the bottom that looks like this…

Tapping it will start the iPad’s Digital Photo Frame feature, which showcases all the pictures you’ve taken with your iDevice’s built-in camera.

You can also change how these pictures are displayed, for how long and which albums are shown, too. Just go toSettings>Picture Frame and all the options are right there!



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WAIT! You Don't Need a Second Mortgage...

...To Afford the Best Photo Editing Software

Make Your Own Professional-Quality Photos

Perfect for Starters or Even Experienced Photo Editors


Serif PhotoPlus X4 - Unbelievable Utility

It's A Dark Room on Your Computer

With PanoramaPlus X4 As A FREE BONUS!

A picture is worth one thousand words. You've heard it before. You also probably know that SOME photo editing software thinks its worth one thousand dollars, too.

What if you could take the power and utility of the best photo editors out there, and combine it with an insanely low price? Guess what! You can.

Why pay hundreds and hundreds for a similar program?

Professional Quality - PhotoPlus X4 is everything you have ever wanted all in one. When it comes to photos, it can do everything short of snapping the pictures itself.Flawless Photos

No more blur, no more red eyes, no more little blemishes or marks. If you want it removed, just click and it's gone.

Flawless photos, every time.

With advanced and automated tools, you will be fully able to quickly and easily solve practically any photo problems.

All it takes is minutes and you can turn good photos into amazing works of art.

Robust Features - It's impossible to list everything this program does. Seriously, it's packed with ANYTHING you'd need.

A Small Sample of the Features:

PhotoFix - From healing to red eye removal to lighting changes, PhotoFix will give you TONS of options that take just one click.

Endless History - Working on a masterpiece for hours? Go back to the second edit you made with just one button. Finally, full freedom to tweak and play with your images.

Raw Studio - Take your photos straight off that digital camera and begin editing them immediately in their native format.

HDR Photo Merging - The ability to combine a spread of images with different exposures at your fingertips. The stunning look of HDR is now within your grasp!

Pens, Paints, and Effects - Want to add that extra something to your photo? With an almost countless supply of effects and paint options, if you can dream it, you can make it reality.

Tutorials and Help are only a click away. Never feel overwhelmed again. There's a lot you can do, and with the built-in help and extensive guides and tutorials, your questions WILL have answers.

The only thing its missing is making panoramas. But wait...


With PanoramaPlus X4, you can easily create breathtaking panoramic images with the same ease as you've come to expect from Serif products. And it is 100% free with a purchase of PhotoPlus X4.


You're getting TWO programs for the price of ONE... and it's still a fraction of the competitor's pricing. At only $12.97 with FREE US SHIPPING, it's a price you'd want to put in a frame.

PS - Limited quantities and this amazing price combined make this an offer not to wait on! If there's any left, this package deal is rising to $24.97 on Tuesday!


Computers 101

John from FL writes:

Is there one brand of CD that is considered better than others? Also, would a DVD be better to record information on?

This is a question not a lot of people think of because they assume CD/DVDs will last forever. Guess what? It’s not true! Regular CDs and DVDs degrade with time and exposure to the elements. So what do you do to keep them as long as possible?

Let’s start with what you can do with regular CD/DVDs.

  • Use only CD-R/+R or DVD-R/+R. -RW discs designed to be rewritable are not suitable for long term storage.
  • Limit exposure to air and sunlight.
  • Store in a proper CD/DVD case – not a paper envelope.
  • Wipe the bottom of the CD/DVD clean of any fingerprints or residue with a lens tissue or clean microfiber cloth.
  • Make two copies! It’s always better to have a backup.

So what CD/DVDs do you want to buy if you’re concerned about long-term reliability?

When looking for archival CD/DVDs, you should pay attention to what the reflective layer is made out of and what dye is used. This information can be found in the manufacturers specifications for the disc.

The best discs are made using gold as part of the reflective layer. You can identify them by the manufacturer indicating just gold is used. They can be found online for $2.00 a piece in packs of 25. These are rated for 300 years of storage in archival grade storage conditions.

The second best style of CD/DVD are gold/silver hybrids which will mention both gold and silver, and can be found online for a bit cheaper (usually $1 to $2 per disc) in smaller packs.

The lowest quality of archive discs will be silver only. These are better than traditional discs, but not by that much. Usually these cheaper discs are sold for under $1.00 each.

Each of the above types of reflective layers can be made using different types of dyes. The best type of dye to look for isPhthalocyanine, the second best is Azo and the worst performing is Cyanine.

As far as CD vs DVD, there isn’t a difference in physical media that I know of in terms of lifespan – though by nature of there being less information stored on a CD it may be better to lose less of the “total” if you have 10 CDs and one goes bad versus all the information on one DVD. If it was me, I still might just make 3 copies of the same DVD – just in case.


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On The Move

Android Back-up Tips

If you want to update the firmware of your Android phone, it’s important to back up your contacts and apps. Everything else is individual, like sms messages, calendar and notes. In fact, you have the option of syncing your contacts, calendar and notes to Google already, so you don’t have to worry about that. Still, things can go wrong if you rely too much on Google for syncing everything – and then again, what about backing up and restoring apps?

Here are a few ways to go about backing up your Android phone before you press the panic button.

Back up your precious contacts. These could be just your SIM contacts, Google contacts, or even Facebook and what have you. Click on your Contacts button, press the menu button (left of the ‘home button’ on the Galaxy Note), click on More/Import-export/export to SD card. Confirm with an ‘Yes’.

Get the rest here!

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From The Archives Writer: Selecting a Picture That's Behind Text

Have you ever decided to put a picture in the background of a document?

You inserted it into the document, resized it, maybe lightened the coloring and the changed the wrapping to have the text in front of it. (Right-click the picture, go to the Wrap sub-menu and choose In Background.)

Sounds good to me!

Well, it sounded good until I realized that I needed to edit the picture some more…

I’ve clicked, double-clicked and even tried a triple click to select that picture and for all my efforts I got absolutely nowhere.

Now what?

Here's what!

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Today's Feature

We need your help!  Have you always wanted to know how something works in the tech world, but never asked?  Now's your chance!  Email Tim at with your questions and be a part of our "I've Always Wanted To Know..." tip segment!


I’ve Always Wanted To Know:
How hard is it to build a computer? What tools and parts go into one?


Building a computer gives you the opportunity to select the components you want and only pay for the things you need. Building your own computer, especially if you are buying a gaming or mid to high end computer, can save you a lot of money over going with a large manufacturer like Dell or HP.

Learn more over at WorldStart!

Have you always wanted to know how something works in the tech world?

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Amanda's Coolsite

American Phrases and Sayings

I found the site because I was looking for the history behind the phrase “square meal” because I was discussing it with another English major and we debated its origin in America. After checking that entry out I realized that this would have been a perfect teaching tool earlier in the year when I worked with several students for whom English was their second language and discovered that phrases, idioms, and colloquialisms were the hardest for them to master in their writing (either in the actual paper they were writing or analyzing what they had read). I really wish I would have had it then, because it would have made a handy one-stop reference that they could use when they got stuck.

Navigation is straightforward on this site – There is an introduction paragraph and then an alphabetical listing of phrases for you to choose from. Click the phrase you want to learn more about. For example, click the phrase Cold Turkey – you’ll go to its page and discover the Meaning and then how the word originated under Origin. You can receive multiple references of the word, how it has evolved over time, the first time it was in print, and even other hypothesized meanings under origins. Then you can click the link at the bottom of the page that will take you back to the main phrase index. 

It was really neat to see how all these phrases originated and whether they are used outside of the USA. Go check them out today!


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One More Big Deal

You Gotta See It to Believe It!

And You'll Have NO Trouble Seein' It

Saves Your Eyes From a Lifetime of Pain


Incredible Glowkey Largeprint Keyboard

Easy to Read and It GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Send Typing Troubles Back to the Dark Ages!

Hunting for keys on your keyboard is a huge pain. We've all been there. Whether the keys are too small or it's way too dark, you strain and strain just because nobody has come up with a better design.


That better design is FINALLY HERE!

The Total Solution: With largeprint keys, you'll never have to strain to find the key you need. Even better... it glows in the dark.

You read that right. It glows in the dark!

Day or night, the keys will ALWAYS be visible.

Your eyes will thank you!Comparison

So Simple - Just plug in the USB connector and you're done. Easy.

PC or Mac? Doesn't matter! This amazing keyboard works with either.

Oh yeah, and it has an amazing spill-resistant design just in case you accidentally share some water with it.

So let's recap:

CheckEZ-Read Large Print


CheckPlug-And-Play Simplicity

CheckPC and Mac compatibility


Calling something the total package has never been more appropriate.

And even though this keyboard has EVERYTHING, it'll barely cost you ANYTHING. At only $21.97 with FREE US SHIPPING the only thing you won't see is a dent in your wallet.

  PS - You won't see this amazing price forever, as it goes up to $29.97 on Tuesday


Monthly Wallpaper

August Wallpaper!

OK, trying something different this month. Due to a crazy schedule, I'm going to do a "best of" wallpaper series this month. These images are our most popular for wallpaper, so enjoy!

As always, all the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free.

Mesa Arch Sunrise

Late August, Canyonlands National Park, 4:30 AM at the Mesa Arch parking lot. It’s empty! If you’ve never been to Mesa Arch, you might be thinking... (more)

Dead Horse Point Lightning Strike

We had just been out scouting around for new location in nearby Arches National Park and had decided to come back to camp for a break when these thunderstorms really began to pop (late afternoon). By the time we arrived at the Dead Horse Point, I couldn’t get to the overlook fast enough. We scrambled down the sandstone to a spot that I had scouted out the day before and... (more)

Split Rock Moonrise

The day this was created was the day after the full moon, with moonrise coinciding with sunset pretty closely. I knew from checking my compass that the moon would be in a good location, but you can imagine my disappointment when... (more)

It can all be found here:




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